Architecture Of Expert System In Ai

Architecture Of Expert System In Ai – Specialization is an approach to Special Education, which is one of the best representative examples of Special Education Systems ( ACS). Today, although such unique products as DENDRAL (1960, ACS only), DART (1991, ACS only), IBM’s Cognitive Computer Watson (2011, ML + ACS), etc., are rare, concepts and practices of information and understanding. representation of special systems still used in modern AI systems. For example ROSS (2017): ‘the first practitioner built on artificial intelligence’ built on IBM’s Watson can understand language, make assumptions, and repeat return published results with information and comments. This is why it is not possible to abandon the study of special systems and ACS.

To make it easier to create special systems, it is recommended to use a special structure to save time and effort. An ES Shell (ES Shell) is a tool that contains components within a specific system. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to explain the structure and use of ES Shell in the creation of special systems and the advantages and limitations of popular shells.

Architecture Of Expert System In Ai

Architecture Of Expert System In Ai

An intelligent program that can simulate the problem-solving behavior of an expert can be described as a Special System. Human intelligence includes both technical/subjective knowledge and problem-solving skills. An expert system acts like an expert to solve a problem by using its knowledge to solve problems with its expertise. Therefore, it is a special system of a computer program that shows the knowledge of an expert in a field.

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Custom Systems with the above features can be developed from scratch using a Programming Logic language such as ProLog, or easily implemented using a specialized system platform.

System-specific tools are tools that can be used to develop specific systems. Some systems are built with an empty knowledge base. Therefore, in most cases, the light engine is left only to fill the light. It is usually a specialized tool that is designed according to the needs and special conditions of a specific group or a specific application-domain. A software package can be defined to facilitate the development of specialized knowledge-based systems by providing a knowledge base and engine. ugh.

Knowledge is gained by applying the rules. These rules can be programmed in Prolog, Java, Python, or any other better language to use in the system.

Figure 02: A special tree-based system built according to the above rules (Source: Created by Author)

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The ES framework is a good choice for rapid development of specialized systems. For this reason, it can be considered one of the most effective ways to trade in the implementation of a special system.

Not only the above components but also some ES Shells provide facilities for the integration of information through interpretation, web application, and natural language processing (NLP).

The user interface of the portal is available for both graduate users (who use the special system to find solutions) and expert engineers (who are implementing engineering and design knowledge).

Architecture Of Expert System In Ai

It is possible to connect the knowledge base to an external database (such as MySQL) because the knowledge base is not very good at storing large amounts of data. Unable to access the data directly, these access points are negotiated through an interpreter.

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Some ES Shells include knowledge base editors that allow Knowledge Builders to easily update and inspect the knowledge base. A Master Builder gathers expertise in a specific area and students fill in the knowledge.

A decision engine is the major part of a system that provides knowledge base and solves problems through backward or forward chaining. before the facts and laws contained in knowledge. In ES Shells, there is also a built-in logging engine that integrates with ProLog.

Most of the ES frameworks have another part called ‘Explanation System’ which provides reasons and information to the user to answer an answer, and takes into account the possibility of ‘fa’ information’ is.

In a specialized system, the design of the user interface and other software components is determined by a computer engineer. So, a technical system is a joint practice of 03 major groups: experts, knowledge engineers and software engineers. (Many of these areas vary from individual to large groups)

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Here are some examples of custom systems that are available for developers to build custom systems on different levels. Based on ES Shell there are many pros and cons associated with each shell.

ES Builder stands for Special Edition Builder. One of the famous Expert System Framework. A free ES platform has been developed for students and researchers to develop specialized systems. The framework includes the development of the website built using the AJAX framework. ES-Builder stores the information and rules of the knowledge base in a MySQL database. It has a built-in engine (written in Prolog) and user interfaces that are developed using simple HTML and CSS. A database is maintained to provide the knowledge base using PHP.

A legal framework can also be developed using a decision tree to capture attributes, values ​​and outcomes.

Architecture Of Expert System In Ai

CLIPS stands for C-Language Integrated Production System. This means the CLIPS expert system framework is written in the C programming language. CLIPS was developed in 1985 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. A programming language used to create a specific system. CLIPS is used in systems where it is easier to implement and maintain a heuristic solution than a traditional algorithmic system.

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CLIPS provides 03 different tools for imparting knowledge in terms of translation/programming techniques. The 03 methods are:

Since CLIPS is written in C language, the software developed by CLIPS also needs ANSI Compiler. Because systems with the ANSI package can easily manage the system without changing the source code.

JESS stands for Java Expert System Shell. JESS is another specialized framework and scripting language written entirely in the Java programming language. JESS is widely used to create custom code related systems written in Java. Custom systems built using JESS can be run on the command line or using an applet.

JESS-based systems are widely used as clients, in resource management systems, and to enable eCommerce advertising.

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PyKE stands for Python Knowledge Engine. PyKE uses the code-driven concept, but PyKE is written entirely in the Python programming language. Python functions, PyKE rules, and PyKE model variables, graph maps are the core components of the PyKE knowledge base. This is a decision engine that uses rules and facts to create additional information using lines in front of rules to verify goals.

Also, through chaining, Python functions are collected into graphs called Maps.

It seems that ES Shells is a better option than developing a custom system from scratch. Many ES Shells that support different programming languages ​​have been developed to open doors for developers familiar with different programming languages. ES Shells should be chosen carefully based on the needs and scale/size/complexity of the particular system to be developed.

Architecture Of Expert System In Ai

Stay still. Soon we will meet with the following article “How to build a custom system with ES-Builder”.

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Architecture Of Expert System In Ai

Strategic Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Developing Strong, Sustainable, and Efficient Systems However, understanding the key concepts and components can … AI will increase the integrity in the minds of individuals and observers when well planned, developed and implemented. number of Special Systems (ES) in many challenging areas. Today, a lot of money has been spent in this area. The success of these programs in selected areas to provide access to high-tech skills has left people to explore new opportunities.

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“Special Systems (ES) is an educational program to solve problems in an area that requires special skills”.

“The Expert System is a set of programs that use things to do

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