House Design Ideas Outside

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Aavarna, the Sanskrit name for shapes, is the architectural vision of this single house bungalow. This dwelling is a simple rectangle on a narrow 24′ x 56′ lot. Located in the small town of Shania near Surat, this adobe is what we call “Aavrana”. The plot is a long rectangular space which brought its own challenges and advantages. According to the layout of the plot, where they are considered to share a common wall that restricts us from providing any ventilation or light source from the sides, resulting in a front balcony and some internal railings. The design of the space is done by carefully separating the spatial requirements and planning accordingly.

House Design Ideas Outside

House Design Ideas Outside

In CSEB sandwich walls, 90mm thick granite cladding was introduced that works as micro-Chhajjas. This is especially adapted to the edges of the house without an overflow, in order to protect the walls from the effects of the weather.

Ways To Add Curb Appeal For The Best Front Yard On The Block

Located in a semi-urban context in the famous city of Kodungallur, this residence was designed for a client from Dubai whose main desire was a simple and beautiful home in his hometown.

As an urban concept project, Wexley was designed for a narrow strip in the center of a city block. The 26’x48′ floor plan is divided into thirds front to back and left to right. In the floor plan, the left third is reserved for circulation space and is reflected in height by a monolithic block wall in three shades of gray. Through the wall of this block, in three different sections, there are windows on the main level of the staircase tower, bathroom and terrace. The right third of the main level is reserved for the living room, kitchen and dining room. At 16′ long, front to back, these three rooms blend perfectly into the three-part block wall facade. It is this interplay between plan and elevation that creates cohesion between each facade, wherever you look. Since this project would have neighbors on both sides, great care was taken to create desirable views for the living room, dining room and master bedroom. Upstairs, overlooking the street, the master bedroom has a pair of wardrobes and a bathroom with a bath and a separate tiled shower. Main level wardrobes with built-ins serve as dividers between rooms and framing elements for the outside view. Architect: Visbeen Architects Builder: J. Peterson Home Photographer: Ashley Avila Photography

Everyone dreams of a spectacular home that stands out among others on the street. A home’s exterior design plays a key role in making guests and neighbors stop in their tracks and stare in awe. Therefore, planning the exterior design of the house is a daunting process of choosing colors, materials and balanced shapes. The exteriors reflect the overall style of the home and speak volumes about the family that lives there; So if you don’t give the right vibes, maybe it’s time for an update. See photos of front doors and exterior home designs or read some other guidelines. What exterior home design style is right for me? Your location, overall sense of style, budget and current home layout will dictate the style of your exterior. Whether you’re a traditionalist, a minimalist, or a trendsetter, there’s an architectural design style that’s right for you. If you like an old-fashioned look, consider a Victorian Colonial Revival home exterior. For sleek, modern exteriors, consider Prairie, Art Deco, Modern, or Design styles. Alternatively, if you want your home to have a regional character, choose Mediterranean or tropical. How should I arrange the exterior of my house? Although some exterior designs are fixed, there are a wide range of upgrade options available. Your gates, front doors and driveway are easy to upgrade without a big budget. An entrance or path must be clean and tidy and you can consider updating it with attractive tiles or gravel. Repainting or replacing your front gate can also offer an overnight transformation without breaking the bank. However, one area not to skimp on is the front door, where spending a little more can make a big difference in quality, just as updating your windows can be an important exterior project, but one that has benefits both inside and out. and outside, because as and potentially save money on energy later. When it comes to updating the facade of your home, exterior painting is the fastest and most affordable way to achieve a makeover, and going with a color other than white can really make a statement. Another great outdoor renovation project that will add character to the most ordinary home involves decorating the walls with climbing plants – delicate jasmine or brightly colored bougainvillea plants are favorites. You can make the most significant changes to your home’s exterior design by using wall coverings such as adding wood paneling, stucco, tile, metal or glass. What colors and materials should I use for the exterior of my house? Traditional homes typically use brick, concrete, and exterior paint, while shingles, glass, and metal siding are popular contemporary options. Again, the materials you use will depend on the weather conditions and the statement you want to make. Your budget will also influence your choices. Think about your neighbors when choosing exterior house colors. First, do not repeat the shadow of the neighbor; and second, to not stand out as not standing out. Explore exterior color combinations that balance the overall look of your home. If you don’t want to go too bright and bold, paint exterior elements of the house such as the front door and window trim in eye-catching colors. How should I decorate the exterior of my house? A well-designed exterior is like the final product, so don’t overdo it. Avoid overdoing it. If you have a lot of space in front of your house, make sure you have a well-maintained garden. A decorated space will add visual appeal to the home. Illuminate your home with enough outdoor lighting so you can easily reach the front door at night. If you want to add smaller elements, consider house numbers and names in unique fonts and colors, add personality with rugs and mailboxes to ensure that your home offers a warm welcome.

Bungalow after renovation. You can see the two upper gables that were added, but they still match the size and feel of the house. The soft green color of the trim and gray wings allow the blue on the door to pop. Photo by Josh Vick Upgrading to a new modern home exterior design can create a wow factor for your home’s curb appeal. Modern design is often as functional as it is elegant. It is the use of a limited neutral palette, unique but well-chosen materials and simple geometric lines. And the overall effect is stunning. In addition, the latest designs also pay attention to interior and exterior square footage to increase the value of your home and make it the nicest house on the block.

Minimalist Modern Home Designs

If you are dreaming of a modern modern house exterior design, but you are not sure where to start, we are here to help. Our team of designers are experts in drawing on the best of the latest trends to create a timeless aesthetic. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

Minimalism is in trend both for the exterior and interior of the house. According to the Spruce, modern design, minimalist “is removed from its basic function, achieved using limited materials, neutral colors, simple shapes and avoiding the necessary embellishments to achieve a pure form of elegance.”

We love the fact that practicality is on trend for modern outdoor homes. In addition, people are rethinking the use of outdoor spaces to live and work outdoors more than ever. Porches, patios and landscaping are designed for conversation and entertainment – or maybe even a conference call, if necessary.

House Design Ideas Outside

This bungalow home has received a fresh and inviting update with a porch extension and comfortable outdoor living area. Simple geometric lines decorate the roof, front door, fence and Corten steel planters.

Small House Exteriors We Love

This contemporary design needed a modern makeover with some contrasting colors to add drama. A stone and cobblestone walkway welcomes you to the front door. Also, using a large planter as a privacy wall defines a new outdoor living space that essentially adds to the square footage of the home.

Our designers soften the design of this modern ranch house with well-placed plants and a replacement of the shutters.

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