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Home Design Outlet – While understanding how to tell a great story is essential to any successful media campaign, it’s true that any PR manager worth their weight needs to know who to tell that story to. In today’s ever-changing media landscape of discovery, limiting media outlets, and an abundance of influencers and bloggers, this is sometimes easier said than done.

We all know the popular shelter publications like Apartment Therapy, ELLE Décor, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful or HGTV. But when it comes to showcasing and showcasing interior design products and design experts, these lifestyle websites should also be on your radar. Their followers are loyal, their content is inspiring, and your customers are sure to thank you for featuring them.

Home Design Outlet

Home Design Outlet

MyDomaine, which describes itself as “a shopping lifestyle destination inspired by the beautiful home,” is where you’ll find everything from chic product recommendations to great advice. They are aimed at the millennial woman who is looking for a stylish yet affordable approach to interior design.

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What to Offer Offer your client’s latest trends and collections to reflect trends, design advice from experts on their “How To” style features, and be sure to highlight things like whether the brand you’re working with can be sustainable. friendly (which they often emphasize in such raids).

Domino covers the latest interior design topics, curating the market and trending products that their readers can easily buy to bring a special look to life. This outlet combines commerce and content, offering both design inspiration and a shopping section right on the website. They describe themselves as “the ultimate guide to stylish living and home”.

What to offer: Are your customer’s designs already sold in the Domino.com online store? If so, offer them a Q&A to talk about your latest design collection or take a home tour to bring their style to life. Domino’s has a lot of information about the market and trends, so highlighting specific products that are new to the market and that fit a trendy style is great for this outlet.

Originally published as a bimonthly digital interior design magazine, Rue has become a daily source of inspiration. They share fun tips, interior design inspiration and a look at products to help make your space look great.

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What to promote? Promote your client’s events, discounts and latest news in the weekly We Like Links section. Highlight a new seasonal decor for your trending reviews or create a How-To concept in the Decorating section. Rue is also full of dreamy home tours, so if your client has a fantastic space to showcase their projects, be sure to submit your best photos for this column! Remember that their aesthetic is modern, bright, spacious and clean. Does your client have a stunning new collection of tableware? Place it as a tablescape for their entertainment.

We all know Coveteur is the cool girl’s destination for the latest fashion and beauty. They allow a behind-the-scenes look into the lifestyles of the world’s tastemakers and fashion elite, highlighting not only the trends themselves, but also the people who create them. Coveteur started as a website that published an inside look at tasters’ cabinets, but has grown exponentially. What you may not know is that this is a great place to introduce your design clients.

What to offer: Working with the super cool founder of a home decor brand? Chances are their wardrobe reflects their great design taste, so consider giving them a closet tour that highlights their personality and style and helps readers get to know their brand better. Did you know Coveteur launched an interiors section last year? Take a home tour with never-before-seen photos of your client’s design studio, office or home.

Home Design Outlet

Lonny focuses on providing his readers with inspiring yet accessible design advice. Their coverage ranges from design ideas to market trends. They also have a huge photo collection of absolutely beautiful houses and gardens.

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What to Offer: Offer up the latest trending styles in your client’s ideas section, highlighting their design goals and how they help the space achieve a certain look. Lonny dedicates an entire section of his website to Home Tours, so be sure to use this corner and offer your client a beautiful home space or design studio. Are you working with a design professional who is also the face of their brand? Present them as an expert and source of tips and advice for features.

With a focus on shopping, local shops, and retail, Racked highlights cool stores, the designers behind them, designer collaborations, special events, must-haves, and even reviews of the best places to shop online in various design categories.

What to offer? Is your design client based in New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles? Better yet, do they have a stand alone store or are they opening one? Then Racked is the perfect outlet for your presentation.

Oh, and when you submit this presentation, don’t forget to include your absolute best pictures! It’s no surprise that beautiful images are critical to bringing your client’s design to life in all of these outlets. Especially if you represent a brand that these editors are not yet familiar with.

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Suki is the founder of Lexington Public Relations, a brand campaigns firm based in New York and Nashville. He began his career in PR at Kenzo, where he managed the North American press for the luxury brand, part of the LVMH group. She later held public relations positions at Elizabeth Arden and Williams-Sonoma before founding Lexington Public Relations in 2010. Since then, she has led a small team of media professionals who excel at creating creative campaigns to drive brand awareness, generate real excitement and create conversations to engage customers. She has more than a decade of experience in public relations and marketing communications across multiple industries such as retail, fashion, beauty, home decor, food and lifestyle. Suki is also a member of the Forbes Agency Council, where she contributes expert articles and opinions to Forbes.com. Born in Seattle, Washington, she holds a BA from New York University, is fluent in Spanish, and currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband Eduardo and son Nico. If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you know how easy it is to get one. You’ve wasted hours scrolling through photos of dream homes looking for your next DIY project.

But if you’re tired of scrolling or just don’t have the time, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about the hottest interior design trends of 2023.

Looking to boost your home’s curb appeal this year? These exterior design trends will help you do just that.

Home Design Outlet

This year, homeowners are thinking about the message their front doors send. Whether you want to create an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming, fun and modern, or classic and timeless, updating your front door is a great way to get that message across.

Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Home Decor

Stock up on comfy seating and citronella candles, as outdoor lounges are available this year. Many homeowners are adding more living space to their property by creating relaxing and cozy outdoor areas.

Are you ready to take your bathroom to the next level? Bathroom trends for 2023 mostly focus on creating a spa.

Soak your heart out in the large freestanding tub. Freestanding bathtubs make a great bathroom focal point and give the space a unique contemporary feel.

These tubs come in a variety of styles and materials, so you’re sure to find one that fits your aesthetic and budget.

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Add more light to your bathroom by adding a large, stylish mirror. Because mirrors reflect a lot of light, they can make your bathroom look bright, fresh and spacious.

Use natural materials such as wood, stone and ceramics for an organic Zen feel. Wood is popular for vanities and cabinets, while stones such as marble or granite are better suited for countertops, cladding and flooring. Of course, ceramics are perfect for all your bathroom needs.

An easy way to update your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Make sure all your colors match these color-based interior design trends.

Home Design Outlet

Neutral tones have ruled the living room colors for years. But finally, homeowners are once again using bold and dark colors in the living room. Bright colors add whimsy, visual interest and personality to your home.

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Light and bright accents are perfect for the bright and bold colors that are currently dominating home design trends. Light colors – including the ever-trendy pastels – create a sense of balance and add energy to a room.

If bright colors aren’t your thing, create a more relaxed and organic atmosphere in your home with rich, earthy tones. Popular colors include shades of brown, pink, green and brown.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Therefore, it is important to balance style and functionality in this high-traffic area. Fortunately, these kitchen home design trends are designed for just that.

You might think that the same finish for all hardware and appliances creates a cohesive look. But it often is

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