Home Decor Ideas.with Pine Cones

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If you’re the do-it-yourself kind of person, this pine tree craft will make your heart skip a beat. Of course they are cute and smart. But the best part is that you can go out with your kids and forage for them before you start collecting them. This is the perfect fall activity! (Or you can buy it at the store… we won’t tell. 😂)

Home Decor Ideas.with Pine Cones

Home Decor Ideas.with Pine Cones

In addition, the finished products are excellent DIY mirror decorations. For example, check out the beautiful pine owls and turkeys to add small touches to the home. Alternatively, try large pine topiaries or DIY autumn wreaths for an eye-catching display in any room. There are also a few ideas that double as winter decorations, such as snow cones or mini trees decorated with bells.

Of The Most Gorgeous Pine Cone Crafts To Make This Christmas

There are even a few crafts that just don’t look pretty. Pine cone fire starters are a super creative way to start a fire in your outdoor pit, and bird feeders alone will delight your feathered friends. Who knew you could do so much with a regular pine cone!?

Let the children put a layer of different colored sand at the bottom of the glass jar. Next, collect autumn items like feathers, leaves and pine cones and replenish them.

These felt pine owls are so cute. They look like they’re going to fly off at any moment!

Attract birds to your yard with these cute DIY feeders. When you’re done, grab a cup of coffee and watch your bird friends arrive.

Pine Cone Crafts For Kids: 25 Of The Cutest Ideas

Elevate your front porch by making this beautiful pine cone topiary. Looks perfect for fall and winter!

This idea reuses wine corks and pine cones while adding a touch of elegance to your table or place setting.

Stick to the basics with this beautiful wreath made from a bunch of pine cones. They can be bought in the store.

Home Decor Ideas.with Pine Cones

Looking for a door decoration that isn’t the usual wreath? A simple pine cone wall made of sticks and twine will do just fine.

Simple Pine Cone Centerpiece

Fill a basket with these DIY bleached pine cones. They make great neutral coffee or dining table decorations.

Here’s a craft that doubles as an easy DIY gift idea. Combine pine cones and dried herbs and spices for a homemade potpourri.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time creating beautiful fall centerpieces. For an easy, eye-catching display, place cones and flameless candles on lanterns.

You can never have too many fall wreaths. It is made of acorns and pine cones and has a simple but amazing look.

Simple Woodland And Pine Cone Christmas Table Setting

Here’s a great craft idea for your kids! They like to glue the eyes, nose and fur.

A dusting of fake snow, greenery, and a shaken box combine to keep you going from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Although intended for New Year’s Eve, this adorable DIY Kissing Balloon can be a table centerpiece or seasonal wall art throughout the holiday season.

Home Decor Ideas.with Pine Cones

Arrange blue, pink, orange, yellow and white cones for a simple wreath. It adds up to a lot!

How To Make Diy Scented Pinecones

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Although I dismantled most of the Vintage Lodge inspired Christmas porch decorations, you’ll notice that I kept the tub ‘0 foliage and birch logs and added some large pine cones to the tub (wood tub nose with galvanized deer head).

Pinecone Flowers Craft

Then I swapped the Upcycled Plaid Christmas Door Ilgger (a vintage thermos holder) for this simple but classic pinecone wreath. I bought it in the after Christmas sale to carry the front door through the winter.

If you think about it, pines are a natural for both the interior and exterior of your winter home:

You can pick up a bag of scented pine cones at craft stores in post-Christmas sales. I try to buy a bag a year and add to previous years so I always have cones.

Home Decor Ideas.with Pine Cones

BTW, am I the only one who covered my nose when I walked into Michaels in November? The pine trees outside the door smell strongly of cinnamon.

Creative Fall Pinecone Decorations You’ll Love

But by the time I buy them in the post-Christmas sales, they’re less appealing. The smell is mostly gone.

And tossing pine boughs with cones in a galvanized bucket is a super quick and easy way to get that cozy winter feeling without screaming, “I forgot to take down my Christmas decor.”

I’m going to replace the red thermoses with the blue ones on the other hand, because they look like a little lumberjack to me in this picture.

That olive bucket FULL of pine nuts? Not much. I filled the grocery bags to the bottom, about four inches deep with cones.

Simple White Pinecone Decor Ideas

How to Make Pine Cones – Leo and Jane have a wonderful way to turn pine cones into colorful flowers at the Crossroads at the Cottage

How to Bleach Pines – Stephanie at Garden Therapy has a tutorial on giving your pines a softer, softer look for home decor.

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Home Decor Ideas.with Pine Cones

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Cedar Lake Pine Drop

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While white can sometimes feel cold, in my house it really brightens and brightens our surroundings. I have a lot of browns and wood tones in the furniture and flooring (which I love), but without anything to contrast, all these browns can seem a bit heavy and dark. Dark can work great in many homes, but I generally like contrasts – whether in color or style. And the white, as well as the white tone and creams, really add the interest I’m craving.

Spray painted in various shades of white and cream. The differences are subtle but vary depending on how white or creamy I want them to look. Anyway I’ll link to the product I used so you can do a little more research.

Diy Ideas For Simple Christmas Decorating — Simple Home

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I love the DIY pine bowl decor that I recently featured with the buffet table. It is simple and casual and fits perfectly in this autumn vignette.

Here I made a simple swap by replacing the little wooden bird with this pine. It’s a simple but effective little finisher

Home Decor Ideas.with Pine Cones

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