Kerala Home Design 3d View

Kerala Home Design 3d View – This house is special because of its unique architecture. It has two floors with an area of ​​2,172 square meters, but they seem to be combined into one.

This design alone makes the house look tall, luxurious and elegant. The lack of typical pillars adds to its unique beauty.

Kerala Home Design 3d View

Kerala Home Design 3d View

The first floor of this house covers 1098 square meters. The architect dedicated this space to only 3 large bedrooms, each with a luxury bathroom.

Kerala House With 3d View And Plan

One of these bedrooms has enough space for two single beds. So it can be an ideal room for your children.

All these rooms are connected by a spacious living room. It overlooks the balcony and the stairs leading to the roof.

Unlike the first floor, the first floor has everything you need to complete your home. It starts with a space-saving carport with enough space to park one vehicle at a time.

After going up a few stairs to the right of the car porch, you will reach the main entrance of this house. Then the living room opens, where many guests can sit at the same time.

Exterior, Lighting Designs By 3d & Cad Anju Kadju, Thiruvananthapuram

On this floor there is also a dining room that opens onto a lovely courtyard. Those who dine here will enjoy not only the dishes served, but also the view in front of them.

As expected, the kitchen is close to the living room. Thus, serving food from the pan to the plate would be child’s play.

This floor also has one of the 4 bedrooms that were promised to you. Given its size and attached bathroom, it can be kept and used as a master bedroom.

Kerala Home Design 3d View

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