Beautiful Home Services

Beautiful Home Services – Good Home Services has been providing quality services to the Kanata and Statesville area since 1999. We specialize in moving in and out cleaning, cleaning, landscaping and gardening.

22 years ago I was a single mother with two teenage boys. I created a business in 1999 which I named The Good House. I love watching my business grow through word of mouth alone. In the last few years, Covid has shown us the value of our homes and our places. Our goal is to help you realize your home’s full potential in a variety of ways. Whether you want to renovate your home with a one-time cleaning, or plan to move or downsize, we want to help you with your transition. We also offer professional landscaping services to ensure your outdoor space reflects your personal style.

Beautiful Home Services

Beautiful Home Services

Good Home Services has grown in size and reputation, known for our dedicated team and attention to detail. Our team truly appreciates the opportunity to help beautify your space. Our goal is to reduce the stress in your life by sharing our expertise and knowledge of the home.

Abdul Rasheed Mukkam

Donna and her team are experts. They are friendly, reliable, efficient, careful and attention to detail. mind blowing! The consumer forum ordered Asian Paints Beautiful Home Services to pay Rs 1 lakh to R Ghansham (41), a resident of Hyderabad, of Old Boonpally, HAL Colony, Secunderabad, who hired Asian Paints Beautiful Home Services to decorate his house.

HYDERABAD: The District Consumer Redressal Forum has ordered Asia Paints Good Home Services to pay Rs 70,000 and Rs 20,000 as compensation to a resident of Hyderabad for loss of work and mental anguish.

R Ghansham (41) approached Asia Paints Good Home Services of HAL Colony at Old Bhuvanpally in Secunderabad to decorate his home after seeing various advertisements in the media. Asia Paints Beautiful Home Services engaged Ghensham to beautify her home as per her wishes.

Although the said cleaning would be more expensive than the locals compared to Asian Paints Good Home Services, Ghensham had no doubts about the money and contacted Asian Paints Good Home Services in July 2021. Asian Paints Good Home Services gave an estimate of Rs.28.00. , 788.58 and also said that the booking fee will be 15 percent of the contract amount.

Holiday Home Interior Design

Ghensham hesitated to say that after several meetings over the phone, Asia Paints Good Home Services agreed to accept the sum of 70,000, which was paid online on August 12, 2021, and a confirmation letter to Asia Paints Good Home Services Ghensham. send Provided in their confirmation email, Asia Paint Good Home Services has provided a comprehensive service plan within 6 months of installation. There, good home services in Asia Paints guarantee completion as per their schedule.

In October 2021, Ghensham expressed his dissatisfaction with the continuation of the project due to the delay in time from the promise. Later, upon some talks and promises made by Asia Paints Good Home Services, Ghensham decided to move forward and decided to improve the program and solutions. However, Ghensham could not see much progress as a commitment.

During his last visit to the site on 8 January 2022, Ghensham realized that the work was still pending with Asia Paints Good Home Services and had not yet reached the final stage, resulting in further improvements and changes. The confirmation letter issued by Asia Paints Good Home Services states that the final design and material selection process will take approximately 15 to 30 days.

Beautiful Home Services

Asia Paints Good Home Services failed to do so even after 150 days from the date of receipt of the first payment, even though Ghensham and his family were present all the time. Ghensham reminded Asia Paints Good Home Services about other investments in home improvements and renovations, which depend on the completion of work by Asia Paints Good Home Services and other suppliers such as elevators, gutters / roof repairs / solar panel installation. is pending

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All the above mentioned works have been stopped by Asia Paint Good Home Services due to delay in commencement of work/project at site due to lack of service. Ghensham also tied up with the manufacturer of roofing solutions (Casa Roofing Solutions) but this was postponed as the event was to be held in conjunction with the water testing services of Asia Paints Good Home Services which has not started yet.

Ghensham paid Rs.1 lakh in advance to the lift manufacturer (Niba Lifts) and decided to cancel as the work/site was not ready for them, on which Asia Paints Good Home Services also depended. Due to the reasons mentioned above, Ghensham Asia Paints sent an email to Good Home Services to cancel the project and initiate a full refund of the advance payment paid to them.

But surprisingly, Ghensham received an email from Asian Paints Beautiful Home Services saying that ‘by canceling the project they will not refund the contractually required Rs 70,000,’ which was never discussed. , while Asian Paints was sent to Beautiful Home Services. In his complaint, Ghensham also alleged that he was driven from pillar to post to start the work but all efforts were futile.

Ghensham contacted Consumer Forum because Asia Paints Good Home Services failed to provide service despite advance payment, which is lack of service. Responding to Ghensham’s allegations, Asia Paints Good Home Services said that the production work started at Ghensham’s place and they had to submit 15% of the contract out of 28 crore 20 lakh 118 rupees.

Inside A Sophisticated And Classically Beautiful Home That Defines The Concept Of Livable Luxe

However, considering Ghensham’s condition and as a sign of interest, Asian Paints Good Home Services allowed Ghensham to pay a booking fee of Rs 70,000, which was less than the sanctioned amount. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, Asia Paint Good Home Services could not complete the work ahead of schedule and the completion took longer than expected.

The court said in the judgment that Asian Paints Good Home Services was negligent and negligent in paying due duty to Ghensham due to emotional distress. However, the court ruled in favor of Ghensham and the commission ordered Asia Paint Beautiful Home Services to refund Rs 70,000 with 6% interest, Rs 20,000 as compensation for causing mental agony and distress to Ghensham and Rs 10,000 as litigation expenses. go Make your holiday home as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside with our professional design service – making it easy to manage a beautiful home.

It needs to be homey and host fewer guests than it does when you have a home – and seeing as you’re there for comfort, it should be easy to maintain yourself while you’re there and when you’re there. there you are “You are far away.”

Beautiful Home Services

With these principles in mind, we’ve helped an ever-growing number of our clients create the perfect home from home, often using the local area for inspiration – and as a source for decor, furniture and artwork.

Full Service Interior Design

Previous projects have taken us to the Cornish countryside, the Mediterranean coast and the Swiss Alps. You will walk through the front door, and you will immediately feel at home.

Thank you so much for making our lovely vacation home. It’s fun and funny and full of incredibly cute features and characters. It’s truly amazing and considering it started as a white box now it’s full of history, beautiful clothes, furniture, art and art pieces and it’s a joy to be in – day or day! ¥

This is a great vacation home, equipped with everything our family needed. We loved the attention to detail and being surrounded by such luxury. The villa is in a fantastic location and we will be talking about the salon to all our family and friends for years to come – definitely recommend. ¥

We arrived at our house in Marbella and were blown away by the wind! The boys squealed with joy as they inspected their renovated home. We loved your attention to detail and honestly felt like we walked into a 5 star hotel! Thank you, we are really looking forward to spending long summers in our lofts in the coming years!

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A little pocket of heaven. We really enjoyed our New Years stay at the Rock! It’s the perfect hideaway, close to the harbor front, but just off the beaten track. complete peace We will be back if you have! ¥

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