Home Decor Ideas Curtains

Home Decor Ideas Curtains – Say what you will about window dressing, but curtains have the ability to make or break the look of a room. Paper products not only make a space feel finished, but also have an amazing ability to transform a room’s ceiling, whether it’s creating the illusion of high ceilings, drawing attention across the room or creating a beautiful vista outside. As designer Gail Davis tells us about the superpowers that curtains can add to a space: “It’s like putting a mask on your eyelashes.”

However, unlike painting your walls to match the season, installing curtains is relatively hassle-free. “They’re a great way to inject your personality into a space, and can easily change your mood or season,” suggests designer Martin Lawrence Bullard (who launched his Modal Joy collection with Shadow Shop last fall). You can go bold like Heidi Keilier’s choice of floor coverings in a home outside Seattle, or keep things classic with elegant Roman shades in Julia Reed’s New Orleans home.

Home Decor Ideas Curtains

Home Decor Ideas Curtains

No matter your style, these 66 curtain ideas will inspire you to create your own windows to the world.

The Perfect Greige Curtains For A Formal Dining Room

Although curtains are designed to keep out light, they can increase it during the day. Take this sunny bedroom in Woodstock, New York, with a white net interior, where the curtains — painted alpaca fabric versions by Rosemary Hallgarten — frame the exterior.

If you’re looking for period drama, opt for a beautifully wrapped value and complimentary Roman shade with this Midas-touch bedroom in a (yes) historic Italianate tower.

ELLE DECOR This look could easily be out of a cottage in a Tudor-style home that’s been subtly remodeled by A-list designer Frances Merrill. But the interesting silhouette and neutral, floor-hugging curtains above the window not only bring the view down to earth, but also showcase those beautiful wood ceilings.

If you’re stuck with small windows, use curtains to create the illusion of size. Here, in a 16th-century Parisian panel, designer Eric Allart chose a long drape in simran flowers (the same fabric seen on the headboard and bedspread) to draw the eye into the maximum space.

How To Use Contemporary Curtains In Your Home Decor

Full value doesn’t have to be full, as designer Veere Grenny proves in this lovely London home. Antique furniture and rugs are traditional, but 1960s Gaetano Ciolari Asma and Daniel Giacomette abstract artworks stay modern and cool.

Leave it to textile expert Caterina Fabrizio, second-generation co-owner of her family’s textile house Dedar, to learn how to hang curtains that count. In her master bedroom, mint green hues complement a playful, black-and-white striped pillow and bring the greenery of the garden inside. Another suggestion? Just like you change your wardrobe, change your clothes with the seasons. Furniture stays, clothes and rugs change, says Fabrizio.

This linear Roman shade adds visual appeal to an all-white room in a brand new Houston residence designed by Elizabeth Young. If you live in a rental or aren’t ready to commit to patterned wallpaper, follow suit and have fun with fun decor and accessories!

Home Decor Ideas Curtains

If your home is blessed with abundant natural light, embrace it! Design duo Brockschmidt & Coleman were enamored with the southern sunlight that poured into author Walter Isaacson’s New Orleans apartment, so Farrow & Ball painted the dining room walls in Hound Lemon and selected matching drapes.

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If you like to cover rooms with deep paint colors, lighten things up with light air drops. Here, in a Brooklyn apartment designed by Daniel Fenway, oval walls are contrasted with messy, flattering drapes. Elliot the Cat approves!

This modest family home in Somona, California, designed by Ken Fulk, gives us just the right amount of cozy Arts and Crafts vibes, with wood paneling, star-shaped terra-cotta floor tiles, and floral pierre fray window treatments.

We specialize in everything including curtains! Here, the stunning French catalog features a two-line sage panel in a Virginia Victorian by landscape architect Thomas Woltz.

In his New York City press room, TV personality Tom Felicia painted the windows with floor-length curtains in small gray and white checks, a move that not only creates the illusion of greater openness. Windows, however, adds subtle texture to a mostly neutral design.

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Leave it to the Dior execs to look ugly! In the breakfast room of her Paris apartment, Mathilde Favier chose floral fabrics by the late, great French decorator Madeleine Castang, injecting women with a classic Roman shade.

The scenery at this Pebble Beach in California is spectacular. So the design company made sure that the workshop/APD curtains didn’t mix. Follow suit with a long, semi-neutral option for a relaxed vibe.

Choose thick, textured fabrics for a rough, layered look, like in this Connecticut colonial by designer Ryan Lawson. The natural fiber blends perfectly with home decor and accessories.

Home Decor Ideas Curtains

Designer Gail Davis used delicately patterned, floor-length curtains to create the illusion of height in this New Jersey office. The small green print, meanwhile, serves to draw the eye outward.

How To Decorate A North Facing Room

No one uses patterns like Martin Lawrence Bullard. In this dreamy mauve room, she worked with JAB Anstotz fabric to bring out the lush tropical colors in the window treatments and bedspreads.

Unexpected color combinations abound in French lighting designer Marie-Lise Ferri’s unexpectedly large room. We love how she picked up colors from the rest of the room using curtains in pistachio (Metaphor’s fabric) and dusty pink (Square’s fabric).

If see-through patterns aren’t your thing, take a cue from design duo Nikki Kehoe and sweep the curtains with decorative borders, as seen in star chef Suzanne Goin’s Los Angeles home. Pattern Recognition Warning: Curtains accept a checked edge above the lamp.

Antiques dealer and designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer calls it a medieval hunting lodge. So it’s no surprise that even the windows have details fit for aristocrats. But if you choose to go heavy, lighten the mood with bright decorations.

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Home Decor Ideas Curtains

35 Festive Christmas Bedroom Ideas 38 Beautiful Christmas Staircase Ideas 50 Inspirational Fireplace Ideas 40 Christmas Window Decoration Ideas will come.” t. Negligence. When it comes to curtains, the options are endless. But since they come in a variety of styles and at different price points, you can really create a look that fits your aesthetic and budget.

Window Treatment Ideas That Work For Any Room

From semi-sheer white curtains to blackout with elegant trims to vibrant floral drapes (you might even want to hang them on a windowless wall!), we’ve rounded up our favorite designer-approved living room curtains to get you started. You’ll notice after a quick look at these designs. Then you can shop the best places. Oh, and once you’ve got your hands on it, check out our guide on how to hang curtains for a quick and easy installation.

Make your living room feel grand with floor-to-ceiling curtains, like the soft pink from Elitis in the Amsterdam home of Caris van Houten and Guy Perse, designed by Nicole Dochmen of Alistair ND Interiors. A colorful Kooij coffee table and a rich sofa add to the overall vibrant feel of the room.

For cohesion, match the pattern of your curtains to some of the furniture and accessories in your home. In this space designed by Ashley Whittaker, thin striped curtains complement striped chairs and throw pillows in the same striped design and colorful combinations.

Print your windows or walls with vibrant plants, as Sister Parish Designer Chief Creative Officer Eliza Crater Harris did in her living room. These patterns come in a variety of colors to suit your aesthetic, including the Titania fabric seen here.

How To Decorate Plain Curtains: 14 Inventive Ways

Sheer or semi-sheer white curtains are an easy way to give your home an airy, bright look. A breezy treatment helps soften the lines indoors and outdoors, as in this space designed by David Mann.

Instead of solid colors, consider curtains with a simple abstract design. At designer Ariane Bethea in North Carolina, she included these blue and white curtains

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