Front Glass Door Designs For Home

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Glass front doors are controversial and many people are concerned about privacy and security, but we see them everywhere. They are very popular in contemporary homes and this is mostly about looks. Glass front doors certainly have a lot of style and add to the homes appeal. They look very clean and simple which is perfect for many modern and contemporary homes. Glass doors also allow natural light in and this is an important benefit to consider. However, they don’t offer much privacy and aren’t very secure, so it takes a very specific set of circumstances to make this really work.

Front Glass Door Designs For Home

Front Glass Door Designs For Home

The first house with a glass door on our list was designed by the studio Feldman Architecture and is located in Palo Alto, California. In reality there is more than one glass front door. Its entire entrance area is framed by glass, allowing a clear view through and towards the rear garden. The door itself has this beautiful ombre effect, being clear at the bottom and frosted at the top.

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A large swinging glass front door lets tons of natural sunlight into this Venice, California home. The house was designed by FINNE Architects and is located on a long, narrow lot. With these limitations in mind, the architects decided that large windows and glass doors were necessary to bring as much natural light into the interior spaces as possible.

The glass front door arrangement of this Austin, Texas home gives the building a lot of curb appeal. At the same time, it gives the entrance a very bright and attractive look and makes the transition between and outside much smoother than a solid wooden door for example. This was a project by the James D LaRue Architecture Design studio.

The revolving glass door marks the entrance to this family home in Austin, Texas in a unique and highly effective way. The door is made of glass, but its walls are covered with dark wood. This creates a sense of privacy and intimacy. The house was a project developed by Matt Fajkus Architecture studio.

One of the main goals of the architects at Specht Harpman in this case was to make this house feel like a pavilion floating high in the tree canopy. Glass front doors and full height windows add to this creating a strong relationship between the indoor and outdoor areas.

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This house has the largest revolving doors in the world. They weigh 2 tons each and the glass alone covers three quarters of the total weight. They are 2 meters wide and 6 meters high and spread over two floors. Architects Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens from Studio Sculp [IT] completed this amazing project.

This entire beach house is almost exclusively framed in glass, so it’s no surprise that even the front door is made of glass. This is the 360 ​​House located on the Oregon Coast, and as the name suggests, views play a very important role in its design. This unique holiday home is a project completed by Boora Architects studio.

Located in Dallas, United States of America, this house was designed by studio Bodron+Fruit for a couple who wanted to bring their art collection. Of course, this meant a lot of natural light was needed, hence the large windows and this large glass front door that acts as a frame for the modern sculpture displayed in the background, behind it.

Front Glass Door Designs For Home

You can barely make out the actual front door inside this all-glass entry area designed by Luis Longhi of Longhi Architects. This is a house consisting of three separate volumes with open spaces between them. The glass entrance is one of the transition areas. It brings in lots of natural light and flows between volumes nicely and smoothly.

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This house also has a glass front door but this does not infringe on its privacy. There is a privacy wall framing the entrance which solves the issue in a very beautiful and practical way. The house was designed by Three14 Architects and is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

The entrance to this residence looks magical. it has a beautiful curved wall that continues seamlessly outside, light gray tiled floors and a glass front door with glass panels on each side. The residence was designed by studio Matt Gibson Architecture and is located in Melbourne.

Lack of privacy is not a problem for this workshop created by LCGA Design in Taipei. In fact the studio has relied on it when they have a space with a glass door and glass walls. At night, the workshop lights up in contrast to the dark spaces around it, like a performance stage. It really is a very special space. Glass Doors Gallery Glass front doors are timeless classics and minimalist. Great views and natural light combine the interior and exterior of the home. Unique designs make glass roll-up doors a versatile and memorable statement for the home. Watch our video and explore our glass roll-up front door photo gallery below.

It is a material like any other glass. It represents transition, potential and openness. The defining feature of glass is that it provides a variable view. Experience the transition from day to night, loved ones come and go and the seasons change. Glass draws attention to itself and through itself.

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Minimal metal is used to allow the glass to work its magic. Our ultra-slim door frame makes large glass panes possible. Such a thin door frame allows the metal to disappear, leaving great views unobstructed.

The full view entry door is one of our most popular glass roll up door designs. Although this design is minimalist, it benefits from the use of large windows for maximum visibility. Different types of glass create different unique effects. Modern steel doors offer several glass options. Our glass finishes include clear low E, painted and frosted glass. Learn more about our different glass options. Just click on the “Glass” tab below.

Another way to achieve the unique benefits of glass in any front door design is to use door lights and side lights. These options bring visibility and natural light without glass being the primary door material. In addition, the side lights create the illusion of a larger and brighter entrance.

Front Glass Door Designs For Home

Glass shows that less is more. This simple yet powerful material adds an intangible element to any entry. Unlike any other material, the image revealed by glass is variable and ever-changing. Glass unites the interior and exterior aspects of the house. View all models of sliding glass entry doors. Just click on the “Glass” tab below.

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