Home Lighting Design App

Home Lighting Design App – Lighting design plays a central role in modern interior design. The right lighting can completely change the atmosphere of an area and create a unique and cozy experience. With the advent of specialized equipment, it has never been easier to design lighting in your home.

Previously, modeling software such as 3ds Max, Lumion, Autodesk Viz and BIM programs such as Archicad and Revit provided the ability to simulate the light distribution of luminaires, but they were not sufficient tools for in-depth quality investigation. and the amount of light. However, in recent years, special software has been developed that allows professional fire calculations.

Home Lighting Design App

Home Lighting Design App

Dialux and Evo stand out as the most commonly used software in the Windows environment. Dialux is completely free, while Evo comes with a paid professional extension. Both provide reliable calculations and good architectural design, which is why they are commonly used in Europe by professionals in the sector, such as architects and electrical designers.

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A key feature of Dialux and Evo is the ability to combine accurate calculations with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. These programs allow the installation of additional modules from luminaire manufacturers, simplifying the search for photometric files and the comparison of different products. They also support popular file types like .ies and .ldt and offer the ability to import 3D models in 3ds format.

The environment model is 360 degrees, so you can simulate both interior and exterior projects, including completed buildings or urban areas. Synchronization devices such as Pov-Ray for Dialux and Vision for Evo offer radio or ray tracing analysis for real-time light distribution.

Dialux and Evo are perfectly compatible with CAD systems and in the latest versions can interact directly with BIM modeling software. This combination makes it possible to integrate the obtained results into integrated design models, providing a guarantee of works and cooperation between professionals in the field.

If you use operating systems other than Windows, such as Mac or Linux, there are other methods. You can use virtual machines like WM Ware Fusion, Parallels or Virtual BOX to run Dialux and Evo. Alternatively, there are other fire simulation software that run on different operating systems.

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Radiance is a free lighting simulation software available for Mac and Linux. Calculate values ​​such as luminance, brightness and brightness indicators. Simulation results can be viewed as color charts, numerical values, and graphs.

DMX is free software that offers a variety of features for modeling live performance and architectural lighting. You can use DMX to create detailed and realistic lighting designs.

Genelux is a web-based fire simulation software available on all operating systems. It offers advanced design and fire analysis features, but it comes at a cost.

Home Lighting Design App

Using lighting design materials, you can create the perfect atmosphere in your home. Take advantage of software like Dialux and Evo to create professional lighting projects that take into account the quantity and quality of light. Using these materials, you can turn your home into a cozy and atmospheric space.

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If you are looking for modern lamps and quality lighting solutions, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the Light on online catalog. Here you will find a large selection of products including:

– Illuminated wooden counters: Create a unique atmosphere in your wooden spaces with illuminated counters that add class and originality.

– Fire bowls: Add a magical touch to your garden or living room with fire bowls that create sparkling light effects.

– Electronic seats: make evenings outside even more enjoyable with an electronic seat that combines functionality and attractive design.

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– Lighting tables: Add sparkle to your dinner parties and special events with lighting tables that create a unique atmosphere.

– Electronic furniture: discover electronic furniture that combines functionality and beauty, transforming spaces into unique and fascinating spaces.

– Electronic sculptures and columns: Add sophistication and originality with electronic sculptures and columns that become real works of art.

Home Lighting Design App

Browse the online lighting catalog and let yourself be inspired by powerful lighting solutions to create unique and exciting environments.

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Advertising cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant advertising and marketing campaigns. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to deliver customized ads. BOSS Lighting’s philosophy is simple: we believe in using technology to help outdoor living professionals increase profits, efficiency and value. How? The LB 2.0 design and marketing tool allows you to create digital renderings and plans in minutes instead of hours, all while on-site. This creates a more interactive experience for the prospect and increases the closing rate. The drawing also creates an installation and maintenance plan that allows for efficient maintenance throughout the life of the system. This not only increases personal efficiency, but also adds value to the company when the time comes to pass the baton.

BOSS Fire is an advanced web application, so it can be used on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.) anywhere with a stable internet connection. Start the project while on site or have your client’s photos uploaded to the system before they arrive!

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Although the new LB 2.0 “Electric Cones” are built on ground-level images, any type of image, document or plan can be converted to JPEG and used as an anchor canvas. A CAD drawing, drone image, satellite photo, sketch, or a combination can be the canvas of choice depending on the project!

The process is literally as simple as dragging and dropping CAD-style symbols onto the image. Use it as an opportunity to communicate with your client and create a dream together with them.

LB 2.0 automatically tracks all installed devices and creates a real-time estimate for the project. You can also clone and engineer to create better-better-better options. Share personally to increase your closing rate!

Home Lighting Design App

Just as important as the sales receipt, documenting the installation schedule and future service calls. In LB 2.0, we created a PDF Workorder so these teams can see detailed information about fixtures, transformers, and wire locations!

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Buy inventory by job??? We create a Purchase Order with all the information you can send to your product supplier. This will not only save you money, but you will also know the exact cost of the project when planning! As we know, electricity is very important to our world! We need to see things around us. We and all objects reflect light, which allows us to see most other objects as well.

Lighting is an important part of interior design. Without proper lighting, shadows and reflections, any interior design looks boring. In addition, knowing in advance how much light enters the room, you can choose the best color scheme. For example, there are many tricks to make a room bright by choosing the right color of interior and decorations.

It’s no surprise that Live Home 3D pays a lot of attention to lighting features. A wide selection allows you to achieve maximum reality. Read this article to learn what lighting options are available in home design software for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows devices.

The first thing to know is that you can choose the exact location of your home. When you select coordinates, a specific city or location on the map, Live Home 3D will show you how realistically the sun shines at that latitude and longitude.

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Even the stars you see in the sky at night are the real stars you see at your place in reality! Live Home 3D uses a map of the 9,110 brightest stars visible to the naked eye. Isn’t it amazing?!

Determine where north is by setting true north on the compass on the surveyor’s board to match the true location of your home or apartment. This will allow you to see real natural lighting conditions. If you are still planning a house, you can choose the most suitable place for specific rooms.

How do you like it? You can inspect your apartment or house at any time of the day and see how it will look in the future. In this way, the best color gamut can be planned. For example, you can make the room brighter by following practical tips

Home Lighting Design App

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