Free Background Images For Zoom Meetings

Free Background Images For Zoom Meetings – Who is using ZOOM for meetings?? We mean it! All are visible This is the state of the world now, so we might as well accept it I encourage my team to become virtual experts so we can run our business smoothly without failure. Zoom also works well for connecting with friends I recently had a wine night with my friends and it was a lot of fun

So, I know I said ten tips in the title, but I’m actually going to give you eleven My number one tip is…. (Drumroll, please)…. Use a virtual background! They are so much fun and you don’t have to worry about the room you are working on getting cleaned

Free Background Images For Zoom Meetings

Free Background Images For Zoom Meetings

As a free gift to my blog readers, I’m including several complimentary Zoom backgrounds that you can download and use! Using this background is easy, just follow these simple instructions

These Travel Inspired Zoom Backgrounds Will Make It Look Like You’re Working From Paradise

Feel free to use any of the backgrounds below for your Zoom meeting Please note that this background works best on a computer We’ll have another post with the version for your phone coming soon!

1. Make sure everyone coming to the meeting knows they need to download Zoom first Let them test their equipment (video/mic) before the meeting

2. Use the biggest possible screen for your meeting You went from a desktop or laptop to a phone or iPad

3. This is a big one… the mute button is your friend! Remember to be silent until people speak No need for extra words

Zoom Background Images

5. If you have a lot of people in it, use the “raise your hand” option. This is very useful

6. Just rolled out of bed and no makeup? You can improve your appearance in the video settings Just click on “

They’ll add a filter to your video to smooth out a few wrinkles and enhance the lighting… how great is that? Also, if you really don’t want to be on camera you can show your profile picture with audio instead of just live video.

Free Background Images For Zoom Meetings

7. Have a moderator who checks that everyone has had a chance to speak before moving from one point to another or from one item to another. Some people’s internet connection may mean that they need to be audio only and otherwise they will talk without necessarily carefully controlling it.

Photos: The 42 Most Realistic Zoom And Teams Virtual Backgrounds For Business Meetings

8. The free version of Zoom has a waiting limit of 40 minutes if there are 3 or more attending Plan your meetings accordingly

9. Turn off your notifications! There is a great app called Muzzle that will do this for you

10. The recommendation is to start the meeting at an outside time such as 4:14 or 8:47 so as not to overload the system.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and have fun using virtual backgrounds! Happy zoom-ing! Ask to download free virtual backgrounds below!

Beautiful Backgrounds For Your Real Estate Zoom Meetings

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