Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home

Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home – These Diwali decorating ideas will surely inspire you to decorate your home this festive season and impress your family and friends. These simple Diwali designs will completely change the atmosphere of the home to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Most of the design elements used here can be found locally or online. All you need is a little planning to make memories.

As a child, Diwali preparations in our family started a few weeks before the actual holiday. The air inside the house and in the streets of the city grew at the same time. People have a natural ability to create memories by decorating their home inside and out. However, for those living outside India, it can be very different.

Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home

Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home

Outside of India, Diwali is not celebrated by the masses. Outside our homes and markets, there is not much enthusiasm for Diwali. However, we do our best to instill in our children traditional values. We want them to have the childhood memories we have.

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Every Diwali I try to make the kids happy with all the decorations, lights and fireworks. They now observe it every year. Even if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to implement all the ideas presented here, do your best. Something is better than nothing. I am sharing some ideas for my home Diwali decorations that you can use all or parts of it.

Diva is the festival of lights. Outdoor decorative lighting is my husband’s responsibility and he really plays it in attracting everyone’s attention. The photos don’t do the power justice, but the overall effect of the light was great.

He hired professional architects to light the ceiling, which cost $500. He could do the rest of the lighting himself, as it could be easily reached using a standard household ladder. He used LED strip lights for street and street lighting. He chose to use LED lighting for the lighting of trees, house trees and large trees. Standard LED lights were used to create the pyramid around the lamp.

Children are excited to help with Diwali decorations, making it a family project. The little boy was busy managing the ropes to light the rope, while the high school student gave him feedback and gave his father tools on the ladder.

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Please be sure to use proper GFCI protected outlets to switch the equipment and take precautions against electrical shock when installing the equipment.

In Indian culture, the inner door has a special meaning. Many Indian traditions include painting and performing various rituals at the entrance of a house or puja room. The same goes for Diwali decorations.

During my last visit to India. This is one of the most common things I see in India every time I visit. Diya refers to a clay lamp used in India. These days, you can buy beautiful tiaras in every major American city at an Indian grocery store. They are also available on Amazon if you don’t have time to visit your store.

Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home

After much research, I decided to use artificial flowers that I found on Amazon. I was impressed by the overall beauty, feel and look of the flowers. I also used fresh flowers from my garden and a local shop. The lights were purchased from Pier1 Imports.

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You have a way to make Rangoli with colors and flowers. Since I have a toddler, powder paint didn’t seem like a good idea. So I chose a simple design that can be done quickly in 10-15 minutes with a mix of natural and artificial flowers.

Have you seen urli before Rangoli? Urli, a copper bowl for lighting candles and flowers, adds another dimension to any decoration. Breathe life into your stationary decor by making it vibrant with floating candles.

Next comes the entry foyer, where every guest sees your home for the first time. Create a first impression and wait to see what else is in store. It should reflect the holiday spirit in your home while making you want to come in and soak up the holiday spirit. The lobby decoration seen here uses a Ganesh idol seated on a beaded medallion and surrounded by ornaments consisting of brass fittings and beautiful tea lights.

I used my existing bracelets as tea light candle holders, they are inexpensive and a great way to add some Indian flair to your decor. I have a large collection of bracelets, so I borrowed a few here to decorate the candles.

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The Ganesh idol was given to us by my sister-in-law. Here I have used copper bowls as urlis. You don’t have to buy urli or use a copper pot to add urli as a decoration. You can use any bowl with a flat surface to create the same effect.

In the picture above I have used kundan rangolis to draw the floor. Alternatively, you can use the Rangoli design as shown below. For me with a toddler running around it lasted a few hours.

Indoors, you can add small decorations in different places to change the overall look of your home and make it more festive. For example, I painted my coffee table in the living room with candles and flowers.

Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home

You can easily see that I am a big fan of Pier1 Imports. Most of the items in this jewelry come from this store. Whether you’re looking at a pedestal, a tray, or a candle, everything from Pier1 Products I’ve collected over time. I keep going around the house to create new decorations using different styles.

Mandir For Home: Your Guide To Set Up A Pooja Room

I have a good collection of road and tray. It is my weakness. So, whenever I find a good painting, I like to buy it for future use. Paths provide a clear space and center of gravity, allowing me to focus on the moment. The board adds variety to the space and helps to bring a different color and enhance other elements of the design. I have also used kundan rangoli to fill in the middle of the space to give it variety.

Another example is the fireplace decoration, which is usually the focus of the bedroom in the American home. You can create beautiful decorations of this kind by placing a few pieces of art on the fireplace and in the space immediately in front of the fireplace.

Here I used a combination of three independent factors to increase the diversity in order to represent the different ethnic groups of India. I used two beautifully decorated elephant heads and Nettipattam combined with wind instruments. During my visit to Kerala, I fell in love with the beautiful elephant heads of Nettipattam and had to add them to my collection. I love the honesty they bring to any space I use.

It is a hub of diya, kunda rangoli, fresh flowers and a well-chosen stand and creative center where everyone can gather from the pictures. The Pearls & Twigs Shimmer Placemat and Glitz Beaded Silver Placemat are both available from Pier1 Orders.

A Guide To Various Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs For Home

The last but most important place to decorate your home for Diwali is the pooja room and temple. Lakshmi pooja is an important part of all Diwali celebrations that take place in the pooja room of the temple. My family moves every few years due to the nature of my husband’s work. So, although I wish to have a separate pooja room, now I have to share an office.

So I use a hand made temple with Rajasthani work and it matches the background. Tulle embellished with peacock feathers, bandhanwar beads and peacock threads are used in this piece. The edges of the tulle are tied with brass elephants. This function improves the angle of pooja.

The door of the puja room I share with my home office is also decorated with bandhanwars and flowers. Try adding small accessories like satya and maha lakshmi. The swastika is associated with Ganesha and the feet of Maha-Lakshmi are associated with the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Small details greatly increase the impact of your jewelry.

Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home

Be sure to check out my Diwali ideas for more ideas on what to serve, including desserts, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, main courses and drinks. Many of these recipes do not contain onions and garlic, which are often required during religious and festive occasions.

Low Cost Pooja Unit Designs That Are Perfect For Compact Homes

The Diwali menu presented here includes appetizers, main courses and of course desserts. For food, I cooked methi matri, shakkar para, churma laddu, beans, sesame and burfi.

For the main course, the feast includes methi aloo, full parwal, dal mahani, paneer mahana with cashew gravy,

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