Interior Design Mood Board Creator

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The first step for any project is the point where it all feels real and where ideas begin to translate into visuals – the mood board. While there are many ways to build a skateboard, finding the right tool for you can help save you time and frustration.

Interior Design Mood Board Creator

Interior Design Mood Board Creator

As an interior designer, you know that not all message board software can meet your specific needs. You need something built in. We’re listing the best message board apps and software for interior designers, so you can save yourself the time spent standing out from the crowd.

Free Printable And Customizable Mood Board Templates

We’ll explore the pros and cons of each clipboard software, how much it’ll set you back (Psst! Some are even free), and how you can download or subscribe to them (iOS, Android, website).

A mood board is a visual representation that sets the tone for a project. A mood board can also provide insights, thoughts, and general feelings and emotions. Message boards can include photos, graphics, color transitions, typography, and any visual element that creates the desired feeling.

Mood boards can be used by individuals and groups to visualize what words they cannot accurately describe. Design helps you organize your ideas and vision and can help you explain your concept to clients or colleagues.

Interior designers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, filmmakers, costume designers, and almost every other visual arts profession use mood boards.

Best Mood Board Creators In 2023

In addition to being a visual guide for a given project, mood boards play many different roles in interior design.

Typically, interior designers use a mood board to collect the various elements they want to add to a room. This can include paint switches, molding references, and even actual products like lighting, art, or rugs.

Collecting all your ideas on an inspiration board helps you see if all the elements work together. You can also assess whether they can fulfill your vision.

Interior Design Mood Board Creator

Let’s get that out of the way first. There is no hard and fast rule on how to create a message board. Everyone has their own process and nothing is wrong until it is done. However, everyone can use some creations from time to time – especially beginners.

Diamond Interior Design Mood Board Template

If your current mood board isn’t working, or you’ve never created an interior design mood board before, try our simple 3-step plan.

Every project may have one or two things that have an identity and never go anywhere. Whether it’s a window, beam or floor that your client doesn’t want to leave, you need to add them to the mood board first.

Getting the non-negotiables out early helps keep them in mind when designing a room. That way, when the job is done, it won’t stick out like a permanent sore thumb.

Check out where you find your inspiration – Pinterest, Behance, Dribble or social media. Your favorite e-commerce platforms are also great places to find photos. Download whatever suits your vision.

How To Make A Mood Board: A Step By Step Guide

You’re not necessarily looking for the perfect room to add to your mood. Here are some things to look for:

If you have an arrow, you can place it on your picture. Some clipboard apps let you drag and drop your photos and remove the background. Take full advantage of the interior design mood board maker features.

Remember to mix and match and try different options and combinations to see what works best.

Interior Design Mood Board Creator

Don’t get us wrong; Physical mood boards are awesome! While a little vision board in your bedroom is cute, there’s nothing like physically playing with your ideas. However, digital mood boards take the cake when it comes to professional mood boards.

Interior Design Mood Board: How To Make Your Own

Digital moodboards are easy to edit, easy to collaborate on, and painless to share—not to mention huge savings in time and effort.

Collage mood boards are the most commonly seen and used mood boards. As the name suggests, it is a collection of images and text. Creating a collage mood board is easy, time-saving and can be done in easy-to-use software.

Many message board apps for interior designers use a column format. Collage moodboards are simple, effective and beginner-friendly.

3D renderings take the collage moodboard a step further and fulfill the main purpose. Creating a model of your workspace and adding components in 3D can help you make a very realistic assessment of whether or not what you have in mind will work.

Free Moodboard Templates To Bring Your Vibes To Life

Nothing works as well as 3D conversion to accurately represent your concept to your client.

You can use our best mood board software listed below to create realistic 3D renderings in simple steps.

There are many options for message board apps, but the best message board apps for interior designers are few and far between. These are our top picks.

Interior Design Mood Board Creator

For making 3D rendering accessible to everyone, Neo tops our list of the best mood board apps for interior design. What gives it an edge? Neo is specially designed for interior designers and their needs. Libra

Free Mood Board Creator

These are the best free message board apps. PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides are applications that are familiar and accessible to almost everyone. You can use these trusted apps to create collage moodboards. Libra

Pinterest is every creative’s favorite place to find inspiration. However, few have explored the wonderful world of Pinterest boards. You can try mood boards on Pinterest and organize your projects across multiple boards. No editing! Libra

Milanot packs most of the software you need to create mood boards into one powerful tool. It offers templates you can choose from to offer high-quality images to add to your boards, and also integrates with Unsplash. You can organize multiple projects, collaborate with your team (even post notes) and share boards. Libra

Evernote is an organization app that lets you create quick, functional whiteboards. You can create notebooks for different projects and add photos to your notebook to personalize it. Evernote lets you collaborate with teams and even do some customization. Libra

Editable Interior Design Mood Board Template Bundle Kitchen Mood Board Kitchen Designer Color Palette Kitchen Design Template

If you’re sleeping in the wild, you’re missing out. Powerful App is the best mood board software for interior designers. Many templates and stickers make it easy to create aesthetically pleasing, beautiful mood boards. You can also search for images in Canva and add them to your collage moodboard. Libra

If you have access to Adobe Creative Cloud and are familiar with Illustrator, this is one of the easiest ways to create a mood board. Although it can be a little complicated for beginners, the software gives you complete control over the appearance of your mood board. Libra

Creating and publishing message boards has never been easier. Moodboard is truly one of the best free mood board apps out there. A straightforward interface that offers templates or default mood boards to choose from. You can quickly add photos to your photos and get beautiful mood boards. Libra

Interior Design Mood Board Creator

By focusing on teams, facilitating collaboration and simplifying workflow, Mural makes a name for itself on the digital board. You can use Mural to create a mood board with pictures, notes and tasks. Best of all, Mural’s limited plan lets you test the software with your team. Libra

Mood Board Interior Images

No whiteboard, no whiteboard, InVision empowers teams to collaborate and work faster. Vision boards are great for getting into the mood. You can use the app on your iPad or iPhone. Choose templates to create and share interior design mood boards. Libra

Collage mood boards are easy to make and have a DIY feel to them. However, if you are an interior design professional who wants to establish yourself in the industry and impress your clients, opt for 2D or 3D floor plans.

Neo lets you get started with previous CAD or 3D modeling experience. This tool is designed for interior designers and it will be fun for you to adapt it.

Create photorealistic renderings in minutes to improve your workflow and customer experience. Start your 14-day free trial today.

What Is A Mood Board And How To Make One For Interior Design

Mood boards are useful for all interior designers, regardless of your years of experience or the size of your team. Choosing bulletin board software for interior designers can make your digital bulletin board creation process more efficient.


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