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The mandir, or home temple, is an important part of most Indian families. It brings a divine atmosphere to your home and preserves the legacy of a rich, multi-generational tradition. When it comes to decorating a home temple, we like to choose traditional things. But sometimes it can clash with the modern interior of your home. That’s why we’ve come up with some unique temple decoration ideas that are fresh and dynamic, yet blend seamlessly with modern home interior design. If you are the owner of a small city house and are looking for ideas on how to decorate your home temple in a traditional way, but in line with modern design trends, this blog will answer all your questions.

Home Design Temple

Home Design Temple

Fresh flowers will instantly enhance the appearance of your home temple and bring a glow of vitality. Decorate your home temple with fresh flowers and leaves to infuse a divine aura. To complete the look, you can also place potted plants on either side of the temple. We used white marble on the walls of this temple and illuminated it with several back lights. Oil lamps suspended on both sides of the ceiling add a traditional yet unique character. If getting fresh flowers every day is difficult, you can also decorate the temple with artificial toran flowers and flowers. This looks natural and saves you from having to change it every day.

Wooden Temple Handcrafted Hindu Mandir Puja / Pooja Ghar Mandap For Worship Home Decor, Wooden Handcrafted Painted Temple

If you want to stick with traditional temple decoration but are looking for ideas on how to decorate a marble temple at home with a modern twist, you will love this design. This home temple is made entirely of white stones. We added some lights and lights as a modern touch. They highlight the marble and give your home temple a beautiful, delicate glow. Four hanging oil lamps also provide a unique sense of tradition. A round rug and several pouffes on the floor make it a comfortable place for older family members, while adding a modern touch.

Wood brings a lot of warmth and discreet elegance to home interiors. And if you care about hard work, this idea for decorating a home temple will be perfect for you. We have decorated this home temple with doors that feature details and carvings, and the walls are made of white marble. There are also plenty of storage solutions in the temple to keep your pooja essentials organized in an orderly manner. The earpiece fits perfectly into a modern living room, making it a great element of urban interior design.

In a meditation room, you can also create your own home temple where you can spend time with yourself and refresh your mind. The white stone wall gives the design a bright edge, while the gray stone cladding characterizes this modern temple. The glowing surface of the Buddha statue gives a warm tone to the scene. We’ve added a side cabinet with multiple drawers where you can store things like mats, pillows, and prayer supplies. Houseplants and white pebbles are excellent natural decorative elements that give the room a fresh and positive atmosphere.

Are you looking for something unique that will immediately attract the attention of your guests? This temple decoration idea is intended for home owners who like to add unusual things to their interior. You can place your home temple in the middle of a small, covered garden, turning your place of worship into a small retreat. Decorate it with potted grass, potted plants and bonsai to bring greenery to the place. A wall panel with decorative backlight behind the picture draws attention to the home temple and adds expressiveness. If natural grass is difficult to maintain, you can also choose turf grass flooring.

Pooja Room Design

In crowded apartments, it is not always possible to have a separate room for a home temple. In this case, you can turn any part of the wall in your life into a quiet home temple. Paint the walls of your puja space in a Vaastu approved color and furnish it with wooden frames that look like a beautiful frame. Place a cross or wall-mounted cabinet to accommodate the doll and hang floating lights or bells around it. The cabinet has open and closed storage options where you can keep your puja essentials in an organized manner. This simple temple design idea is perfect for compact spaces and those who like minimalist design.

Do you like what you see? Now you can incorporate these wonderful temple designs into your home too. If you have any questions or need an expert to plan and design your home, we have the answer for you. Book a free consultation today and our designers will help you create a coherent home interior design. You can find more such interesting interior design ideas on our blog.

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Home Design Temple

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Home Design Temple

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Webelkart®️ Premium Om Wooden Temple Beautiful Plywood Mandir Pooja Ro

The Grammy-nominated song by American singers Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson, The Best Things In Life Are Free, speaks for itself. When it comes to your Read more… Pooja rooms are important in Hindu homes. These rooms often exude a peaceful atmosphere and remind us of our humble roots. However, due to the phenomenon of land clearing, there is a lack of space which does not allow for a proper space like Pooja room. Here are some ways to install Mandir design in small apartments with limited space.

These well-designed Jaali doors, made of wood or even stainless steel, enhance the atmosphere of the room. You can place it in the living room or even in the bedroom, as you wish.

You can use the corner of another room of your choice to create the best pooja ghar for small houses. Choose a background, add some pretty lights and you’re done!

Wall units are the best way to save space in small apartments. These units can be perfect for a mandir design as they require less space while still ensuring a perfect fit for the mandir.

Buy Beautiful Sheesham Wood Om Mandir For Home Decoration

You can also divide any room to create a specific space for pooja ghar in small and large apartments. This can be done by placing the binders near a corner of the room and turning that corner into your own little Pooja mandir without taking up too much space.

Wood is the main material for making small mandirs. This gives the mandir a very rustic and elegant feel. Additionally, the durability of this material makes it a good choice for simple mandir designs.

These portable units are very popular among many houses and apartments in Kolkata. They are available in different sizes and materials that you can choose depending on your needs.

Home Design Temple

Poojas and mandirs often require premises maintenance responsibilities to maintain the Pooja as a farm. Creating storage space under the Pooja Ghar is a great idea to save space in small apartments.

Best Home Temple Designs In India

Home spaces like pooja ghars are an important part of maintaining peace and quiet in the home. The above mandir design ideas for small apartments are not only beautiful but also help you save space wisely for new home buyers living in apartments in Joka Kolkata. You

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