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Home Car Parking Design Architecture

Home Car Parking Design Architecture

We choose the hot material, which is not easy to rust, such as the structure of the metal car park, with high-zinc epoxy paint, long anti-corrosion period, lacquer roof used for dressing up, and spraying the effect is good. After processing and producing the raw material packaging building in the factory, the temporary roof structures are installed by welding and painting at the construction site. Installing the material is the last step and the material is installed and fixed.

Car Parking With Gl Sheets / Polycarbonate / Upvc / Shingles / Puf Panels / Pergola With Glass

We chose a PTFE coated fabric as the coating. PTFE membrane has the advantages of long service life and good self-cleaning, and can be washed clean with rain water. During the day, the PTFE layer can isolate strong UV rays, providing sufficient protection for vehicles.

Includes: BIM (building information modeling) model design, load finding and analysis, integrated building design, composite energy analysis, shear membrane analysis, construction methodology, tunnel modeling digital air.

There are many fabrics (PVC, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE) on the market, from all over the world, with different characteristics and prices, different methods of welding or joining. We will make the best choice based on the design of the structure, the project area and the budget of our client.

The drag structure is made of structural steel parts that are welded and painted in our factory.

Single Storied Residence With 2 Car Park Facility

Determination of paint thickness, ultrasonic testing, gravity testing, high torque testing, cable prestressing, rust removal,

Cable fittings and hardware are procured from reliable and certified industry suppliers as per international quality standards.

We will provide an on-site installation service. Our project manager will work with the client to coordinate the installation of the structure on site. Including the installation of the steel structure, raising the membrane and measuring the tension. If you choose automatic installation, we will send you detailed instructions to make it easy to install.

Home Car Parking Design Architecture

Because we only use the highest quality membrane materials and steel frames, cables and components. You can be sure that your new traction structure is built to last. In addition, the tensile structure does not require much maintenance and we offer a warranty of up to 35 years. Simona is an interior designer and decorator for. Since 2011, he has been writing about interior design, DIY solutions and the latest trends in home architecture.

Work Office Car Park Parking Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Every room in the house has a purpose, a function that makes it different from the rest. Some are mandatory, while others are optional and often less important. A car garage is a special case. Often overlooked and a tool that doesn’t require much interior design or aesthetic appeal, it can be an unexpected focal point if done right. The following examples will show you how to take your car garage to a new level of smart design.

Located in Weinheim, Germany, this family home has a design that reflects the spatial division of the interior space. The facade facing the street is relatively compact and closed, with the aim of providing privacy. This allows the garage to blend seamlessly and naturally into the basement. The house was designed by ArchitektenWannenmacher + MöellerGmbH.

In 2014, architect Paul Bernier redesigned the Esterel residence and gave it a completely new look. The new design is minimalistic with a subtle graphic appearance. The garage is located in the backyard, hidden from view and seamlessly connected to other areas. It is completely covered in wood, it has no openings and the best place at the end.

This home in Vancouver was originally built in the 1980s and has recently been renovated… into a modern home with a new interior design and many updated features. In addition to the new distribution of spaces inside the house, D’Arcy Jones Architecture also gave the house a beautiful car garage with an open garage extension.

Ideas For Car Parking Spaces In Homes

When designing the M4 house in Japan’s Higashisonogi district, the Architect Show team made sure to take full advantage. They gave the house a lot of space and great privacy throughout. The garage is designed without bails or bars… it completes the house and accommodates cars and bikes, with no boundaries between them.

The house can be simple without being monotonous or like every house around it. Take this house for example, located in Sydney, Australia and designed by Choi Ropiha Figueroa. It is not visible from the street, according to the housing plan in this area. However, despite the simplicity of the garage and driveway, it has a lot of personality.

When this beautiful home was built in Cape Town, South Africa, the client was looking for a vacation home that would eventually become a great place to retire. It had to be modern and offer an ocean view, all on a tight budget. The team at Gavin Maddock Design Studio have created a very clean design that contrasts well with the environment. A rich wooden garage module is particularly satisfying because it complements the white lines of the entire house.

Home Car Parking Design Architecture

This is a wonderful example of a home that stands out because of the beautiful and sophisticated contrast between the garage door and the rest of the building. In this regard, the design by Mark Brand Architecture is also impressive with attention to detail. The garage door is made of wood and has five thin horizontal windows

Dome Residential Tensile Car Parking Structure Designing Service, Polished

Instead of matching the garage with the rest of the front of the house, architect Christopher Simmonds gave the apartment a unique look, painting the first floor white, while the upper part is covered in colored wood, such as a garage. The dynamics are very interesting.

Sometimes failures can lead to new and creative ideas and new and unique ways of solving problems. Such was the case with this house, built on a high-rise in Vancouver, Canada. The house was built into a hillside, and since there were building restrictions, the architects had to be innovative and build a series of cantilever spaces with inaccessible ground beneath them. The Garage was one of those books that had to sit down.

Lantern House is a residential building designed by Feldman Architecture and located in Palo Alto, California. The facade facing the street is very closed compared to the back of the house. The garage includes a large section and is covered with panels that match the main section of the house, which accommodates a circulation area. The rest of the facade is white.

When the facade of the house is made not as a whole, but as a combination of different materials, colors and sizes, there is an interesting and interesting energy between all these elements. This Texas home was designed by Michael Hsu Architecture Office, and we love the way the garage connects to the entryway and the side wall.

Car Parking Shed Anand Awning Industries, M 08048033705, Pune

Although it is a very large and luxurious building, this house from Simbali, South Africa has a truly Zen beauty and looks very light, open and airy. Metropolis Architects completed its design in 2011, giving it a multi-functional outdoor space with room. and its floor, shell-clad exterior walls, tiled roof and a spacious garage with a beautiful wooden door.

Northface House is a modern house located in Rogaland, Norway. It was designed by Element Arkitekter AS and has an amazing feel. The main part of the house is below the street, while the garage is set back from the main building and has easy access to the road.

When you approach this house designed by Anonymous Architects, the first thing you see is the garage. The rest of the house sits on a hill, following a steep slope and facing the valley. This apartment is in the heart of LA.

Home Car Parking Design Architecture

Squeezed between two existing buildings, Shaft House may be small, but it doesn’t stop there.

Design Deconstruct: An Individualistic Expression

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