Beautiful Home In India

Beautiful Home In India – Traditionally Indians lived in a joint family system. The many residents of a home and their interpersonal relationships require well-defined spaces for a variety of activities. There is a private area inside the house and a common area around the courtyard. The sustainability index of these beautiful houses in India is very high. They used local materials and techniques in the construction of structures designed in accordance with weather, Anthropology and Vastu Shastra.

Many theorists and respected architects, such as Hassan Fathy, bring the principles of traditional architecture to contemporary design. However, in the current situation; unsustainable in terms of natural disasters and microclimatic events; Precision concrete jungles have replaced traditional buildings.

Beautiful Home In India

Beautiful Home In India

The idea is to hide the surrounding buildings from prying eyes in the natural landscape. The COVID situation has also limited the availability of raw materials; therefore, the focus had to be on incorporating materials such as dirt and litter into the building using a technique called Debris Wall Construction.

Beautiful Home Design

Here, Clay slabs were cut and each piece was scored diagonally to explore the blue sky that complements the white mass of the structure.

Designed in a residential villa layout on a small corner plot of 622 square meters, Mirai is located in India. It is home to the hot desert climate of Rajasthan. Due to its location, there is little open space on the south and east facades, and adjacent houses will be built on these sides in the future.

Echoes of tropical modernism; This pleasing height blends seamlessly with the landscape and piques curiosity about what’s outside while preserving the privacy of building occupants. This simple east-facing home offers plenty of shade and a courtyard that keeps the entire house airy.

As the name suggests, the house is surrounded by mulberry trees. This is the only feature of the sterile zone. This mulberry tree was a very old and mature sight when I first came here. Tree placement has emerged as a unique identity in residential design.

Beautiful Home In Morjim Village, Goa, India Editorial Stock Photo

Folding houses around the courtyard create beautiful spaces in every courtyard. That’s what these powerful folds are trying to achieve.

With its carved roots and massive roofs; This tree is an important factor in deciding the layout and design of the house.

Green House is 22,800 square meters. Interestingly, its name comes from the beautiful green patches on the property.

Beautiful Home In India

The builder’s choice is a sophisticated vocabulary that blends living spaces with landscape design. Spread over four levels, the house fits into the layout effortlessly.

Idyllic Holiday Home Against A Plantation Background Stock Photo

The unique shape of the site and the landscaping of the nearby park were identified as design factors. Building on the theme of the municipal park’s lush greenery, the design extends from the southern end of the park to its northern edge.

Abha completed his architecture in Mumbai. Passionate about design and creativity. He loves TV series and movies.

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Located in a rapidly expanding suburb, this house consists of a series of irregular blocks clad in cedar cladding.

A Fusion Indian Contemporary Living Room Design

Architect Sameep Padora is a nonconformist in this regard; informal settlements; These traditional houses were specifically designed to expand vertically over time as the families occupying them grew.

Located 2,000 meters above sea level, this timber-framed farmhouse is located in the foothills of the Himalayas in the village of Satkhol, a popular tourist destination.

The building is notable for a sharp peak on the roof that acts as a giant skylight and reflects the surrounding mountains.

Beautiful Home In India

Views take center stage in this home built by Khosla Associates in the heart of the Western Ghats mountain range.

India House Tour Photos

The building has a deliberately simple form and is divided into two parts. One side is limited to bedrooms, while the other side consists of living rooms that open to the elements with large folding doors.

Designed to complement the lush nature of the brick-by-stone Alibag coastal town, this property is characterized by a delicate palette of concrete and wood.

The layout is dictated by a row of mango trees already on site: their roots are not disturbed and the rooms are close enough to benefit from the shade of the lawns.

There is a large brick wall in front of this family home in the port city of Surat, India.

Step Into Elegance & Luxury: Asian Paints Launches The Stunning Beautiful Homes Studio In Chennai & 2023 Collection For Home Décor

While decorating the monolithic structure of the building; The interlocking brickwork is designed to provide self-shading, reducing heat gain in the double-height living room behind it.

The rooms of this leaf-like Alibağ residence are divided into four separate rooms and a large open living area.

All pods are positioned around a central courtyard surrounded by terracotta walls that transform the rooms into open outdoor spaces.

Beautiful Home In India

This house in Ahmedabad takes its name from its dynamic façade, which is divided into marble slabs that slide and rotate at the push of a button.

Indian Homes That Combine Vastu And Beautiful Design

The panels directly cover the second façade behind the glass, providing residents with light in their homes. Different levels of ventilation and privacy.

Modeled on traditional houses in southern India, the roofs provide natural ventilation and shading; It is located around a central courtyard lined with slanted windows.

Aptly named Collage House, this multi-generational home features antique doors that S+PS Architects rescued from dilapidated buildings in Mumbai. It is covered with windows and other construction materials.

Temporary notice is usually given to visible sheltered buildings in the city; It aims to promote an alternative approach to recycling.

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Inside the double-height atrium, the perforated swimming pool is concealed by internal balconies and surrounded by lawns and stepping stones to create the feeling of being outdoors. This double storey house in Bengaluru is a private residence. A full layout that respects the open plan layout and landscaping of gardens and trees throughout the adjacent plot. The design team deliberately injected a large amount of partially enclosed garden space into the home, allowing the outdoors to feature in many of the living spaces.

Clad in Roman travertine stone, the building has a subtle color and texture that blends naturally with the lush surroundings. The bungalow is centrally located and its terrace offers panoramic and uninterrupted views, making it a visually stunning residence. The middle part of the staircase features a walkable glass floor with a metal mesh that allows light to flow into the house during the day.

The highlight is the central lobby, illuminated by the glass floor of the balcony, which also acts as a skylight for this bright space. The atrium has large, sparkling 15-foot windows framing the view and a tree planted on the first-floor pool deck. The second floor has a floor cutout that allows plants to grow over time and fill the spaces above.

Beautiful Home In India

“From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to create a home that was respectful of the gardens and trees on the adjacent lot.”

Elegant South Indian Villa

The grand façade of this house in Jodhpur is a palace set in the deep landscape of the Thar Desert. It almost reminds me of many castles and temples. Small gardens inside; as well as decks, irrigation, Sculptures, Sky-lit balconies and terraced gardens; The house uses architecture to tackle the challenges of designing a home in desert lands.

The parcel, bounded by the development plan, is bordered on one side by the adjacent buildings along the site wall, and there are two roads on the north and east sides. In a city where temperatures often exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the Net curtain is both functional (protecting from the sun and providing some privacy) and aesthetically reminiscent of the region’s traditional Jaalis. The curtain gives the villa its character by combining the past (jaalis) with modern and clean lines.

From the floating staircase at the entrance to the open dining and living room and the surrounding view; It has a charm that makes the house look different day and night. entry levels; Local Jodhpur stone was used in the wells and walls. The exterior paint matches the color of the Jodhpur stone, and some interior finishes are also used to enhance the overall outdoor feel.

All these elements are brought together in this small plot of land, creating a fascinating work of art that emerges from the dry desert land.

A Gorgeous 2050 Sq. Ft. Mixed Roof House Design

Faced with the task of designing a compact bungalow in the southwest corner of an acre land in Chattarpur, the design team took up all the challenges of this project. The farmhouse, built on a land covered with mango trees, is the newest house in the region.

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