Interior Design Online Kurs

Interior Design Online Kurs – You love browsing interior design magazines, you have dozens of meters of shelves full of interior design books in your closet, and you can spend an entire weekend in trendy furniture stores. Since you have such a great talent for decorating, your friends will never try a new wall color without asking for your advice first.

Or do you work professionally in the furniture industry: interior design consultant, interior designer, decorator or owner of a shop selling furniture and home accessories?

Interior Design Online Kurs

Interior Design Online Kurs

You would like to develop even better furniture concepts, make your shop more beautiful and complement your existing skills with more professional know-how. But sacrificing an entire weekend for this, perhaps by booking a long trip with hotel accommodation, is too much effort for you.

Top 10 Online Interior Design Courses For Beginners

In short: You want in-depth, practical knowledge from a professional that you can acquire at your own pace and whenever he fits your schedule.

In 6 weeks you will learn how to design your home to make you completely happy, in an online course that you can take whenever it suits your schedule.

In 6 weeks you will master the essential knowledge for elegant and sophisticated color design, in an online course that you can take whenever it suits your schedule.

In 6 weeks you will learn the essential skills for elegant and refined interior design, in an online course that you can take whenever it suits your schedule.

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“Live happily!”, “How colors work!” and “I decorate like a pro!” – These are the so-called self-paced courses. Once booked and paid, you will receive the relevant course modules so you can progress sequentially. Each module contains a workbook (pdf document) and exercises – in the workbook itself, as well as separately for easy printing (also as a pdf file).

Each workbook is approximately 50 or 70 pages long and, in addition to lots of technical knowledge, contains various exercises in which you can apply what you have learned. I planned a duration of 3 weeks for each book, so a total of 6 weeks.

How many hours you spend on each workbook depends, of course, on your prior knowledge and the intensity with which you work with the course content.

Interior Design Online Kurs

“Live happily!”, “How colors work!” and “Decorate like a pro!” These are self-study courses. And that’s why I designed it so that you can understand and correctly implement individual topics and tasks even without my personal support. You will find approximate solutions for all exercises, so you can be sure that you have learned everything correctly.

Kurs Online Projektowanie Kuchni

Good to know: for the course materials “How colors work!” and “Decorate like a pro!” Attached is a separate questionnaire on the course content! If you answered all the questions correctly and then sent them to me via email, you will receive a significant confirmation of participation (pdf document).

How long will I have access to the course materials? The entire course is taught exclusively online and, for environmental reasons, is not available in paper form. Since you can conveniently save workbooks on your computer, you can access them at any time and can always read the topics and contents later.

No specialists or previous knowledge are necessary: ​​the only thing required is enthusiasm and passion for the topic of interior design, color or furnishings! The books are provided in digital format – all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to open them.

For “Live happily!” you will need a pencil or ruler, a ruler and a calculator. Plus a printer, scissors, glue stick, color charts and sample materials for your new planned purchases, which you can get from an interior decorator or furniture store.

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For the game “How colors work!” You will need a printer, scissors, glue stick, crayons and colored papers, which can be purchased at a hardware store or paint specialist.

To “Decorate Like a Pro!”, you will need a pencil or ruler, a ruler, and a calculator. To create displays, your own collection of books, crockery and accessories will certainly be sufficient, so no new purchases will be necessary.

I promise you that I not only put all my experience into my online courses, but also my heart and soul. Unfortunately there is no right of withdrawal once the workbooks have been delivered. You can find out more in the “Right to Refuse” section.

Interior Design Online Kurs

If you have sent a booking request via my form, you will receive an offer via email which you will need to briefly confirm.

Interior Design Intensive

You will then receive a booking confirmation including an invoice, which you can pay conveniently by bank transfer within ten days.

Once payment has been received I will send you the course instructions so that you can prepare optimally. Immediately afterwards you will receive from me all the forms to download via WeTransfer. Sign up for the waitlist below and be the first to know when it starts again.

– How to create your own personalized mood board in digital format, which will then serve as a guide for your interior design.

Sign up to the waiting list here without obligation and you will be the first to know when my online interior design course resumes.

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“…the course was sensational, informative, helpful…Catherine Engle was extremely knowledgeable, she gave us personalized advice and gave us a lot of information. It was just amazing! As it comes.”

This online interior design course is right for you if you love decorating but sometimes don’t know the best way to plan.

With my online course I will guide you as an interior designer to create a furnishing concept step by step and then I will help you realize it.

Interior Design Online Kurs

I’ll show you how I, as an interior designer, approach interior design and how you too can use a common thread to create your own welcoming home.

Der Interior Design Kurs Grundlagen, Techniken Und Übungen Zur Innenarchitektur.’ Von ‘tomris Tangaz’

“Thank you for the wonderful “Interior Design Master Class – Creating a mood board on a PC.” First, Katrin introduced us to the basics of color theory and introduced us to different styles. With the help of various online programs we the opportunity to create our own digital mood boards. Mood boards were presented and the results were discussed in small working groups. Katrin’s individual advice did not go unnoticed and we had the opportunity to present personal ideas and discuss issues. I enjoyed the workshop from A to Z, I learned a lot and gained additional tools to help me make better decisions and have more style in my interior design choices. Dear Catherine, it was just amazing, thank you 1000 times from the bottom of my heart Heart!”

Because it is important to me to support others on the path to a comfortable home, I have been leading interior design workshops and creating mood boards for many years. Planner 5D is a home planning and interior design app designed for beginners. It is intuitive and easy to use, even for those new to interior design. Our mission is to make interior design accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities!

With Planner 5D you can create a 3D model of your dream apartment, office or any room, complete with furniture and accessories. Outdated bathroom? Boring kitchen or garden that needs some TLC? We have everything ready for you! Whether you’re thinking about internal or external projects, Planner 5D will help you bring your vision to life!

Planner 5D starts with a simple concept: you can then add walls, windows, doors and more to create the perfect space. Once you have completed most of the work, you can start planning the overall concept and decor. You can also add landscaping elements to liven up your yard design.

Kurs Projektowania Wnętrz Od Podstaw

If you don’t know where to start, Smart Wizard Planner 5D can inspire you. Simply select the type of room you want to design, select a style and enter the dimensions. Smart Wizard automatically creates ready-made templates that you can easily edit, share and edit.

You can choose between six different room shapes that can be adapted to your size. Room options include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, children’s room and home office. You can now choose between seven different interior design styles: industrial, boho, classic, Japanese, minimalist, Scandinavian or rustic.

If you would like to upload your own floor plans, you can do that too. With our AI-powered floor plan recognition, you can scan your rooms with your iPhone and convert them to digital formats. The software automatically recognizes walls, objects, doors and windows and creates an interactive 3D floor plan. Don’t have an iPhone? No problem, you can also upload images, templates, hand-drawn floor plans or any other digital floor plan file.

Interior Design Online Kurs

If you need help getting started, Planner 5D offers a variety of tutorials and training videos. In them you can learn everything from how to use software tools to how to design certain types of spaces.

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We’ve also launched an online design school to help you learn more about the industry and how to use Planner 5D to design your dream spaces. Start by learning how to use our software or jump straight into a design course to learn more about the basics of interior design and how to optimize your interior to suit your needs.

Created by our interior designers, this online course includes nine video lesson modules, including an introduction to interior design, space planning, ergonomics, interior styles, colors and materials, furniture, lighting, decoration and visual communication. Each module lasts approximately 35 minutes and includes several individual lessons, each lasting approximately 10-15 minutes.

School of Design is now available in four languages ​​(English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian).

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