Ranch Home Exterior Design Ideas

Ranch Home Exterior Design Ideas – Not your grandmother’s farm! With great curb appeal, modern fixtures, and on-trend color palettes, you’ll love the modern farmhouses on this list. We’ll walk you through the typical farmhouse style, and also break down design options, features, and ideas as you update your farmhouse.

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Ranch Home Exterior Design Ideas

Ranch Home Exterior Design Ideas

This ranch originated in the United States in the 1920s. The custom features low-to-the-floor and large single-story profiles, and spacious, open layouts. Farmhouses combine modern ideas with the open spaces of the American West, creating an informal and casual living space that blends with nature. Modern farmhouses are often rectangular, U, or L shaped. They usually have a dedicated patio or deck area, large windows, and often feature a finished basement and attached garage.

Home Style Trends: Ranch

Next, farmhouses have many benefits. They offer easy outdoor setup with a low roof line, no stairs to climb, and they are great for entertaining. We have also seen the rise of modern farmhouses due to our modern desire to combine indoor/outdoor living spaces.

This modern ranch-style home features vertical siding painted in Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain with wood accents. We love the pop of color on the teal door, and the A-frame porch and light fixtures add visual interest. The porch is like an extension of the yard and walkway, characteristic of a real ranch.

This small bungalow style has large windows, common in farmhouses, with an exterior painted in Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. In addition, wooden pillars and stone paths help the house blend into its natural surroundings.

The flat roof and tall rectangular windows give this modern farmhouse an industrial feel. Adding stone and wood accents help ground the space and connect it to the outdoors. Furthermore, the U-shaped profile allows for unique, distinctive design elements without losing symmetry.

How A Deep Front Porch Brought Life To A Plain Ranch’s Exterior

Beginning in the 1960s, ranch homes in California and the Sun Belt began to feature architectural features such as cathedral ceilings, angular roof lines, and skylights. This brick house is a perfect example, and we painted it in Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. Also, the different black garage and skylights create a dramatic yet cohesive look.

The roof lines and exposed beams of this modern style add spunk, while the wood paneling and stone porch lend a rustic feel. We also love how the siding is vertical, the siding is straight, and the brick (Seapearl and Benjamin Moore) is painted the same color to tie everything in the house together.

If you want a large detached house or take your place, a spacious L-shaped L-modern ranch style house will do the job well. Because of this, we love the painted brick, contrasting ceiling lines, and wooden doors in this house. Black windows and lights and copper gutters add some contrast and visual interest.

Ranch Home Exterior Design Ideas

We love a beautiful midcentury modern ranch style home with large windows and a simple, open design. We chose Benjamin Moore’s Dragon’s Breath for the shingle roof on this house and garage to contrast with the bricks painted in Revere Pewter. Indeed, the wooden pillars, the bald roof, and the doors make the place beautiful and attractive as well.

Home Exterior Makeover Plans

This modern, symmetrical basement ranch gets an upgrade with straight painted siding and polished stone. The central porch and contrasting colors draw the eye to the beautiful front door and large picture windows. The exterior design of this ranch-style home is inviting and modern.

This beach-y midcentury modern ranch home is light and airy with fresh paint, modern finishes, and wood accents. Ideally, we also need a living space that helps bring the inside and the outside together – just like a real farm.

With its casual style and natural feel, modern farmhouse style blends well with a farmhouse. We also love the metal roof trim and the wood covered porch in this house, all against the siding done in Shoji White by Sherwin Williams.

This rustic modern ranch style perfectly blends indoor/outdoor living with multiple sliders to separate living areas, a fireplace, and an in-ground pool. Additionally, large windows bring in natural light and a covered patio serves as an additional outdoor living area.

Everything You Need To Know About Ranch Homes

A small bungalow ranch house gets a modern makeover with large windows, an open porch, and a glass door with sidelights. The enclosed garage is integrated into the surrounding area so as not to take the eye away from the main area of ​​the house – a welcoming porch and modern lighting.

We love that a monochromatic look in a small room can make it feel bigger. Picture windows, limited space, and lighting make this modern farmhouse look spacious and inviting. The siding is painted Graphite by Benjamin Moore, with blue undertones carried over the roof, porch, and walkway.

Grid-pattern windows in Spanish rustic modern ranch style homes add character and visual interest. The white-painted stucco looks fresh and updated against the black racks and finally, the beautiful stained wooden garage door brings things together.

Ranch Home Exterior Design Ideas

Contemporary modern homes often have interesting roof lines and balcony features. Although sometimes it may be difficult to design, interesting things can show the personality of your home. Gray accent panels on both sides of this house create the illusion of large windows and balance corners. Likewise, the large glass-framed door and porch skylight provide a welcoming vibe when you enter the home.

How To Give A Boring 1960s Ranch House A Stylish Exterior Makeover…for Under $2k

Ranch style homes are an American staple, found in every region of the USA. Whether it’s incorporating rustic and natural elements into the exterior design or using bright, contrasting colors to highlight the natural architecture, updating your farmhouse to fit current styles and needs is a great way to improve curb appeal. Therefore, we hope this list has inspired you to improve the exterior of your home!

Our exterior designers at brick&batten can help you combine the outdoors with modern indoor living; how your farmhouse was originally built. Our digital version offers design options and shopping links for easy DIY customization. Get started today with our simple external design test. Ranch house: low, wide, and symbolic, it dominates many areas of the world, especially in the south, of the sun.

Although traditional farmhouses from mid-century planned communities were often similar to each other, later iterations of the style incorporated architectural traditions such as split-level floors, vaulted ceilings and large modern windows. Today, many young homeowners are remodeling their farmhouses to emphasize the clean lines and interior-exterior aspirations of modern architecture.

The simplicity and flexibility of farmhouses provide a blank canvas for landscape designers – the look of large farmhouses is free to go in any direction the homeowner or designer chooses. In any case, the design of the environment has a great influence on the way the farmhouses are treated.

Exterior Trends That Will Boost Your Curb Appeal In 2023

Below, we’ll look at some ranch house landscaping ideas, sharing tips along the way to get the look, feel, and function you’ve been dreaming of for your ranch house yard.

Traditional farmhouse features such as split rail fences and stacked paths meet modern concrete styles and subtle, drought-resistant plantings in this range of home designs.

These young homeowners in California’s Central Valley searched for a place that puts a modern twist on ranch styles.

Ranch Home Exterior Design Ideas

The fence shows a balance between modern and traditional strikes in this design: rectangular concrete bollards frame the front gate, inject modern lines and elements in a humble split rail fence design. The central decayed granite path similarly wraps the modern look of the farmhouse, welcoming visitors with a pleasant rustic crunch underfoot, leading to two staggered, grand entrance stairs that are modern in style.

Scandinavian Home Exterior Design In Austin

The plants are arranged with a geometric formality, creating an axial path to the front and for children to play the local lawn, low-water local sod. This design is distinguished by a delicate collection of sun-kissed species, from the blue color of Festuca glauca to the pink color of Little Ollie olive bushes. The overall look feels at home in the dry, rural forests of the Valley, but it also stands out in its confidence and focus.

The large concrete walls and modern residential beaches are different from the ones that are not used to the erosion of low water, planting is good for pollen in this hip but in the front yard of the farm of the house of the area.

Large modern pavers boldly announce the design goals of this Los Angeles ranch home, and play off the unplanned fall of planting. Gaura lindheimeri, California Fuchsia, and Yellow Kniphofia (love those spikes!) provide bold pops of color in low-lying areas, creating a layered display that serves as a dining buffet.

Silver-blue mass

Home Exterior Makeover Before And After Ideas

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