Living Dining Room Interior Design

Living Dining Room Interior Design – When designing our dining room, we wanted to go for a modern style with simple cleanliness. When looking at furniture, we focused on small dining room furniture that is not big and does not take up a lot of space. Although our dining table is quite large and can seat 8-10 people, it doesn’t take up space and still feels open and spacious.

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Living Dining Room Interior Design

Living Dining Room Interior Design

One of our favorite pieces in our house is this walnut dining table from Room and Board. We want our dining table to be able to seat as many people as we often receive guests and we choose one that can seat 8-10 people. For reference, our table measures 78″W x 42″D x 29″H. A walnut table is SO attractive, but it also takes a little care and maintenance to keep it looking great. We also checked out Parsons Tables from Crate and Barrel as a similar option.

Boldly Beautiful Dining Room Ideas From The Pages Of Ad

Since we got the dining table from Room and Board, we chose ivory Hirsch chairs with metal legs. These chairs have a sleek and slim frame and are great space savers, especially if you’re trying to fit as many people as possible around the table! We really like this material, which is easy to clean and is durable against spills. Another option we picked were Lowe’s leather chairs from Crate and Barrel.

The main level of our townhouse is the second floor, which is an open concept. Since the dining room is open to the living room, we decided not to use the dining room ad because the fireplace would be too close to the living room ad. Also, it is a useful solution and will be easy to store under the dining table.

To decorate the dining room, we used a simple mirror, which was hung on the wall in the middle near the table. We absolutely love and recommend the infinity mirror line from CB2! We have a 48 round infinity mirror in black and it is perfect for a modern dining room. It is available in 24-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch sizes and has a 1-inch deep aluminum frame. We were very impressed with the quality and price, and the mirror image is not distorted at all, which is something I always look for when buying mirrors. We’ve also had an infinity mirror in our ladies room for over 2 years and still love it to this day – highly recommended to anyone looking for a modern slim mini mirror!

Our dining chandelier is definitely a statement piece and enhances the look of the space! None of our products are unique, but this pendant necklace is a great option from Wayfair!

How To Fit A Dining Table In A Small Living Room

For the centerpiece of the dining room table, we have a 32-inch white planter filled with faux succulents. It is also available in black and stainless steel in different lengths. We used floral foam to hold the succulents in place and covered it with white accent stones for a beautiful look.

Overall, our dining room design is simple and doesn’t contain much. A round mirror helps to reflect the light as there is no window in the dining area. Walnut wood brings a cozy warmth to the space, while beautiful modern dining furniture makes the living area feel open and spacious.

We, Viv and Tim, are here to help you create the home you want! Follow along as we share our top picks for home decor, as well as helpful ideas for planning and entertaining. Do you like cool designs, but don’t want to go all out? The look can be softened with a few select pieces of glitter for a serious glam style. This is the style a client recently turned to for help. Read on to hear how the combined living room and dining room turned out to be exactly what she wanted.

Living Dining Room Interior Design

Open concepts, such as the combined living room and dining room, are spacious and airy, but still offer the possibility of connecting adjacent areas for more privacy. However, when done wrong, they can feel like they are not connected. For this reason, the designer must:

Small Dining Room Ideas: Maximize Limited Space

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Her client’s favorite style is glamorous, and her inspired images reflect this in detail, with clean lines, a modern vibe and neutral palettes. She also emphasized that a large number of bright colors is not her favorite place. Tones that are muted like blush or copper are acceptable.

He matches his customers with two designers to ensure the best match and satisfactory results. After choosing two candidates and filling out the questionnaire, the customer wants to see the layout of the designed room and the dining room. All of the mood boards were beautiful, but it was the attention to detail that helped her choose Drew F’s concept.

Drew’s mood board features modern and comfortable furniture in a blue palette. At the same time, the strong accents add visual interest, increase the productivity and cover the composition with a layer of attractive varnish. He also combined the wishes of the customers of the temporary industry and some family photos with the new jewelry.

Dining Room Interior Design Services, Work Provided: Wood Work & Furniture

As the client expressed her love for beautifully presented family photos, Drew found a way to include them as a gallery wall. The design worked perfectly, coordinating rather than clashing with other art and decorations. The mathematical formulation conveys the sense of order needed to incorporate the open spaces.

A modern fireplace combined with artwork is now a key visual element of glam decor. The choice of the L-shaped section proved to be good, increasing the seating area without taking up too much space. An interesting and stylish coffee table with a good decorative value has created a sculptural moment by combining hard corners around it. At the same time, touches of gold in the lighting, side tables and decorations bring just enough glamor to the space without going overboard. Finally, the room was floored with a smart looking carpet.

Such sophistication is combined with the interesting decoration of the dining room with the rest of the space. A long wooden table surrounded by comfortable chairs with decorative furniture is the key feature of the property, anchored by a stylish mattress. The effect of light is emphasized by an antique gold mirror and an interesting multi-layered chandelier above the coffee table.

Living Dining Room Interior Design

Before the changes, the room needs new furniture and decorations that will add light, movement and space. Finally, a warm palette of grays, taupes, linens, whites and golds now reveal a light and airy yet warm and inviting space full of beautiful views.

Hall Dining Partition Ideas That Will Amaze You

Online shopping lists are just one of the many benefits of online interior design service packages. Each customer receives a guide with detailed instructions on how to put together their new space. But there’s more – customized shopping lists include personalized discounts. The convenience also includes a personal shopping assistant who oversees every step, from ordering to delivery of each selected product.

If you are not ready to completely change your interior from scratch, you can still update it with stylish and quality items. Check out our favorites from the amazing living room and dining room combo and use them as inspiration for your home renovation.

If you’re feeling inspired to give your home an amazing makeover, just schedule a free online interior design consultation to get started with a design professional today!

26 Best Interior Design Ideas In 2023 Inspirational Room Ideas For Inspirational Interior Design Before And After: Inspirational Living Room And Dining Room Design Before And After After: White Gold Hall and Dining Room Transformation Ginger and Nirava Dagli’s 1700 Sq Ft Duplex in South End created many problems. The greatest of them all? There is a small amount of daylight in the living areas on the first floor. Architect Diane Lim, a friend of the couple, has told them for years, “If you want more light, you have to open the walls, and the way to open the walls is to move the kitchen.”

How To Separate Your Kitchen And Living Room In A Small Apartment

With their two children nearly grown, the couple found themselves spending less and less daylight in the kitchen and family room. They were happy now that Lim had moved these rooms to the dark, front half of their room. This move allowed the homeowner to move the living room and dining room to the sunnier rear half of the house, opening them up to the patio.

Sliders across from the dining table and a newly exposed staircase lead to the impressive balcony

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