Interior Design Ideas Gray Walls

Interior Design Ideas Gray Walls – While it’s fair to say that the word “grey” has gotten a pretty bad rap—”sad,” “scary” and “downtown” are among the synonyms you’ll find in a thesaurus—we’re here to tell you that when the when it comes to the bedroom, gray is nothing short of revolutionary. From the palest pearl to deep charcoal, there’s a shade of gray to suit every decor style imaginable, whether it’s rustic, modern, coastal or classic. Its chameleon-like quality also makes it an ideal backdrop for other colors (rich jewel tones, edgy pastels), but we also love it with a tone-on-tone neutral palette. To prove you can’t go wrong with gray, check out these 25 stunning bedrooms from the pages of House Beautiful.

Instead of wallpapering the guest bedroom in their Montreal apartment, Maxime Vandal and Richard Ouellet, founders of the design and construction firm Les Ensembliers, cut and framed panels of Zoffany wallpaper to hang in the soft gray walls.

Interior Design Ideas Gray Walls

Interior Design Ideas Gray Walls

To combat the bright light that pours into the bedroom of his California country house (“You practically need sunglasses 24 hours a day”), Stephen Schaubel opted for a combination of charcoal walls and blackout curtains . Faux book wallpaper creates the illusion of more space.

Gray Bedroom Ideas For A Relaxing Retreat

From leather accents to fur sheets, it doesn’t get much easier than this Chicago bedroom designed by

In an industrial warehouse in Tribeca, Robert Stillin lined the walls of the master bedroom with a rich wool flannel from Holland and Sherry.

A neutral-toned bedroom by Frances Merrill of Reeth Designs captures the relaxed vibe of Ojai, California. “The couple made it clear they wanted a very quiet bedroom,” she says. “It’s quiet, but focused on texture. It really feels like a Ferrari.”

With the backdrop of Hermosa Beach, California, Joe Lucas chose an ocean-inspired palette of grays, ceruleans, and indigo in this bedroom.

Gray Bedroom Ideas And Photos

The two-story California home, which sleeps seven, looks like the inside of a boat (with a surf-chic twist, that is) with shiplap walls and a brass staircase.

Landscape wallpaper from Anthropologie provides a dreamy backdrop for the black-and-white accents in the show bedroom of Juan Carretero’s 18th-century Catskills home.

Designer David Mann wanted his client’s New York City room to be a “spa-like retreat from the busy world” and painted the walls and ceiling a rich gray with metallic silver. “It gives a nice, soothing glow,” she says.

Interior Design Ideas Gray Walls

Designer Lillian Hart transformed a Victorian beach house in Sag Harbor, New York, with plenty of Scandinavian touches, including soft gray Engblad & Co. wallpaper. in the guest bedroom.

Small Apartment With Dark Grey Walls

Boston designer Nina Farmer used rich browns and browns to warm up the bedroom in this historic Boston home with Philip Jeffries silk and abaco tapestries.

“Everything in this house looks worn on purpose,” says Suzanne Ferrier, who used rough pine walls in the master bedroom of this Alabama lake cottage. Velvet bed hangers give you elegance.

Soft shades of blue, distressed wood furniture, and plain drapes in an Idarica Gazzoni fabric give this Los Angeles bedroom designed by Joe Lucas an extra dreamy feel.

Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy, and designer Rebecca Robertson used a linen canopy (found on Etsy) to add a cozy softness to their neutral master bedroom in the Hamptons.

Cool Red And Grey Home Décor Ideas

Inspired by his travels, Vern Yip combined the gray and brown color palette of this Florida guest house with citrine yellows inspired by his travels. “It’s cheerful and happy, exactly what you want to feel in a beach house!”

In the bedroom of her 100-year-old farmhouse in Birmingham, Alabama, designer Heather Chaddock Hilgas combined classic elements (pleated lampshades, a four-poster bed) with soft fabrics to create a relaxing sanctuary.

