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Home Design Interior – According to designer Joelle Nessen, when it comes to interior design, there are “no rules”, but everyone can benefit from a few tips and tricks. We spoke with Nessen, founder of the Portland-based Maison, and Jenny Guggenheim of Guggenheim Architecture and Design to gain their insight into the interior design process.

“If you do [interior design] well,” Nessen says, “you can do anything” in your space. To find home design nirvana, remember to follow these eight basic rules.

Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior

In the interior design process, “space planning is the most important thing,” says Nessen. According to the American Institute of Architects, space planning includes blocking out interior spatial areas, determining circulation patterns, and developing plans for arranging furniture and equipment.

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Both Nessen and Guggenheim advise that any interior design project begins with an assessment of the room’s functional limitations and how elements can be manipulated to better suit the people who live there. “We try to think really carefully about how people use their spaces,” Guggenheim says. I often ask myself, “What do you need in your space and how do you navigate life on a daily basis?”

The purpose of space planning is to ensure efficiency. For Guggenheim, this means avoiding exaggerated sayings and trends, including unnecessary accessories. “We’ve found that most of our customers come to us thinking they need more space, more storage, more of everything,” he says. “We try to gently guide them towards simpler solutions.”

For example, she was recently approached by a client requesting a large addition to her home, but the designer realized that reorganizing the existing space and adding a smaller addition would give the homeowner what she needed. “If we can give customers all the functionality they need without making them bigger, I think it will be good for everyone,” he says.

Once designers have an idea of ​​how the space should function, they combine these requirements with the client’s desired aesthetics and atmosphere to create a space concept.

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“We take a global approach, not just choosing a color or a sofa,” says Nessen. “It’s really about creating a vision. Timelessness and longevity [in an interior] occur when this well-thought-out vision can be implemented.”

For a designer, communicating a concept is similar to telling a story. Nessen says, “You have to be able to tell a story about how the interior will connect with different features and elements.”

“Quality is key,” says Nessen, because materials and construction influence how a person perceives a finished room. Good-quality materials have “a different sound and feel than low-quality materials,” Nessen says.

Home Design Interior

Natural materials dominate. Designers at the Maison often use fabrics such as wool, silk and linen, preferring furniture with solid wood construction and/or well-crafted antiques. Nessen warns that spending a lot of money on something doesn’t necessarily mean you’re buying a high-quality product.

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Instead, evaluate whether something is made of durable materials and is durable. “It’s not like everything has to be expensive,” he says. “You can always find great finds [at lower prices].”

When a designer combines different materials, shapes, patterns and textures, the differences between them can highlight their inherent properties. Understanding this can be counterintuitive, Nessen says. “Some customers will say, ‘I want this fabric, this lamp and this chair.’ But all these objects will have the same visual value.”

“A lot of customers come to us thinking they need more space, more storage, more of everything.” We try to gently guide them towards simpler solutions.”

Comparison is needed so that the eye can appreciate the difference. “For example, they can all be geometric because the client is attracted to geometry,” he says. “But you can’t have all the squares in your house.” Throwing a circle makes us appreciate the square more and creates better flow, he says.

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Guggenheim gives another example. “If a client likes a particular tile pattern, but it’s a very strong pattern, it’s important to me that the rest of the elements in the room are muted, so that this really important element is stronger,” he says. “I want to make sure these things are visible and not obscured by adjacent elements.”

Broad assumptions of the interior design concept are nothing without the accompanying details. Whether it’s the scale of a lampshade or the width of a cabinet door, a good designer must pay attention to detail and determine all the details to best support the overall vision.

“We always check whether we are on track to achieve this big goal,” Guggenheim says. “With so many products on the market, it’s easy to say, ‘I love this, this and this.’ If you don’t go back and ask if it meets my goals for the space, it may not be the right choice.

Home Design Interior

Each interior design project should be personalized to the user, and not only satisfy his or her taste and aesthetic preferences. Nesen ensures the integration of customers’ everyday items, as well as souvenirs and antiques.

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“You want certain things to have authenticity, originality and uniqueness,” she says, whether they’re grandma’s candlesticks or a one-off vintage find. “Even though the design goal is simple and modern, we choose to introduce something a little quirky, which I think will make the room a little more interesting.”

Guggenheim prefers to evaluate the overall composition of a room to maintain balance, rather than intentionally creating focal points. Nessen agrees, suggesting that finding balance starts with the architectural elements of the room, such as windows and doors, and then adding elements until balance is achieved.

He also likes to read the room and assess views from different vantage points. “Walk around the room and think about what you’re looking at from every angle,” he says.

“Hiring an interior designer is like hiring an editor,” Guggenheim says. The designer knows when to add or subtract elements to achieve the desired effect. “I could say that there is too much of this element, or that the two elements weaken each other, so let’s remove one,” she says.

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This includes introducing ‘breathing space’ and incorporating negative space into the overall design to present the strongest possible composition. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things.

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Home Design Interior

Angry that you missed out on your dream home? Steps you need to take to free yourself from anger. What is fashionable speaks not only about our aesthetic sensitivity, but also about how we want to live. Interior design trends often indicate a constant change towards a new lifestyle. However, the interior design trends of 2023, however practical they may be, will still satisfy even the most ardent aesthetes.

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We are witnessing a renaissance of bright, bold and inspiring interiors. Moreover, organic and sustainable design is becoming more and more attractive. It may not be a new concept, but the passion for creating a natural and healthy space is certainly a growing trend in interior design. Interior design trends in 2023 are following suit, and these colorful accessories will surely decorate homes this year too

Change and change are constant elements in life. Thanks to this, we can enjoy something new and exciting every day. And in 2023, we will certainly witness interior design trends that delight the unknown. However, some contemporary design style ideas only refine and enhance what the design world currently loves. Either way, we’re ready to see ethereal spaces surpass what came before. Let’s get to what’s trending!

Interior design trends for 2023 cover many different styles – do you know yours? An interior design style quiz can help designers determine which trends suit your personal style! 1. Focus on your well-being

Wellness is one of the hottest interior design trends for 2023. Taking care of yourself is one of the keys to improving your well-being, but an environment conducive to a healthy lifestyle can also make a big difference. In fact, wellness design can set the tone for slowing down and practicing mindfulness. In turn, we can function at our best. So you can bet that in the coming months you’ll see innovations that will power beautifully healthy spaces.

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Returning to favorite styles from the past is an industry favorite. As interiors move away from absolute minimalism, we are seeing a renewed interest in more decorative styles such as Art Deco. That said, hypermaximalism may not be in fashion yet – but decorative details are becoming more and more popular. Expect the brighter colors, geometric patterns and symmetry of Art Deco to take over the interior design trends of the past.

The workplace, whether at home or in the office, has been redefined. However, only now have these spaces been given a highly individualized design. There may be creating elements in the office

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