Home Inventory App For Mac

Home Inventory App For Mac – Keep your inventory synced across Mac, iPhone, and iPad with iCloud so it’s available when you need it. Under My Roof requires iOS 14 (iPad and iPhone) and/or macOS 11 Big Sur (Mac).

From purchase and warranty information to photos and receipts to descriptions and serial numbers, you can store all the important information about your property.

Home Inventory App For Mac

Home Inventory App For Mac

Under My Roof also stores important information about your home, such as appraisal history, warranty information, square footage (area), photos, and more.

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Attach important documents such as owner’s manuals, mortgage/lease agreements and receipts. You can even use your iPhone or iPad’s built-in camera to scan documents directly into Under My Roof.

Keep records of repairs or changes you make to your home and property. Save contractor information, pricing, before and after photos and receipts. You can even track individual parts and supplies.

Create maintenance schedules for your home and the items that need them. You can also track the maintenance and repair history of your home and property.

Under My Roof is a collector’s item with changing prices, photos, bills, notes and other important information.

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Enter your insurance policy and coverage information and Under My Roof will let you know if you have the correct insurance. You can even bring regional increases for specific products, support deductions based on regional categories, and maximum values ​​for individual products. If you ever need to make an insurance claim, Under My Roof can keep a record of all information related to the process, including claim details and costs. And not just for property claims, you can also store insurance and claim information for health, auto and other types of insurance.

Your inventory is private. We (binaries) do not have access to your inventory. It only stays on your devices and, if you choose to use sync, in your iCloud account. You can share your storage with family members and others through iCloud sharing if you want, but you decide who you share with. your inventory and their access rights.

Under My Roof is a subscription-based app available for $24.99 per year (USD) or $3.99 per month (USD) with a one-week free trial. A subscription covers any iPhone, Mac and iPad using your Apple ID. The same subscription also covers devices belonging to family members who have an Apple ID and are connected through Family Sharing. You can cancel your order at any time. If you cancel your order, you can still view your existing inventory information. You will not be charged if you cancel during the free trial period. Click this link to learn more about canceling App Store and Mac App Store subscriptions. Under My Roof for iPhone and iPad requires iOS 14 or later. Under My Roof on Mac requires an Apple Silicon (M1 or later) or Intel-based Mac running macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later.

Home Inventory App For Mac

Click here to download the Under My Roof user guide. Click here for Under My Roof training videos. Click here to view frequently asked questions under the roof. Click here to support email. Blue Plum Home Inventory helps you make and maintain a home inventory of the properties you own. It allows you to organize your items into groups, rooms, locations and/or assign one or more tags to each. It helps you add photos, videos, invoices, manuals, contracts and other documents related to your products.

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Why keep a home depot? Severe weather is on the rise across the country, making it even more important to make sure your property and contents are properly insured. If your home is damaged or destroyed, it is important that you are insured for the correct replacement cost. The home market serves many purposes. You provide documentation of your property to the insurance company if your home is broken into or damaged; it helps you keep things that need maintenance or repair; and (as a bonus) it can help you clean up and maintain the fireplace.

If you use Apple’s iCloudPhotos, you can access all your iPhone and iPad photos directly from the Mac app without a separate iOS app.

A free iOS app that lets you easily take snapshots. Take your inventory photos and transfer them to the main app on your Mac when your iPhone or iPad is back on the same WiFi network. To learn more about the “Ease of Land Entry” application, click here.

Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to scan a document or take a photo of an item nearby and instantly transfer it to your home inventory app. (The Advanced Camera feature requires MacOS Mojave and iOS devices running iOS 12.).

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IOS app – take inventory photos and upload them to the Mac app. Note: The iOS app is now obsolete, as Apple’s iCloud Photos app lets you access all your iOS photos directly from the main Home Inventory app.

Image / Document Browser – Find and select stock photos / documents from multiple sources. iPhoto, photos, file system, camera, photo booth.

Events, journals, recommendations and much more, … We listen to your suggestions. New features are added regularly. If you need a feature that you think is missing from the app, please email us or submit a support request.

Home Inventory App For Mac

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