Cute Apartment Decor Living Room

Cute Apartment Decor Living Room – My daughter moved out of school this year and is living in an apartment with a few other girls. (Check out her dorm room from last year here if you missed it.) Back in August, I shared a few of the spaces with you but I wanted to share a full tour including the room Their guests that I haven’t posted yet. So let’s start the visit there!

The highlight of this room is definitely the lovely botanical wall decoration. I still had a lot of pages left from the book that I used to hang my kitchen plant gallery wall, so I cut a few more. (My books vary widely in price, but you can use any botany book or even search for free images online to get a similar look.)

Cute Apartment Decor Living Room

Cute Apartment Decor Living Room

I got the plaid fabric on a big sale in the summer collection at Hobby Lobby. They only cost a few dollars each and I thought a bunch of them with artwork on them would be cute and cost-effective for the girls’ apartments. (An old project I did years ago gave me the idea to layer another frame on top.) While I can’t give you these drawings right now, you can get Similar look by wrapping fabric around a regular canvas or even a scrap piece of fabric. wooden cut to order. The design and color options are endless if you go this route! I also bought simple black frames from Hobby Lobby for the prints (this is also a good set) and mounted each print on a piece of poster board as a mat. A small drop of hot glue at each corner will easily attach the black frame to the canvas.

My Nyc Studio Apartment 🏙️

I originally ordered neutral curtains, but we all agreed the room needed a little more color, so this pretty coral set was perfect. They sold out quickly when I bought them but I’m happy to see they’ve been restocked! They were so affordable that I ordered another one after taking these photos so I could sew the two panels together to make each panel twice as wide – they need to be a little wider to close completely. all over the window. The 84″ length would have worked for this window, but I ordered the 95″ so I could hang them a little higher and hem them quickly thinking Emily might want to use them in a future home with Could have taller windows. I found the rug at Ross but this one is really similar

The apartment comes furnished with mostly large furniture, but I found a TV stand on FB Marketplace and brought a few small accent pieces from home. I also found the floor lamp in the corner above FBMP and saved the table lamp and sprayed both black to match the room.

These cushion covers go well with curtains. The apartment has a lovely floor plan with an open plan kitchen and living room, with a small dining table at the other end of the kitchen.

I had saved a curtain that I intended to cut to make cafe-style curtains for the kitchen window, but it turned out that wasn’t a practical idea. Instead, I used fabric to make this ledge cover foam, just to add a little something extra to the window. I plan on making a quick tutorial on this for you. The cute sign was also an HL clearance find.

Incredibly Cute Apartment With Polka Dot Walls In Dnipro, Ukraine 〛◾ Photos ◾ Ideas ◾ Design

If you saw her bedroom hanging earlier, you may remember that we ran this light above her nightstand, but we decided it would be more interesting in the main living room. I hung it here on the white wall near their kitchen table along with an old mirror I had put away (it used to be green!) and a faux wreath I picked up.

I think I went back and forth three times between moving in and cleaning, decorating, and redecorating. So it was the end of a long, hot day but we were so excited to hear that she was in her new space for the year!

I posted a few photos of her room a few months ago (here and here) but since then we’ve made some small changes and moved a few things around, so here’s a another look. We used pads under her bed frame and this long single nightgown is perfect for covering up all that’s hiding underneath. 😉

Cute Apartment Decor Living Room

This monogram art piece is a DIY project I did for his room last year, but this year I painted the initials to add a little color. The bright curtains are a fun addition to the soft lighting and she loves her new pinstriped comforter and cute pillow!

Pretty Pink Abstract Wall Art Retro Geometric Bright Wall

We hung her favorite cat here when we moved the light fixture to another room, and yes, she still likes loud old-fashioned alarm clocks – ha!

I love the built in shelves and desk space in each bedroom, it really helps with storage!

We added a few decorative items to her shelves, but for the most part it’s all the “stuff” she uses every day, with smaller items going into baskets. She loves her desk chair – we moved the awkwardly furnished desk into the living room for more seating.

I bought a pair of neutral curtains at a garage sale that were perfect for her windows (after cutting them in half length and hemming them! – a similar affordable pair here ). She decided she wanted to turn it into a little makeup area so I bought her a makeup mirror. After taking these photos, I told her to move the blanket basket to the other side of the room and lower that chest so she had more leg room – it worked!

Cozy Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Unsurprisingly, their apartment had a slight musty smell so I ordered a set of charcoal bags to spread throughout the rooms. They really help absorb odors, you can throw them in the sun for a few hours every month or two to reactivate them. This set comes with hooks so you can hang them however you want, such a great product!

I purchased this cabinet from FBMP a few days before moving in. The price was right but someone didn’t bother to cover it before painting the room white so there were paint splatters everywhere and some rough edges. I polished the handles with my favorite brass polish and a toothbrush, and did a quick sanding and a fresh coat of stain (here’s a project tutorial with the gel stain I used) . This turned out really nice and gave him the extra drawer space he needed.

I have another “college” related post to share with you that has some quick guides and tips I’ve used in these spaces. Stay tuned for that soon!

Cute Apartment Decor Living Room

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Studio Apartment Interior Design With Cute Decorating Ideas

Many college apartments today come fully furnished, but there are still some apartments that you have to fully furnish yourself. If this is your case, you will definitely need a sofa in your college apartment living room! A sofa may be a small investment, but don’t go crazy spending a lot of money on an expensive sofa if you don’t have to!

If you share your apartment with roommates, you can all sit on the couch too so the cost for everyone is a lot lower!

A coffee table is a must if you plan to spend a lot of time in your living room. Having a coffee table not only makes your apartment look more formal and organized, but it also gives you space to store things and gives you space to set down food or drinks while you lounge on it. bench.

Again, if your apartment is fully furnished, you won’t have to worry about this, but if not, here are some great coffee table options for you! Kimicole Beige Area Rug For Bedroom Living Room Carpet Home Decor, Upgraded 2×6 Cute Fluffy Rug For Apartment Dorm Room Essentials For Teen Girls Kids, Shag Nursery Rugs For Baby Room

The TV control panel is important if you want to keep your living room nice and clean! Not only are they great for storing items and decorating with decorations, but they can also hide any unsightly TV cables that might be dangling. One of the most annoying things about my college apartment living room was not having a TV panel and having to constantly monitor my cable box and feed. Therefore, it is the piece of furniture that you really need in the living room of your college apartment.

Side tables are important in your living room if you really want them

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