Home Decor Ideas Kenya

Home Decor Ideas Kenya – I am so excited to share our Nairobi apartment rentals! I don’t usually get places done this soon (~ a month after moving), but I did a lot of planning ahead of time and with a baby on the way, I worked overtime to make sure the new house was ready. until the baby comes. Over the next few months, I’ll be featuring different rooms on the blog and showing how I made them using old furniture from our Jersey City home and some new ones, as well as how I’m rebuilding our site to match. child. I hope my process helps you think about how you can make small changes in your current place, or if you move to a new place, take the old furniture with you as you continue to make new and innovative products! Read on to find out what I think about the design of the space, what’s new and what’s old, and links to all the furniture and accessories in our Nairobi apartment.

Even though our last room was very white and very IKEA, I wanted this place to show a little more inside. While I still don’t have a specific home decor style – say farmhouse chic or mid-century modern – I’m playing with more and more. bohemian/international influences in our living room design. I started with a brown and white idea and thought about how to play with texture to show more interest than color. Since I bought a lot of stuff for the place before we moved to Kenya (and long before we even found an apartment in Nairobi), I designed what I wanted the room to look like in Canvas. I did this for all the rooms – it was interesting to see how similar (or not at all) each room compared to what I originally thought of it!

Home Decor Ideas Kenya

Home Decor Ideas Kenya

Our old living room was only big enough to fit a sectional that even stretches, so one of the most exciting things about this new space is its size. I knew I wanted to make a U-shaped couch to facilitate conversation when we had guests over, but I also wanted couches that would be sturdy enough for the kids. We bought the Sven Charme Leather sofa in this article after researching the toughest sofa fabrics for kids, and I love that it’s a natural fabric that will age nicely. We went back to the leather couch for a while because Jonathan felt something about sitting on the backs of animals, but I won the argument by threatening to never make Nigerian beef stew again?

Luxurious Home Decor Ideas

The edging leather sofas are three original pieces, IKEA Soderhamn, but divided into sofas and chairs. I can’t praise this chair enough – its modular design makes it super easy to install when renovating, and its removable covers also make it easy to get a whole new seat without dropping $1000.

My favorite place to get IKEA furniture covers is Bemz, which I used a few years ago when we renovated three pieces with blue velvet throws to add color to the space (and also because the white fabric is not denim friendly). Bemz makes custom tops and legs for Ikea furniture, so even if you don’t have a Soderhamn, if you have an Ikea chair, Bemz will make a cover for it. All of their covers are machine washable and Bemz will send you fabric swatches before you buy a cover so you can make an informed decision. Although I originally wanted a lighter lid, after receiving the sample I was torn between a burnt orange/rust lid and a dark gray lid. We finally decided to stay with the original vision and got the Soderhamn Loose Fit cover Rosendal Pure Washed Linen in Unbleached, because linen is again a natural material that is kind to our baby’s skin and the lightness of the fabric helps. make a face. A leather sofa and three rugs stand out.

Speaking of rugs, the biggest change in the living room is the bold group/geometric (whatever it’s called) rug. If you know me, you know that I love color a lot (both in home decor and fashion) and I’m not into prints. I’m really challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and get an eye-catching curtain to anchor the room as well as for myself, as it covers many of the kids’ stains more easily than a white cloth or light.

Our last coffee table is metal, glass and rectangular, the perfect combination for families with children. I knew I wanted a round coffee table and this nesting chair is the best because each one can easily transition to a double table which we chose because it is different in front of the box. I wanted a piece of furniture with long hair and the gold finish on these is subtle.

How To Arrange Your Bedsitter/studio Apartment Like A Pro

The main feature of our old living room is the wall behind the TV, which is absolutely gorgeous. This time, however, the main thing I wanted was for the books to be parallel to both sides of the sofa behind the TV. These are Ikea Billy books that used to be in my office, but we built them by adding Oxberg half glass doors. I even did a mini DIY project and added leather pulls myself (left over from my shirt work)! The box on the left shows the wedding photos and albums and the coffee books that I plan to change from time to time, while the right shows our growing books and the beautiful things we’ve written over the years. I like that the panels are only half, because the shelves under the store store/hide everything else – greeting cards, Christmas decorations, board games, etc., and they come in handy when we have unexpected guests and need to clean up quickly. I thought about a gallery wall of books for a while, but it looked messy, so I decided to display one of my favorite photos from our engagement shoot.

There is now a basket hung behind the TV, which helps to bring the interior design style of the world that I hope to achieve with the rug. The best thing about these baskets is that I don’t know where they came from (were they wedding gifts? souvenirs I bought in Kenya? flea market finds? I don’t know), but they were sold by a Maasai shop in Kenya, so it’s pure African decor in an African family. Below the TV is now our recording and I saw on Pinterest this clever use of a magazine rack to hold the plastic so I put it on the right side of the TV. If anyone knows a good place to buy vinyl in Nairobi, please let us know, we need more! Sidebar, I have to remind Jonathan (again) to get all the cables fixed – yikes!

Of course I added greenery to the room because there are no plants in the house? I searched long and hard for giant leaves in Nairobi, thinking they would be easier to find in Kenya than in America, but the ficus lyrata craze hasn’t hit the world. A large bird of paradise / banana tree plant is easier to find in Nairobi, but now I have a snake plant in the corner mostly on the balcony. I also have a jade plant on the bookshelf and a few stems in a vase on the coffee table. Maybe I’ll add more plants to the house over the months!

Home Decor Ideas Kenya

I have never stayed in a room with a balcony, so this is one of the most exciting parts of the room! I love it when we slide the door open and the wind blows through the roofs – I can’t wait to relax on the sofa with a cup of tea and the baby in my arms enjoying the light.

Contemporary Interior Design In Kenya

I think the only thing missing from this living room program is a floor lamp to go to the right of the TV, but I haven’t found the right place yet. I’m torn between incandescent and arc lights – if you have any such thoughts I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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