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Home Design Online India – One Stop Solution for Architectural Services like Vaasthu Floor Plans, RCC Structural Design, 3D Exteriors, 3D Interiors, Bill of Materials (BOM)

We provide the best services beyond your expectations. Once we provide you with architectural services, you will definitely feel that you have received value for money.

Home Design Online India

Home Design Online India

Is the right place you are looking for. We are here to serve you with our PAN India online architectural consultancy for custom floor plans, we provide architectural and interior design services like 3 dimensional 3D exterior views, living room and bedroom interior design, RCC structural design as per IS 4056: 20 drawings , plumbing and sanitary plans, building estimates (material) for apartment buildings, etc., all in one place.

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It is my honor to inform you that in 2013 he has proved his caliber all over India by winning the LIMCA Book of Records-2013. No engineer or other website that competes with us has yet achieved this challenge.

You can download apartment building plans for free by clicking on “Free Floor Plans” on the top level menu of the website. If you find these free plans useful, you can download them. The website also provided audio podcasts in the Telugu language on the construction progress of the building. Listen to MP3 files and improve building construction awareness. Indian Plans is managed by ICON Corporation, a construction consultancy based in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.

We provide all residential architectural services nationwide Vasthu Floor Plans, Structural Designs, 3D Exterior Views, 3D Interiors, Bills of Materials (BOM), Steel Requirement Calculations, 3D Modeling, Apartment Views. etc.

Is India’s largest online brand for architectural services such as 3D visualizations, architectural floor plans and cost estimates for new home construction. We have all the information you need! offers a wide range of services and solutions (residential and commercial) to homeowners, architects, designers, contractors, developers and builders. We meet your needs at all stages of the project – from planning to delivery; providing 2D building plans, views and 3D drawings through our advanced technology solutions.

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Whether you are looking for 2D Vaasthu floor plans or 3D residential exteriors, this website has everything you need to build your home.

Do you want to build a house? Do you want architecturally designed floor plans and 3D visualizations that show you exactly how your home will look after construction? Download free architectural building floor plans today. Do you want to build a house from scratch? Do you want to add to or modify your existing house? Whatever your needs, we provide architectural services for it all! Our specialties include RCC structural design and interior and exterior design. provides services for all types of residential and commercial building projects through its expert team.

Are you planning to build a house? At Indian Plans, we have all the architectural services necessary to help you realize your dream home. Our expert architects can help you plan every aspect of your dream home and ensure it is built to your specifications. At Indian Plans, we help you find architectural services for your home. Apart from providing information on the most common architectural services in India, we have also won the Limca Book of Records: 2013 award.

Home Design Online India

Send your request to our email [email protected] detailing your building requirements. Please provide the necessary information for the service you require. If Vaasthu floor plan is your requirement, please provide details like your site plan with dimensions and how many bedrooms you want, number of parking spaces you want, rooms you want, number of floors required, building face, road width. Do you need landscape and garden design or not etc floor plan details.

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Once we receive your email with the details of your requirements, we will contact you on your mobile number or reply to your email to discuss the details and finalize the job requirements and Design & Planferther.

When you receive a quotation from us, please pay 70% in advance. After completing the given job, pay the remaining 30% of the amount.

We will work on your project within the time frame specified in the quote and then send you electronic copies of the finished design in PDF format.

We will email you the proposed paper in PDF format as per the discussion we made earlier.

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The necessity of a floor plan A floor plan is a fundamental aspect of any architectural or construction project. This is a detailed drawing that provides an overview of the arrangement, size and orientation of the individual rooms and spaces of the building. The floor plan serves as a blueprint for the entire project and provides a wealth of information that is necessary for the successful completion of the project. Here are some reasons why a floor plan is essential: Space planning: A floor plan helps architects and designers plan the arrangement of different rooms and spaces in a building. By providing a detailed overview of the size and orientation of each room, the floor plan allows designers to optimize the use of space and create a functional and efficient layout. Cost estimation: The floor plan is also crucial for estimating construction costs. It helps builders and contractors determine the amount of material and labor required. This information is essential for accurate cost estimation and budgeting. Communication and Collaboration: A floor plan is an essential tool for communication and collaboration between architects, designers, builders and other stakeholders involved in a construction project. The plan provides a common language for discussing the project, making it easier to communicate ideas and make decisions. In short, a floor plan is an essential part of any architectural or construction project. It helps in optimizing spatial planning, cost estimation, obtaining building permits and facilitates communication and cooperation between all interested parties. Without a floor plan, the project may lack direction, be more expensive and may not meet the requirements of the building code.

Note: The SBC (safe bearing capacity) of the soil should be provided by the client. This SBC is used for foundation design when designing structures. If SBC does not provide the Client, we will consider it as 225 KN/SKM.

Let’s go online with Google Meet. We will discuss the services we provide in detail. Ask us for the changes you need and let us come to a consensus and proceed with the changes in live sessions.

Home Design Online India

You can connect us online to discuss the architectural services you need.

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We will organize a Google meeting to discuss your online architectural services project in detail.

Have a detailed discussion about the services we provide. Ask us for the changes you need and let us reach consensus and proceed with the changes in a live session.

We will provide you with the best quality architectural services related to your residential house, apartment or commercial complex.

Shaping the Future of Construction and Design is a professional organization specializing in the design and planning of buildings and other facilities. We play a key role in the success of any construction project and are vital to the construction industry as a whole. One of the most important roles is to ensure that a building or structure is safe. We consider factors such as structural stability and accessibility for people with disabilities. We also consider the building’s impact on the environment and can design structures that are energy efficient and sustainable. they work closely with engineers, contractors and other professionals to ensure that the building is constructed to meet all the necessary standards. We consider the needs of our clients who will be using the facility and ensure that the design allows for efficient and effective use of the space. also consider the location of the building and the surrounding environment and may include elements such as natural light and ventilation to improve the functionality of the space. In addition to safety and functionality, they also play a key role in the aesthetics of a building or structure. We work to create designs that are visually appealing and enhance the environment. This can include choosing materials, colors and textures that complement the surrounding landscape, as well as incorporating artistic and cultural elements into the design. Overall, the importance cannot be overstated. We are highly skilled professionals who bring a unique set of skills and expertise to any construction project. Our work is critical to the success of the construction industry and to the safety and functionality of buildings and equipment. they are an essential part of the construction process and play a vital role in shaping the built environment.

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