Room Planner Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3d

Room Planner Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3d – Stefan Gheorghe is the founder and CEO of the company. In 2008, he launched the platform out of his passion for interior design and home decor.

Viewing and analyzing 3D floor plans created by professional designers is not a thought that usually comes to mind when trying to find the best design and layout for your home. However, this can be very helpful. You can find a lot of inspiration from these pictures and come up with the perfect design that would suit you.

Room Planner Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3d

Room Planner Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3d

The three-bedroom house offers many design options. For example, one option is to keep bedrooms and social spaces separate. The result would be a well-organized layout, with three bedrooms lined up on one side and common areas on the other.

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An L-shaped floor plan would ensure plenty of privacy for the bedrooms, separating them from the social spaces. It also allows the living room to be large and spacious, as well as sharing an open plan with the kitchen and dining room.

Another option is to sacrifice one of the bedrooms and turn it into a home office. A valuable idea for those who do not need a third bedroom and can only have two. Usually the smallest bedroom manages to change its function.

Since this is a three-bedroom house, we can safely assume that at least one bedroom is for the children. A design that allows parents and children to enjoy freedom and privacy sets the bedrooms apart.

In this design, each of the three bedrooms gets its own corner. However, this places the living room in the center of the house, not guaranteeing much privacy and peace for the bedrooms.

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If there are only two bedrooms to worry about, theoretically things should be easier. But there are still many different options to consider. By placing the two bedrooms at the ends, this means that one can be the master bedroom and the other a guest room or children’s room and both will enjoy their privacy.

When two bedrooms are placed directly next to each other, it allows them to occupy the side of the house away from all the noise from the kitchen and dining room, although the living room would still share a wall with one of them.

Such a design includes bedrooms at one end, a large common living room in the middle, and a bathroom and balcony or terrace at opposite ends of the social space. It’s a great design for families who like to spend time together before retiring to their rooms.

Room Planner Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3d

It’s a clever division between all the different areas of the two-bedroom apartment. The living room is in the middle with the kitchen, the bedrooms are at the ends, and the bathroom is in the corner. .

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If it’s the house we’re talking about, a large front porch can be a big plus. This surrounds the living room and one of the bedrooms, and the compact part is shared by the bathroom and the smaller bedroom. You spend time in them every week and sometimes they become known as your home; I’m talking about the most beloved apartments and houses in television history. Often they are their own separate character in the show, and now you are looking at them from a completely different angle, from above.

Spanish artist and interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde draws these famous house and apartment floor plans as a hobby, giving TV viewers a new perspective on the homes our beloved characters live in. Lucky for us, we can get a piece of these fantastic residences because these floor plans are sold as prints. Wow!

Thanks to Freshome for the great find! We’ll explore each residence and experience some of our favorite TV moments…

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Room Planner Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3d

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Iconic photography brand Leica launches its first 4K cinema TV Ultra-short 4K picture, Dolby Atmos sound and Bauhaus style make the $9,000 Leica Cine 1 a striking home theater design. Open plan is a generic term used in architecture. and interior design to describe any floor plan that utilizes large open spaces and minimizes the use of small, enclosed rooms. According to this concept, different functions can share the same space.

The idea of ​​an open floor plan of a unified space does not suggest that the space should be unorganized, chaotic and messy. On the contrary, various functions and furniture are visually and spatially limited.

Organizing functional areas around the perimeter of the space. Main circulation routes must be at least 3 feet (91 cm) wide.

The back of the sofa not only creates a space for conversation, but also separates it from the dining room and the living room.

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Separation of the living room by raising the floor. Two steps were created instead of one to reduce accidents.

Lowering the ceiling, using a darker shade for one wall and changing the floor material to limit the living room.

How to place seating in the living room in relation to the size of the carpet.

Room Planner Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3d

The size of the carpet should match the arrangement of the furniture in the living room. placement of furniture according to the size of the carpet. How many carpets should a living room have?

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If you find your dining room rather boring, consider changing the light above the table. In addition to serving as a source of light in the room, ceiling lights can also be used as a focal point.

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