Celebrity designer Jeff Andrews chose textured wallpaper for actress Kaley Cuoco’s guest bedroom. “I wanted it to be very welcoming: nice, comfortable bedding and nothing too fussy, with good doses of masculinity and femininity,” she says. “Callie loves wallpaper and we used it in almost every room in the house.”

Interior Design Ideas Gray Walls

In her Los Angeles home, Andrews chose a blue-gray color for the bedroom walls, with slate and charcoal furniture and accents.

Serene Gray Bedroom Ideas

An old Jupiter flag inspired the patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme of this room designed by Alexandra Angle, which features a dress by Farrow & Ball’s Lamp Room Gray.

“Classic pieces, clean lines and subtle patterns” were the keywords used by designers Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford to describe this New York apartment. They chose a contemporary floral wallpaper in pale gray for the master bedroom and paired it with a gingham check to keep the florals from feeling too girly.

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Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas For 2023

7 beautiful ways to decorate with jewel tones 41 prettiest colors to paint your front door 20 beautiful colors that go with blue 57 cool, easy and stylish ideas for spring decorating any room in your house, your bedroom it should be the most relaxing. dot Get ready for a good night’s sleep with one of these 22 relaxing gray bedroom design ideas. Each of these stylish interior designs will inspire you to decorate with gray, whether it’s with color choices, bedding, or both.

Deep gray doesn’t have to be boring. When combined with white accents and wood tones, it can create a sophisticated look.

From the gray tones and floral curtains to the iron bed and raw wood bedside table, this bedroom is full of character.

Interior Design Ideas Gray Walls

In addition to gray and white walls, classic blue and white, as well as vibrant orange, tie this bedroom together.

Charcoal Gray For Classic Style And Elegance In Your Interior Design

Layers of texture, such as a woven headboard and wicker trays on the wall, balance the gray fabric walls in this bedroom designed by James Farmer.

, where she oversees the brand’s print and digital home decor coverage. Before joining GH in 2020, he was a digital editor

. In her current role, she covers everything from design trends and home tours to lifestyle product recommendations, including writing her monthly column, What’s in My Cart.

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Advice And Ideas To Stylize Your Grey Bedroom

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Kelly Clarkson’s new Wayfair Home line is here! Your kitchen definitely needs a cafeteria. Update Your Bedroom With An Accent Wall 25 Inspiring Studio Apartment Ideas Gray walls set the stage for stunning interior design. It’s a neutral tone that speaks of sophistication and style. This cool color works in a variety of rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and even the bedroom. A gray wall can create a wide range of moods depending on how you use it. It can create a dark and pleasant atmosphere or a bright and refreshing atmosphere. Make the most of this smoky color with these ideas to decorate a space that will captivate guests and family:

In the bathroom, decorating with gray walls will make your space look clean and fresh. This shade has been shown to have calming and relaxing effects. You can also buy special soaps and candles to create an elegant design with a nice smell. Choose pastel colors that pop against gray walls. Mirrors look divine next to grays. You can choose a vanity that has an interesting contrast with the chosen shade of stone, such as purple or red, and towels or bath rugs. Brass faucets act as attractive accents in your bathroom with gray walls.

Interior Design Ideas Gray Walls

A chunky crown, which is often seen in bedrooms, goes well with gray walls. This shade, paired with vibrant linens such as purple or green, will make your sleeping space peaceful and tasteful. Adding a rug adds color and flavor to this room. Or, you can show off your adventurous side by adding bright, patterned pillows. Pastel yellows, pinks and blues combine beautifully with the gray walls of the bedroom. Add plants near your windows to add a natural feel to your space.

Top Grey Wall Decor Ideas In 2023

For your living room, a gray wall blends perfectly with the wood panels. This combination adds rustic charm and warmth. The living room has a modern and stylish look with wooden cabinets and tables next to the gray walls. Deep tones can cover your room with an atmosphere of leisure. Alternatively, your living room can have sofas and fabric rugs. You can highlight the gray tones with the corresponding colors. Green or blue fabrics are complemented by gray walls that have subtle hints of sage or stone. Take advantage of a neutral canvas by decorating your gray walls with portraits and prints.

Cultivate a sophisticated kitchen with gray walls

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