Home Design Tv Shows Uk

Home Design Tv Shows Uk – Two architects compete to renovate a house in Scotland using virtual reality. But which of the two radical new designs will be built in real life?

Imagine walking into your home, but suddenly it’s beyond your wildest dreams, without ever opening a can of paint or lifting a single brick. Angela Scanlon offers a range of creations that no one else has. A virtual reality and visual effects show for UK TV first lets people see the future of their home before they build it.

Home Design Tv Shows Uk

Home Design Tv Shows Uk

Such plans have never been realized: people can quickly learn about the amazing transformation of the bedroom, walk around the amazing high-rise kitchen, or add a large window and turn the hall into an exhibition. In each episode, the family is represented by two amazing architects with two different backgrounds. What ambitious renovations will they make to create their perfect home?

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Andy, 34, and Esther, 32, have been living in a three-bedroom flat in Stirling, Scotland, for four years. With beautiful views of the river and the castle, the couple love their place, but with three young children, their house is short and no longer works for family life.

Andy and Esther know the house needs to change, but they don’t know what to do. Esther wants to keep the space separate, but Andy thinks they should open up the entire downstairs. They can spread the garden, but they do not know that this is the best way. The couple don’t know how to spend the £55,000, so they hand the reins over to two rival architects – Laura Jane Clarke and Robert Jamieson.

They go to renovate Andy and Esther’s house. Lora’s specialty is its interior architecture. Inspired by the way people live in different parts of the world, Robert is not afraid to think about a place that defies convention.

In the design studio, Robert and Laura put together their bold ideas to completely transform Andy and Esther’s home in virtual reality. The moment the couple put on their VR goggles, they are transported to the home they have struggled to build for so long. Then suddenly the walls start to move, the ceilings rise and light pours in. Andy and Esther are shocked as each of the architect’s visions is revealed.

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Each vein’s different design fits the brief in a different way – they are attracted to Laura’s practice but are impressed by Robert’s creativity. Now they are faced with a tough decision – which one to build?

As we near the end of the episode, the final and most important revelation is to come. After the extraordinary “digital” show, it’s time to see what was built in real life. Angela and the chosen architect arrive at a semi-detached house that has never been described, but what do they get into! The real world can challenge everything seen in virtual reality while also achieving the ultimate goal of bringing Andy and Esther together. Consider building your own home.

Channel 4’s Big Plans, presented by Kevin McCloud, follows those on the road to realizing their dream of building their own home, with Kevin on hand to offer his wise advice and reassurance, knowing all the pitfalls of self-builders. caution

Home Design Tv Shows Uk

The most common self-made mistake is being unrealistic. Kevin explained that while it takes a lot of confidence and trust to take on a project as big as building a house, there also needs to be an element of practicality and an understanding of the many obstacles that come along the way.

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“Among the people we shoot, I think the most common mistake is human nature and overconfidence,” Kevin said. “Those who doubt themselves are very nervous about the idea of ​​starting such a project. And those who do are usually very powerful people.

“Most of the people we shoot have a high level of self-confidence, so they come first. It brings with it the confidence I hear time and time again, which is, “This project will be on time and on budget.” And my response was, “I’ve never seen a project do that.”

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EYNTK Brings Back The Perfect Home Series 4 The Italian Work of Amanda and Alan Chelsea Flower Show 2023: Interior Design Masters Week 4 Tuesday (April 16).

Presented by Angela Scanlon, the property series and the creation of ‘foundation’ sees innovative architects Laura Jane Clarke and Robert Jamieson transform ordinary homes into extraordinary homes.

And at that time we were very happy with the new format of television. At the time, BBC controller Patrick Holland said the show “promises to be the next great BBC property series”. But is it?

Home Design Tv Shows Uk

We’ve seen the first episode before it airs (Tuesday 16 April, BBC Two) and we can assure you that you’re going to love it. With modern virtual reality (VR) and visual effects, homeowners can “try before they buy” their imagined new home. Trust us, it’s a game changer.

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In each episode, a couple disagrees about the best design for their home. Architects Laura and Robert are given competing briefs, each proposing a different design, but both work within the home owners’ budget. The couple can then “step into” their home and explore Robert and Laura’s designs using state-of-the-art VR technology. They will see the transformation of their home before their eyes. After studying the two plans, the couple chooses a design and then begins construction to make it happen.

First, Andy, 34, and Esther, 32, have been living in their three-bedroom home in Stirling, Scotland for four years. They wake up every morning to beautiful views of the river and the castle, but with three young children their home is too short and no longer functional for family life. They also hold many social gatherings in their homes and find that space is very limited.

But while Esther wants to keep her own space, Andy wants to go open plan. With a budget of $55,000, they give control to two competing architects, Laura and Robert.

Of course, there’s a friendly and healthy rivalry between Laura and Robert, who both stand out when it comes to decorating Andy and Esther’s house. Laura’s specialty is interior architecture, while Robert, inspired by the lifestyles of people around the world, is not afraid to envision a space that defies convention.

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

Now, as we said, it’s unusual because technology will play a big role in it. In fact, it’s an integral part of the show, and in the design studio, we see Andy and Esther don VR goggles and “step” into Robert and Laura’s re-imagined home to explore their designs using state-of-the-art VR technology.

Photorealistic visual effects are very important, and before we move the walls, the ceilings rise and the light shines into their eyes. As viewers, we also look at how to transform our current home in the smartest way possible.

Expect lots of “wows,” “hoos,” and surprises as Andy and Esther marvel at each architect’s design proposals, admitting they could never have imagined anything like this.

Home Design Tv Shows Uk

But there is a big decision, because couples have to decide which plan to choose and make themselves. “Can we be both?” they ask when they are struggling to make a decision. Will practice or creativity win them out?

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Once they make a decision, the construction begins and at the end we see the big reveal. After four and a half months, it is the same house again, but it is a new house and it changes life.

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Peek inside Jay Blades and Laura Jackson’s 2023 Scotland home for sale in the new Ch4 showroom of Grand Designs Lighthouse.


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