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Home Design With Front Porch

Home Design With Front Porch

The front porch is literally the first thing you see in your beautiful home. This is the part that creates the first impression and presents your personality and style. So an unfinished portal wouldn’t really work, would it?

Latest House Front Design Photos And Ideas In 2023

That’s why today we decided to share some unique porch design ideas that will surprise and amaze your guests and you when they see your wonderful home. After all, interior design isn’t just for living rooms and bedrooms.

Before we go any further, let’s understand which part of the house qualifies as your front and back porch.

The entrance to your home is a small space enclosed by the front walls of your home and your main entrance may be classified as a front porch. It usually holds your house numbers and, if possible, a deck that offers a great view of the yard and the street.

The porch usually has a green or fence to separate the area from the street if you don’t have a yard. It adds a certain appeal to the overall look of your home.

Spring Porch Style

Unlike the front porch, the back porch is hidden. This area can be assigned to any side of the house, not necessarily far away. A back porch is usually a small porch where you prefer to relax after a tiring day. It often overlooks your garden or open garden, perhaps even a swimming pool.

A back porch is a great addition to both large and small homes. You can enjoy breakfast or afternoon tea here on a covered porch with lovely seating. It can also elevate the quality of your date night or add a little flair when you want some down time after a long, hard day.

So now that you know where the front and back porches of your home are, let’s discuss some design ideas to improve the overall aesthetic of your porch. You can use these awesome porch design ideas on the front or back of your home however you want. Unless you’re drawn to it on a personal level, there are no rules when it comes to front porch ideas and what’s in the back of the house.

Home Design With Front Porch

Porch seating is a beautiful way to make your home design shine. This beautiful open space offers a great view of your garden, patio, neighborhood and your garden pergola and shed.

Fun Fall Patio Ideas

You may have seen The Notebook or Elena’s house in The Vampire Diaries movies, where an open living room helps brighten up the overall feel of the home.

Consider using a set of single seats or a small sofa with a coffee table on the back porch. This area can double as a place to relax, as well as tea and small garden gatherings. You can even create a covered porch where you can sit and watch the downpour without getting wet. It creates an incredibly romantic environment all year round.

On the front porch, consider installing a porch swing or some porch chairs and seating. You can also add an outdoor rug to brighten up the entire space. The overall ambiance is designed to provide a place to sit and connect with your loved ones or relax in the lounge in the evenings while watching the kids play in your neighborhood. It’s really relaxing and a lot of fun.

Whether you live in a big city like New York or a small town in Minnesota, outdoor porch seating can really help you connect with your surroundings while enjoying your down time. You don’t have to live in Florida to experience its comfort.

Bedroom Southern Style House Plan With Big Front Porch

Have you always wanted a fire pit to sit with your family and create the feeling of a campsite?

Well, here’s your chance. Whether you choose to install it on your front porch decor or your back porch, it really adds flavor to your outdoor lifestyle. This awesome decorating idea can be incorporated into your remodeling with very little effort. Place some rocking chairs or create a porch seating area in your outdoor living area and see for yourself what a relaxing effect it has on the overall aesthetic of the home.

Keep in mind, however, that the porch is a ventilated area, so your pit should be well protected.

Home Design With Front Porch

You might think that as an outdoor living space, the porch would be fine with a few sconces and not much else. But trust us when we say that hanging string lights from your porch ceiling or adding them to your exterior walls can really brighten up the space.

House Plan Southhampton Bay

You can also consider stringing string lights on the pergola while sitting on the porch. It creates a stunning effect that is perfect for small garden parties or a romantic dinner with your husband in an outdoor area.

There are still essentials on the front porch, of course, where visitors should find a lighted spot at your door. Not to mention, your house numbers are visible at night, which is easier when you keep your porch lights on. Some decorative frames can add a personal touch to your front porch decor while brightening up your entryway.

In general, you can choose bright colors for indoor living areas such as living room, kitchen, as well as outdoor room interior. However, the exterior walls of your home form the backdrop for your porch design ideas.

Thus, choose some soft and light colors for the walls. You can add emphasis to your furniture and flooring with a wide color scheme. But the walls should be mostly neutral because you don’t want the house to be too colorful from the outside when the lights aren’t on.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

If you feel like your exterior and porch are too drab, consider installing a vertical garden during your home makeover to add color and life to your design plans.

The style of your interior design, or in this case, the decoration of the exterior porch, should follow an important theme. Having outdoor living spaces doesn’t mean you can’t use a Victorian theme or choose modern decor or create a farmhouse porch.

You can choose furniture that reflects your style. Maybe add a personal touch to a simple portal design. You can never go wrong with green. It adds shine and strength to any home. If you already have a beautiful front yard and a wonderful landscape, you can still plant some plants on your small front porch.

Home Design With Front Porch

Whatever decorating ideas, coverings and furniture you choose, make sure you follow a specific theme. A modern home can have a modern front porch, while a Victorian home can have anything from a retro theme to a minimalist design to suit your preferences.

Single Floor Home With Center Car Porch

A porch is a great addition to your front design ideas. Not only does it protect you from bad weather and rain, but you can use the extra support to hang ornaments.

A few hanging baskets or vases along with some string lights, maybe your kids’ living room artwork can help personalize your outdoor living space. You can add a green to your front porch ideas and a screened porch for your backyard with a roof. It creates the illusion of an outdoor room, allowing you to hang a ceiling fan or provide protection for your pit. It can also serve as a cozy little sunroom.

Porch design ideas are one of the best places to install your DIY projects. If you are a craftsman or have a knack for making things with your hands, the porch is your open canvas.

You can build a porch swing or a low weight couch with discarded wood planks or create some unusual garden solutions with them. Use the open space to grow some green by building a small front porch garden with DIY projects. Blossom and 5 minute ideas are great solutions that you can easily implement.

Phenomenal Luxury Philippines House + Plan

Your DIY projects are like a badge of honor. Why not use your creativity and style to decorate your outdoor space with them and not only impress your visitors, but also take pride and joy in your handiwork. As a homeowner, it’s all about adding whatever makes you feel most comfortable in your home.

Wouldn’t it be great to sit on your DIY project while watching the sunset over your afternoon tea?

Buckwheat makes wonderful trails, of course. But did you know you can use them to cover front and back porches?

Home Design With Front Porch

If you don’t have enough space, go for a large deck

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