Home Page Mobile App Homepage Design

Home Page Mobile App Homepage Design – Regardless of whether the application you are going to develop is a complex system that includes various functions or a simple application to meet the basic needs of users, it should still be thoroughly planned. Deciding what to start with is not easy. Difficulties can arise at the stage of determining the required features and scope of mobile application screen design.

So, a business owner should understand that regardless of the complexity of the project, any mobile app has some basic and essential features and some other features may be important for a particular type of app.

Home Page Mobile App Homepage Design

Home Page Mobile App Homepage Design

This article will briefly cover all the basic information about which app design screens are essential for which app and specifically for your app. We’ll define 10 basic types of UI screens for apps and a few more as a bonus

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A splash screen is the screen that appears when an application is loaded. This is the screen to create the first impression of your product or service, so make sure the user remembers it. Typically, this screen design consists of the company’s logo, name or slogan located in the center of the UI design screen.

A splash screen doesn’t have to be standard and boring. Custom mobile app development allows creating dynamic options that capture the user’s attention from the first second. You can add animation, a joke, even a short game – anything that immediately catches the eye and entertains customers.

No matter how impressive the screen is, make sure the app loads quickly and users don’t have to look at it for more than 4-6 seconds or they might get bored.

This screen is the starting point of the user journey. In fact, it is the face of your product, its presentation. This is why it is so important to use all the features of mobile app design to make it exciting. Any home screen has three main aspects – it represents the product concept and app features, and it reveals the general flow and possible paths for the user.

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The design of this type of screen varies greatly depending on the type of application, however, the most important thing to remember is — it includes the available features.

The menu is often added to the home screen as part of it or designed as a separate screen depending on the requirements and complexity of the application.

Most modern applications require a user to create a personal account, making a login screen essential for them from a registration perspective, and the first step to register is logging in. So a login screen is crucial for most apps — it gives access to most of an app’s features.

Home Page Mobile App Homepage Design

What do user experience design services have to do with this? Everything is simple and clear. Every form needs careful design review as it is part of the user experience. The more convenient, accessible, accurate and simple your login screen is, the more likely visitors are to sign up and become your customers.

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On the other hand, disorganized and complex forms annoy users. This leads to a large number of website visitors or app users.

In short, the thing to keep in mind for this mobile app screen design is that the less activity required for the login process, the less users are bothered, so don’t ask them to take too many steps at this stage.

Once users sign in, they make their presence in the app highly personalized. Then the profile screen appears — as part of storing personal information. The important issue here is to keep this screen easy to understand and intuitively clean without overloading it with information.

And here again, UX services come to the fore. Designers think about every point of the user journey and profile screen, finding the best forms of information placement and improving the visual perception of the screen.

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Pretty important screen for highly customizable apps This UI design screen puts the user in control — it should be simple, clean, but have everything possible to make the app feel accountable for aligning with preferences of the user.

As you can see, professional mobile app development services include not only the development of the functionality but also its proper presentation. Therefore, in this case, the task of the designer is to conduct basic research and develop a system of using settings that will not make the user feel confused and abandoned. And behind this there is always the work of the Titanic.

So there are five basic types of mobile app screens in your UI design that you should include in your product. In addition to these, there are also some popular types of monitors, but they are not always necessary, and monitors are common for certain types of applications.

Home Page Mobile App Homepage Design

The purpose of these app design screens is to introduce the app to the user, its capabilities and how useful it can be. The onboarding app screen should explain the benefits of the app to the user.

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There are several ways to handle integration, depending on the type of application and the nature of the interaction you want to create with the user.

The trendy idea now for this type of app screen design is the built-in motion that makes all the features clear and tangible.

As you can see, UI/UX design services help in making the user onboarding process smooth and easy without unnecessary distractions.

Quality app design is accessible and responsive to user expectations, so designers think through the entire user journey from start to finish, providing prompts, directing attention, and creating relevant instructions.

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It’s not so obvious, but let’s think about the ability to schedule a message in developers, event apps, travel apps or even messenger – none of them can do without a good calendar screen.

The only general requirement for the calendar is that it must align with the goals and design of the app’s screen.

In the case of travel app development services, for example, the calendar will support booking and trip planning functionality. Healthcare apps often have calendars that allow users to specify specific parameters to track health status. In other words, the design of such screens is always linked to their intended use and the value the application provides.

Home Page Mobile App Homepage Design

In addition to a calendar, it can be surprisingly useful for business apps, delivery services, transportation and travel apps — whenever location awareness is required.

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While there is an option to work with third-party services for this, creating your own stylish maps can be great for your app’s design needs.

For example, our travel app development services include full user experience research and custom designs based on it. Therefore, the map display will support the functionality of your product and easily guide users to the desired points.

Mobile app maps are an important part of the overall product for the travel or logistics industry.

Chat screens are fundamental to any app that has social networking features. They’re also quite useful for customer support purposes — not only can a real operator answer user queries, but chatbots are also so popular now that there’s a good chance every app will have this screen in the near future.

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Chat screens are used not only in obvious areas such as online banking and e-commerce, but also as part of mobile app development travel services, for example. The involvement of artificial intelligence in customer support has gained immense popularity. The design task in this case is to create a place where users can easily express their questions and wishes, find the information they need and get easily understandable answers.

If you are dealing with users’ personal information or the working conditions of the provided service should be clearly defined — this screen is worth developing to avoid some questions from users and even legacy problems.

Terms and conditions are often frustrating due to the sheer volume of complex information, so mobile app design professionals should make them as easy to understand and read as possible.

Home Page Mobile App Homepage Design

Creating conditions and conditional screens in application design is difficult because of the large amount of complex information.

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The job of app design, in this case, is to guide users and freely highlight all the key points.

Therefore, your application must include five more display types. Every custom mobile app development company that provides truly professional and high-quality services pays attention to the design of every screen. UI/UX, and especially any screen design, has become an integral part of creating digital products.

As mentioned, there are certain types of display primitives for certain applications. For example, social media is impossible without feeds, music players without playlists, and the player itself. Remember, we promised a bonus?

As a design and development studio, we are often involved

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