Interior Design Ideas Victorian Terrace

Interior Design Ideas Victorian Terrace – Awesome on . . . by Kate Watson-Smyth February 18, 2022 AD

Back to the UK this week and yes, it’s a narrow period terrace house (a lot of it) but it’s also full of lovely tonal colors and while regular readers will know I don’t enforce (so many) rules of decoration and I’m a firm believer that everyone should know the tools to be able to find their own style, I’m a big (huge) fan of tonal color combinations as, in my opinion, they allow you to work with ‘rich saturated color but in a calming and relaxing way.

Interior Design Ideas Victorian Terrace

Interior Design Ideas Victorian Terrace

Come in and see what I mean…. This is a five bedroom, four bathroom terrace in Brixton, South London, and it’s on the market with Inigo for £1,500,000. But, as usual, we are not here to discuss London house prices, this is strictly about decoration.

Victorian Terrace London

This beautiful entrance is a prime example. In all my books and online course I always talk about the importance of room. It is the first place you see – whether you, when you come home or visitors. It sets the mood and yet is often a low painted and cluttered space that doesn’t say ‘Welcome’ but rather ‘Oh no again’.

This, in common with most city terraces, is narrow, so the owners have ensured that coats and shoes are stored elsewhere – perhaps under the stairs in the toilet/cloakroom. They kept (or changed) the original Minton tiles and I know from my interior design consultancy that these can be difficult because many of you don’t like the colour. But there are options, and if you go tonic, those options increase. from a very soft terracotta – you can take it to a warm cream with a red ocher base – to a dark red, navy or, as was done here, the lighter blue comes out.

And what works well is that this color was used on the sides of the stairs and the banners, as well as in the lower half of the wall and the wood and the doors. It makes a statement, but it is not half a sentence without a verb, as is often the case when dark colors are used. Choose it, just do it with conviction instead of trying a little and panicking.

It should be a color that you want to drink in with your eyes and then be happy to see it up the stairs and through the house. For me this shade is not blue, but it could be one of the terracottas. And, for another take on the same idea, you can use, say, a darker rust or navy, on the ground floor and stairs, and then make it lighter floor by floor. This is the very definition of tonal decoration – it’s the same color, but it gets lighter as you move through the house. If you were methodical about it (and kept a note), you could buy a big box of dark paint and mix some of it – in a separate pot – with some white. Just be sure to note – ground floor 100 percent, first floor add two cups of white for every 1 liter, second floor four cups and so on.

Renovating A Victorian House: 10 Top Tips

And if the tiles are not really for you, you can always replace them, but maybe put a modern spin on the original by choosing a patterned tile (perfect to lighten up and hide mud and footprints) and bring the scheme of your color from there.

In the kitchen, which, unusual for many houses like this, did not have the return of the side to make a wider room. The result, of course, is that the dark room in the middle becomes even darker and the garden becomes smaller. Also, if the kitchen is big enough for a sofa, the front room and the middle room are almost never used. So while you may curse your cramped kitchen, it’s always worth considering whether you actually gain more usable space from an expensive extension (and research shows you’re unlikely to recoup the full cost in a sale) or create more usable space. space in one part of the house as opposed to not using the space you already had.

Devil’s advocate: if I were in this position, I could extend the side return to create the most beautiful walk-in closet, closet, utility room, and not space for an island and a larger sofa. You can have an internal glass window so you can see the shelves of beautiful things, units below (on the kitchen side) and washing machines etc. in units in the extension section. This will give you (and whoever complained about it) a lot more storage space as well as ensure you still use the rooms you already had. Imagine then painting the main kitchen light green (for example) and the pantry a darker version of the same thing.

Interior Design Ideas Victorian Terrace

Exposed brick is not for everyone. If that’s a little too rustic for you, consider running the tongue and groove trim (shown below the window) up the wall to meet it again at the ceiling. And a built-in banquette is an excellent space saver in a small kitchen. You can include storage under the seat and upholster it in vegan leather (which gets better with age) or faux leather (for a clean solution), or try outdoor weather-resistant fabric for a softer, but still tough option. If you do not like the possibility of investment, you can buy ready-made headboards and attach them to the wall – as long as you make the measurements work in your space.

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Go to the living room and if yours is a room that you only use in the evening, then this is the place to experiment with dark colors. However, a light colored ceiling (do not go white as the contrast will be too much) and a light carpet together with a large mirror to combine the light behind the window will offset the dark paint. Even the pictures on the sofa are pale.

Below is the back half of the sitting room as the two spaces have largely been collapsed into one and you can see that if there was an extension to the side return this room would not it has little or no natural light as it depends on light from the bay in front of the window. Again, your options are to embrace the darkness or find a purpose for this room that doesn’t rely on bright light. So probably not the ideal home office, but it would make a good dining room.

In period houses of this type, this is by far the most difficult room in the house. And yes, I can definitely do a whole post about this – I think I can, since there are, in fact, many options that just require a little thought and planning.

This was created as a second cozy sitting room and I love the bold color choice that contrasts so much with the color in the front. This helps to differentiate between the two spaces and gives them a different feel even though there is no separation between them.

Imaginative Ways To Decorate The Hall Of A Terraced House

But the main point I wanted to make here about the tonal decoration is how the large pieces of furniture – sofas in both cases, have the same tone as the walls. This can make large pieces fall on the wall and give the impression that the space is bigger and empty than it actually is (a good tip for small rooms), as well as creating a feeling of warmth that surrounds the room. It’s instantly more relaxing than many high-contrast colors and there’s no limit to the number of patterns and textures you can bring so it’s still luxurious in sound. And no judgment from me if high contrast is your thing – just make sure it matches the mood they bring to the room they’re walking into.

Stop to stop in this glorious bathroom – and, it’s been said before, but we’ll say it again – you can, and should, experiment with bold decor in rooms you won’t be in for long and, even more so, in small rooms. Use this as an opportunity to use a dark wallpaper or a dark color that you like but are afraid of getting tired if you were to look at it for several hours a day, but when you look at it for five minutes once or twice a day, it’s like a hit of dopamine that makes you breathe deep down, put those shoulders back and keep going.

Remember the other bathrooms, of which there are four if you remember, all with their own little red wall. The yolk from the lower floor is collected in the

Interior Design Ideas Victorian Terrace

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