Vastu Shastra Chart For Home

Vastu Shastra Chart For Home – If you are looking for 23′ x 54′ east facing house plan according to Vastu shastra then you have reached the right website.

This plan is developed according to the client’s needs and requirements. We checked the site properly, looking at air circulation, sun direction, drainage points, etc. For proper planning according to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra Chart For Home

Vastu Shastra Chart For Home

Whether you are a student, professional worker or retiree, everyone wants their homes and rooms to be more comfortable and interesting. Because you become the person you spend more time with.

Perfect 100 House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra.

Above you have seen how we designed the interior floor plan, with proper air flow circulation, the exact size of windows required according to the area of ​​the rooms.

Here is a list from which you can choose decorative items for your rooms like bedrooms, living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

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Vastu Chart Tips: Things To Things For Know For Vastu Chart For Your Home

Everyone wants his house to be built according to Vastu Shastra. Today, no one builds his house by ignoring great principles. I am writing this post for those who want to build their house according to vastu. In this article I will try to introduce them step by step how to make huge house plans and how to check vastu for house plans.

Indeed designing or planning a house according to vastu shastra is very difficult. I am a civil engineer and vastu consultant I have been working in vastu for a long time. I have developed many large house plans. From this experience, I try to explain very clearly how you can design or check your house plans step by step.

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Vastu Shastra Chart For Home

(Necessary skills / knowledge needed to create a huge house plan. Accurate direction and measurement are the basic requirements for a perfect house plan)

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To design a house according to vastu shastra, it is necessary to have adequate skills in Indian vastu vidya and engineering geometry. It’s not like you have to be an architect or a civil engineer to create huge house plans. If you have proper knowledge in engineering geometry then you can design house plan according to vastu. Engineering geometry

Indian Vastu Shastra has a detailed description of principles of design, layout, measurements, site preparation, landscape and space planning and spatial geometry. It can be broken down into huge house plan steps. Now, how do we apply this ancient science of architecture to modern home design? Before creating a huge house plan one should know the following principles of vastu vidya.

Land is a necessary condition for any construction and care should be taken in its selection. According to Vastu shastra, square and rectangular shapes are considered auspicious, while triangular, polygonal and other odd shapes are inauspicious. Land with low soil density is preferred for the house.

Correct dimension and direction are the main requirements before designing a house according to vastu shastra. Below is an image of a typical plot with each side of that plot correctly measured. For more accuracy, it is necessary to measure all diagonals or angles.

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It is essential to know the correct direction of building planning as per vastu shastra. In ancient times, a gnomon was used to determine the east-west line. Cohn sat on the ground to see its shadow during the day to determine the true east-west line. Today we have a magnetic compass and can easily find the direction of north. But the great direction is not always the same as magnetic north. It may vary from place to place. The needle of a magnetic compass is often replaced by an electric line, iron, etc. Therefore, you should be careful when using a magnetic compass.

The location of the main entrance is important for the grand plan. There are 32 entrances from all four sides. Eight main entrances on each side.

For the design of a huge house, only 9 (nine) doors are favorable among the 32 entrances. For a North facing house plan, Soma, Bhalat and Mukya Pada are considered auspicious.

Vastu Shastra Chart For Home

Vitata and Grihahati are the two padas in the south which are considered auspicious for a south facing house plan.

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On the west side, two padas named Pushadanti and Sugreev are good entrances for west facing house plans, Varun pada is also considered as an auspicious door for west facing properties.

Total degrees = 360 Total sides = 4 ( East, South, West, North ) Total inputs = 32 Each side = 360 / 4 = 90 degrees.

Casting a mandala from the Great Purusha is one of the vital steps in the extensive planning and design. Throughout the extensive text there is a graphic representation of the deity in a vast space (I. E Plot). Forty-five invisible energy fields are distributed throughout the various areas of your vast space. The design should be done after adequately placing the Vastu Purusha on the Mandal plot. Vastu Purusha Mandal is the main grid of vast plans and designs.

For planning a huge house, defining the 16 zones is a necessary step. This step divides the entire structure into 16 (sixteen) equal angle segments. Each zone has its own attributes and effects. The arrangement of bedrooms, toilets, stairs, kitchen, dining room, guest room, living room and interior depends on 16 zones. The concept of 16 zones is taken from Viswakarma Prakash Book.

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16 Area calculation: – By polar method, the whole area is less than 360 degrees. If the built-up area is divisible by 16 (sixteen corner segments) [i.e. 360/16 = 22.5 degrees], 16 zones are created.

To determine the ratio of length and width (built-up area), the Ayadi points (Aya, Var, Ansha, Dravya, Vyaya, Nakshatra, Thiti, Yogi, Ayu) should be checked. The following image shows the calculation of the nine Ayads performed by Viswakarma Prakash.

A typical image of Vastu House Plans / Vastu Map is given below. Please note not to use this design blindly for your new build. Vastu House design depends on various factors like Direction, Ayadi, Varna (Profession), Astro Chart, Prakriti (Ayurveda) etc. So you should consult a Vastu Planner before building your house as per Vastu Shastra. We also offer extensive planning and design services. Contact.

Vastu Shastra Chart For Home

Every dream house is designed in such a way that it meets all the necessary requirements. The basic requirement of a building is to accommodate all interior and occupant circulation in order for it to function. The size of the room depends on the function of the room and its furniture. It is necessary to know the standard size of the rooms for huge planning.

Vastu For Home Entrance

Bedroom – A standard bedroom size can be 3000mm x 3600mm (10ft x 12ft) to 3600mm x 4800mm (14ft x 16ft).

Kitchen – Standard kitchen size can be 2100mm x 3000mm (7ft x 10ft) 3000mm x 3600mm (10ft x 12ft).

Toilet and bath – standard size may vary (combined) minimum 1200mm x 2100mm (4ft x 7ft)

Living Room – Size ranges from 3600mm x 4200mm (12ft x 14ft) to 4200mm x 4800mm (14ft x 12ft).

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1. Vastu Tips for Bedroom: A favorable layout of the master bedroom is very important for a huge house map. South West, West, South West West, North and North West are good positions for bedroom planning. Never go north while sleeping.

2. Vastu Tips for Kitchen: South East (Agni Kon) is the preferred position for a large map. But Applied Vastu also recommends good kitchen placement from South East, West and North West as per Vaastu Shastra. Never place the kitchen in North, Northeast or East.

3. Living Room Vastu: Most of the activity is done in the living room. Family recreation, socializing, the first impression created by the living room. The living room should be uncluttered, impressive and have good color and brightness. is turned on

Vastu Shastra Chart For Home

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