Beautiful Home Decor Plant

Beautiful Home Decor Plant – Whether you realize it or not, there is a winning formula for creating a perfectly balanced living room. You’ll need a sofa, a coffee table decorated with designer books and of course a pretty candle, some accent chairs, a TV to watch your favorite series, and a comfortable bed to keep you warm and make your sofa more inviting. Add a rug and some frames on the walls and you have a space worthy of Instagram posts, right? Almost.

If there’s one thing missing from your meticulously maintained space, it’s greenery. As you know, this is a jungle, and when you’re stuck between fig trees and bird’s nest ferns, it can be difficult to decide which plants are best for your living room.

Beautiful Home Decor Plant

Beautiful Home Decor Plant

To make things easier, we enlisted the help of an expert to give you the scoop on the best houseplants for your lifestyle and lighting. Browse 15 varieties you might consider adding to your living room soon.

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Renee Christensen is a plant stylist at Léon & George, a plant delivery service that brings a wide selection of houseplants to your door.

“Bird of paradise, with its large, shiny leaves, is a great plant for those who want to add grandeur and elegance to their living room,” explains Christensen. “Best for living rooms that have lots of natural light and most rooms only need water once a week.”

Violin figures are “the darlings of the interior design world,” and we agree. Christensen says this plant is often seen on Instagram: “This plant serves as a focal point in any room, including the living room. This is a stunning plant, its large violin-shaped leaves are one of the most popular houseplants in the world.”

“For living rooms with minimal natural light, we recommend snake plants,” says Christensen. “Snake plants can grow with little or no light, and their variegated and attractive leaves will brighten up any room.” Water enough and watch the snake grow.

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If you have a shelf on your living room wall, Christensen says the cascading leaves of the pot make it the perfect plant for you. “Vultivating, fast-growing plants are ideal for displaying greenery on shelves,” he says.

This plant thrives in low, medium, and bright indirect light. For healthy pothos plants, water them once a week or whenever the plants appear wilted.

“Rubber plants are a popular choice for those looking for a unique, moody plant for their living room,” says Christensen, perhaps because of their dark leaves. Ironically, this plant grows best in bright, indirect light and only requires watering once a week or when the soil feels dry.

Beautiful Home Decor Plant

“For larger spaces, we recommend kentia palms,” says Christensen. “This large indoor palm grows well in spacious rooms, humidity, and moderate to bright indirect light.” To keep the leaves healthy, water them once a week.

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Themonstera deliciosa is a popular plant from the Art Deco era, but has appeared in many living rooms on Instagram. Monsteras are great for trendy, eclectic, or colorful living rooms, and as a healthy plant, according to Christensen, they should be placed in bright, indirect light and watered once a week.

For tight spaces, Christensen recommends compact dracaena, a luxurious plant that grows narrow and upright. Medium to bright indirect light is best and watering is only needed once a week.

“Instead of a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table, we often offer colorful prayer plants, such as Tecalatea medallions,” explains Christensen. “This plant adds shade to any living room decor and does best in medium to bright indirect light.”

“Many of our clients love the idea of ​​real wood in their living rooms,” says Christensen. Suitable for indoor use, this wicker money tree requires medium to bright indirect light and watering once a week. Fun fact: Wicker money trees are known to bring good luck and prosperity to the home.

Best Indoor Plants For Living Room

“Petra gold is the perfect colorful addition to a living room shelf,” says Christensen. “Its unique orange, red and yellow leaves make it one of our most popular plants.” This popular plant needs lots of bright light and watering once a week.

If you have a living room with high ceilings, consider a tall fishtail palm tree. Christensen confirms that it can grow up to 8 feet tall indoors with bright light and watered once a week or when the soil feels dry.

If you are looking for an amazing experience with added benefits, your name is written on the dragon tree. Christensen tells us, “This is a great air purifier that doesn’t require much maintenance.”

Beautiful Home Decor Plant

Medium to bright indirect light is best, and water once a week or when the soil feels dry.

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“For those looking for something brighter for their living room, we recommend silver spruce, a low-light variegated plant with tones of sage and silver,” says Christensen. The best part is that it can grow in any light condition and only requires watering when the soil feels dry.

“Bird’s Nest is a charming fern that is easy to care for and creates a lush forest feel in any decorated living room,” says Christensen. Place it in a location with medium to bright indirect light and water once a week or when the soil feels dry. Houseplants are an easy way to bring personality, style and a sense of well-being to a boring room. After all, most of the best houseplants are more affordable than new pillows or accent chairs, plus they’re beautiful and easy to care for. In addition to their energy and uplifting colors, the best houseplants also help filter harmful chemicals from the air you and your family breathe. Even small houseplants have other health benefits: In fact, being around plants can naturally help balance and reduce anxiety and stress levels.

You don’t need gardening experience or ideal conditions to keep houseplants alive. If your house or apartment doesn’t get a lot of natural light (we’re looking at you, south-facing windows), that’s okay. There are many indoor plants that require low light, such as ZZ plants and philodendrons, that can grow well in any dark corner you place them. And don’t worry if you think you’ve lost your green thumb. There are a number of houseplants that are easy to care for and do not require intensive care or watering schedules. Of all the houseplants, the easiest to care for are succulents (if you have lots of sun) or beautiful hanging plants (if you don’t). Just choose one that you think looks cute and follow our simple care instructions.

Need extra reassurance? Many plants actually grow better indoors than outdoors because of the controlled conditions. Below, we’ll highlight 37 of the best houseplants, how easy they are to care for, and how to ensure they thrive.

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This plant’s lush foliage prefers moderate to bright indirect light, lots of mist and humidity, and infrequent watering. Because its full, feather-like leaves become longer as it grows, this plant is best grown in a hanging pot.

The only thing that makes the Boston fern challenging is its love of steam. Because they like low light and humidity, the bathroom is an ideal environment. Hang it in a corner with the dark green leaves hanging down. Make sure to water it regularly, but only after the soil is completely dry.

Like other hanging ivy, primary care for this stunning houseplant involves tending to the fast-growing vines. Algerian ivy plants like a lot of shade and even watering.

Beautiful Home Decor Plant

This wax plant grows on vines with white and green (and sometimes pink!) leaves. Pet-friendly and non-toxic, it thrives in bright, indirect light with watering every one to two weeks.

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With leafless, corkscrew-like stems, this unusual houseplant likes moist soil and indirect light. It can even thrive in low light conditions if a grow light is occasionally used to aid photosynthesis. Under the right conditions, it can reach three feet in height.

The olive tree is not only suitable for the Mediterranean, but is also an excellent ornamental plant. It likes warmer, brighter climates (but not too much direct sunlight or it will burn) and more humidity. Prune it seasonally to keep it looking fresh, and you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

Consider the silver satin pothos, whose leaves shimmer when exposed to light. Pothos plants don’t need much fuss: keep them in a bright, indirect location and water when the soil is mostly dry. Pro Tip: You can easily expand your plant family by propagating any of these plants from cuttings.

Succulents require very little water, so this set of four succulents is sure to brighten up your home without requiring much maintenance. Learn more about how to care for succulents so they thrive year-round.

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ZZ plants require less water than most plants. If you tend to neglect your plants (rather than overwatering them), you’ll be fine with this one. It will grow well in bright, indirect light, but can also tolerate low light if you want to keep it in a less sunny location.

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