How To Interior Design Your Own Home

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How To Interior Design Your Own Home

How To Interior Design Your Own Home

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Interior Design Inspiration, Tips, And Furniture Trends From China Towne Furniture & Mattress

Interior designer Javier Fernandez of Transitional Designs said decluttering changes the look of any room.

“Look at your dining room,” he said. “The dining room table is full of mail and projects you’ve been meaning to get to? Well, no time to clean and organize it now.”

Carpet cleaning is another free way to spruce up your space, says Courtney Turk, owner of Courtney Turk Interiors and interior designer.

“Get your hands dirty and scrub your carpet,” Turk said. “Deep carpet cleaning will refresh your home and help extend the life of the carpet.”

Developing Custom Interior Design Consultation Web Platform

Once you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, consider adding more streamlined accents. According to interior designer Kristina Nielsen of Kristina Nielsen Design, these types of carefully curated accents can accentuate a space by keeping it clean and clutter-free.

Nielsen suggests placing a bowl of fruit or a bunch of lemons on top of some cookbooks in the kitchen, or adding a small plant or flower arrangement in the hallway.

“If you have a console table in the lobby, make sure everything is easily accessible,” she said. “Make a place for your snacks—I like to leave a small dish for them.”

How To Interior Design Your Own Home

If you have shelves full of books, try displaying them in a more unconventional way, suggests Turk.

Creating Your Own Interior Design Mood Board: Tips

“Pile them on top of each other and add some favorite pictures or vases you keep to create depth and character on the shelf,” she said.

You can also stack books of the same color and try to create variations to display them, she suggests.

Go shopping around your home to find items that you may not be using or that you want to display elsewhere.

“Check the attic, storage and closets. You might find something that was removed a while ago,” he said. “Now you can see with fresh eyes how it can work in one of your rooms.”

The Power Of Millwork: A Key To A Custom + Aesthetically Pleasing Home

For example, he says, a den or living room can be easily transformed by hanging different curtains or changing the wattage of your light bulbs to create mood lighting.

Try moving your bedside table to the other side of the bed or tilting the sofa in a new direction. Shutterstock

According to Fernandez, changing accent pieces and furniture placement is the quickest and easiest way to change the look of a room.

How To Interior Design Your Own Home

“Align the lines of your room by moving sofas and chairs apart, making sure natural light shines through to make the room feel spacious,” adds Nielsen.

Different Kinds Of House Design & How To Make Them Your Own

“Almost everyone I know has leftover paint on their list,” Fernandez said. “There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint in my opinion.”

If you don’t have enough color to refresh the entire room, you can paint just one wall as an accent. Or, he added, you can use masking tape and a little precision to create a pattern on the ceiling.

While you’re out and about, you might be lucky to find fresh wildflowers to bring back home. Shutterstock

“Gather some twigs and flowers from the yard for a seamless and cost-effective way to update your home,” Nielsen said. “In the spring, my favorite is the large number of cherry blossoms.”

How To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

If you want to get crafty, try using some leftover fabric, buttons and lace.

“Taking a simple ribbon and adding it to existing curtains instantly changes their look,” Fernandez said. “Go through your bag of spare buttons, get a colorful one, and go to town on that old pillow.”

Moving pillows from room to room is also a way to update the look of your home, Nielsen said.

How To Interior Design Your Own Home

“Rearrange them on your bed, pull out a pillow from another room, remove some pillows to create a more elegant space, or place (preferably white) pillows on top of the bedding for a crisp effect,” she said.

Miami Interior Design Style Guide

Another great way to maximize your space is to hide unsightly cables and wires sticking out of your TV or Internet router.

“By doing this, it transforms a room from being shabby and unfinished to being cohesive and sophisticated,” Turk said.

There are several hacks you can do to keep them out of sight, such as hiding them behind furniture, keeping them in drawers, or using wire covers.

Another great way to freshen up your space is to replace your framed photos with old photos you’ve just printed or saved.

Interior Design Styles 101: The Ultimate Guide To Defining Decorating

If you have more wall space, you can even create a gallery of your favorite photos, Fernandez added. From choosing a theme to choosing a layout and even down to the flooring and colors in each room, a custom home can be designed and planned. Awesome L. Patten and Sons specializes in making the process enjoyable, supporting you every step of the way.

However, if you are a DIYer and want to try out some ideas yourself, there are many amazing online tools available to help you design a custom home.

If you’re looking for a hands-on custom builder to be a part of the process, contact L. Patten today.

How To Interior Design Your Own Home

If you want to play architect or interior designer and get great ideas for your home, keep reading!

Custom Home Design

Floor Planner is an online modeling website tool that offers both 2D and 3D views. It’s free if you only want to save one project at a time or you can use a premium account to access more features/multiple projects.

Although items such as furniture, doors, and other design elements are somewhat limited, you can determine the dimensions of each item and understand how the furniture will fit and look in specific rooms of your custom-built home. As the name suggests, this tool is also perfect for planning your home layout.

Apart from the interior spaces, people often desire the exterior design of the house while making plans. Ply Gem’s Home Design Visualizer lets you take your design dreams outdoors. This tool allows you to choose from several options.

This tool also gives you a template to test different front elevations for your custom built home. Whether you just want to decide on exterior colors or design a home from scratch, it will help you create a lot of curb appeal.

Best Unique Interior Design Elements To Make Your House A Home

If you are looking for a program to create room layouts and interior/exterior designs, Planner 5D is a great choice. You can enter different types:

This easy-to-use tool allows you to add room dimensions and minor or drastic details to your floor plan. You can start from scratch, upload a plan or choose a pre-designed template. To make things easier, you can also register your account for free to save projects.

Have you ever fallen in love with a color at the paint store and realized you don’t like it anymore after you’ve painted your walls with that color? To make matters worse, you may not realize the color is wrong until you paint the entire room.

How To Interior Design Your Own Home

Whether you’re renovating or building a custom home, ColorGive lets you use photos of your current home or pictures of unfinished rooms in your new home to use different colors on different walls. The possibilities are endless!

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Design And Build Your Own Home

Having trouble visualizing how different flooring will look in your home? Whether you’re renovating or doing a new build, like Colorjive, upload your photo and “turn on” all the flooring options available in the software.

Instead of buying new flooring and expecting it to look good, try this completely online, free tool and be 100% confident in your decision.

Autodesk Homestyler is a free online tool that offers both 2D and 3D modeling so you can create custom interiors and then decorate them with products from the following brands:

The program is known for its ease of use and detail, as you can select specific pieces of furniture for your custom-built home.

How To Recreate The Interior Design From Anatomy Of A Scandal

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that lets you create and design floor plans and rooms from scratch, you’ll love Room Sketcher

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