Interior Design Ideas Apartment

Interior Design Ideas Apartment – Decorating your first apartment is overwhelming. There are many unknowns in your journey, from accepting to leave the home you grew up in or moving to a new place with friends, to feeling at home in your new place. What better way to get rid of the jitters than to decorate your apartment in a way that you can live in for a while and feel like you can live there? There are many stylish apartment decorating ideas to help you make the most of your space. While you wait for the new living room couch to arrive, plan your small but mighty home.

There are many things you can learn about decorating your space, so we talked to the designers of a small space to share projects that will inspire you to think a lot, even if you don’t have enough space. With smart styling and storage hacks, you can fit everything you need without feeling cluttered, even if your kitchen only seats two people. Before you pick up the hammer, make sure you triple check with the landlord what you can and can’t do to improve your apartment. Your parents will be in disbelief!

Interior Design Ideas Apartment

Interior Design Ideas Apartment

Below, you will find a smart minibar designed with gallery walls and a wardrobe to display your ideas at home. We’ve rounded up 34 must-see apartment decorating ideas, from small to big renovations that will adapt to your evolving style. It’s proof that your first apartment can be custom-made, unique and full of your personality. Best wishes on your first housewarming party!

Design Ideas For Small Apartments

A built-in bookcase, a comfortable chair and elegant lighting make this cozy corner the perfect place to read. Designed by Andrew Fleischer, the white shiplap paper and butterfly around the bookcase give a whimsical feel. Sort the books by color and play with the setups so there’s always something fun to look at.

Placing mirrors on all your walls to reflect light is one of the best apartment decorating ideas for making a room feel twice as big. Choose a refreshing color for a monochromatic theme, as designer Benjamin Dhong did here. The green monochrome style keeps the room from looking busy while the fireplace mantel treatment and rich velvet warms it up.

Find inspiration in this Parisian apartment designed by Lichel Silvestri, where luxurious, warm and well-shaped velvet chairs highlight the period pieces. “I like to use materials that add uniqueness and precision to my interiors,” says Silvestri. “It’s a feast for the senses.”

Take a look at your wall art collection in a new light! This Chicago living room designed by interior designer Devin Kirk is a stunning example of well-proportioned pairings. Combine different colored frames and borders around your sofa to encourage conversation and add personality.

Simple, Smart Renovation Adds Extra Functionality To Tiny Apartment

Here’s one last party trick: Use a small coat closet as the focal point of your living room. Your guests will be impressed as soon as you step back and see the well-stocked bar. This piece by Robert McKinley adds depth and intrigue, especially with the muted colors.

The galley kitchen in this New York City apartment designed by Nanette Brown is the perfect showstopper. The window fills the space with light reflecting off the black tile. In addition, it proves that you can increase your dining arrangement with a built-in bench.

Nothing brightens up a room like a vase of fresh flowers! Even if you’re the only person who sees them, keeping an arrangement in each room will make you (and indeed the space) feel ready to tackle the week ahead. Pay attention to this Anna Spiro Design bathroom and choose flowers that match the print used in the building.

Interior Design Ideas Apartment

Designer David Frazier wanted to warm up and transform the familiar elements of this New York City apartment to make it feel like home. They achieved this by creating window treatments and installing a modern sconce, which both lengthens the walls and lets in more light.

Light And Charming Decor Of Studio Apartment Design Ideas Brimming A Minimalist Impression

Most train cabins have a windowless room in the middle that connects the front and back rooms and relies on them for natural light. If you want to create separate spaces or more privacy, try a solution that does not create an additional problem of blocking light and flow. Here, Shari Francis did just that with a frosted sliding barn door. They are certainly soundproof, but they will not block the light like a solid door and will increase your privacy.

In this open kitchen, which is also a living room and dining room, Heidi Callier has created separate spaces that flow well and do not crowd the room. He didn’t give up the dining table, but he made it smaller to make sure it didn’t spoil the style of the living area.

Simplicity of design and color scheme can often be the best in small spaces, as proven in this small bathroom in New York City designed by Shawn Henderson. This formula (beautiful cabinets, matching appliances and simple, high-end appliances) is also always easy to rent. High brackets that match the hardware and other surfaces will keep them stable. Oh, and a fancy room spray is always a plus, too.

If you do not want to install sliding doors or it is not possible in your apartment, consider installing a rod from wall to wall and hang the curtain, as ETC.etera did here. In a studio, separating your living and sleeping areas is the best way to make your crashed space feel like home. Be creative with room dividers, choosing screens, benches or a tall bookcase.

Decorating Small Studio Apartment Ideas With Minimalist Wooden Style Design

You can make a small apartment more attractive with a few stylish things. And it’s especially important for small doors. Here, Tamsin Johnson Interiors chose two carved hooks for coats and bags, a slim and stylish basket for umbrellas, a sleek stool for shoes that slides in and out, and a wall-mounted mirror and add last minute touchups. . ,

In this Chicago apartment, designer and resident Devin Kirk created a home in a small room. They painted it Hague blue by Farrow & Ball, added a fabric panel to hide extra storage, and hung matching wallpaper on the back cubby wall. Getting ready to entertain and getting your space right is an easy way to make your apartment feel complete.

Nothing says you’re growing up like window treatments that aren’t made of paper or plastic. Design firm ETC.etera chose striped Roman shades, but flowing curtains would also work. Either way, the right window treatment will make your space feel more decorated (and help you sleep better!).

Interior Design Ideas Apartment

To make the rental personal and homey, make your mark with a monogrammed shower curtain, towel or robe. Then add pictures and decorations to make it shine. Alexander Reed used a garden bench and filled the entire empty space with a gallery wall.

Small Studio Interior Designs That Give Little Places A Lift

Your entryway can be your kitchen, living room, and, of course, everything except the bathroom. Or you may have uneven transition areas throughout your apartment, such as landings and hallways. However, don’t overlook those little corners and nooks. Here, Danielle Coling chose a dresser of the perfect size and accessorized it with pictures, a vase and a mirror, all reflecting the colors in the rug.

The biggest mistake you can make when renting your first apartment is not thinking about whether you really want to live in it. For example, if you work from home, create a design that prioritizes the home office, whether it has its own room or a designated corner near a window, like in designer Krishna Mehta’s home. Do you like to cook and eat or host dinner parties? A larger dining table that can serve as a work area during the day can be useful for you.

A house without a well-equipped kitchen is not a home at all. Essentials include cookware, coffee machine, toaster and fruit bowls, etc. If you have limited storage space and need to upgrade, consider investing in appliances (how cute is this espresso machine in the kitchen by AP Design House?)

A headboard and/or bed frame will not only serve as a focal point in your bedroom, but will be a great improvement to having your mattress directly on the floor. You’ll never have to stick your head against the wall again! For some guidance, check out this post by Arent & Pyke. These warm, deep headboard colors warm up the room and fill it with bold energy, while pink fabrics soften things.

Interior Design Ideas: Brooklyn Railroad Apartment Redo

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