Beautiful Home Lyrics

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Beautiful Home Lyrics

Beautiful Home Lyrics

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O Beautiful House – Orchestration Pack * Conductor’s Score * Rhythm Table * Flute * Oboe * Clarinet * Bass Clarinet * Bassoon * French Horn * Trumpet 1, 2 * Trumpet 3 * Trombone 1, 2 * Trombone 3 * Tuba * Timpani * Percussion 1 , 2. , 2) * Baritone sax (double tuba)

Oh Beautiful Home Words and music by Rebecca J. Peck © Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI) Verse 1 Oh beautiful home in glory beside the crystal sea Where life’s fountain waters flow so pure and free! Our Savior has gone before us to prepare this place, and I am ready to meet Him with His glorious grace. Chorus O beautiful home where my beloved waits, Where angels stand at the pearly door! Salvation is mine; I rejoice to know that my Jesus is there, oh beautiful home. Verse 2 O glorious house with lanes of gold where sorrow and death cease and our joy is complete! All measure of time is gone, and there is no night. And one of these days my soul will fly with joy.

Song Title: O Beautiful Home Words and Music: Rebecca J. Peck Orchestrated by: Logan Peck Performance Time: 3:12 Leads: SATB Copyright Owner: Thomas Peck Music (BMI) Copyright Administrator: Peck Music Group Imprint : Pack Music Publishing

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