Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas

Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas – Struggling with how to decorate the empty shelves in your home? In this article, I always share my tricks for making beautifully designed shelves and bookcases. No interior design experience required!

For many years I have designed shelves and bookcases. Most of them were in my house, but I also used my tips and tricks to create beautifully organized shelves in other people’s homes!

Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas

Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas

The beauty of this simple process is that you don’t have to run out and buy a whole new set of decorations. You also don’t need to be an experienced interior designer. It’s not me.

Styling Shelves With Functional Decor — Stevie Storck

Even self-taught home decorators like me, and maybe even you, can create beautiful designer quality homes.

I had to learn the hard way how important it is to have a game plan when decorating a shelf. As I stared at the empty shelves in my first home, which I used to share on my blog (formerly and knew nothing about decorating), I was moved to tears by that overwhelming feeling of not knowing. somewhere to go. even starts.

It’s been 7 years since I started this blog and over the years I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that I know can save a lot of time decorating bookcases or floating shelves if you have a game plan before you start!

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How To Decorate Shelves & Bookcases: 7 Simple Steps

Decorating shelves can feel overwhelming and leave you not knowing where to start! At least that’s how I felt when I tried to decorate my shelves. I cried about how to decorate the shelves without taking too long to find the right balance.

Over the years, I’ve perfected the way I use it to design shelves, and I promise that the next time you try decorating, the end result will be a well-designed shelf!

The way I decorate my shelves is to put the things I use. I’m going to organize my drawers in three different ways for things I have around my house, but I’m going to use the same placement method to show how easy it is to use in my home.

Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas

Always start from the top shelf and work your way down. Starting at the top shelf, cover most of the shelf and place decorations from one end to the other.

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An important part of quality designer shelves is to put home decor in different places. For example, look at the picture below. On the top shelf, I made sure that I didn’t just decorate the layer up to one corner, but I also used different decorations along the length.

Some ideas for tall objects can be very tall snake plants, large pictures placed vertically or horizontally, large decorative objects or plants such as candles.

You want to make sure you add large items that don’t clutter your shelves. Your ultimate goal is not to pack a bookcase or drawer with your own items, but to give it a well-thought-out, elegant look.

Once you’ve designed your top shelf, you can move on to the shelves below. For this shelf, we’re going to divide our decorations into two parts instead of extending the length of the shelf.

How To Style Shelves In 3 Easy Steps

As you can see in the picture above, this does not mean that you can only use one item on each side of the shelf, but you may prefer a more minimal look.

You can put together several decorative elements to your liking, but the most important thing is to leave an empty or white space between the two groups.

The goal is to make our shelves look stylish instead of just a bunch of stuff thrown in there. We want it to look intentional, the two groups below help us to rest our eyes somewhere and make it attractive.

Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas

Repeat This method works no matter how many floating shelves or bookshelves you have. Decorate the next shelf width of the shelf, then divide the next shelf into two groups and continue until you have decorated all your shelves.

Inspiring Design And Decor Ideas With Floating Shelves

When I’m done, I like to stand back and take pictures to see if I need to add or remove anything else.

Taking a picture or at least looking at it with a camera will help you see things you might not have.

Below I’ve shared a very minimal look with very little decor, but I’ve spaced out the decor on each shelf in the same way.

If your style is more farmhouse, you’ll use more farmhouse decor and less boho or medieval pieces.

The 40 Best Shelf Decor Ideas For A Stylish Home

If your style is going to be modern again, you will use less decoration, mostly large objects, and very few.

We hope you found this article and video helpful! Adding floating shelves or decorating with built-in shelves is a great way to add character to your home.

And when you have a simple formula to follow, it’s also a lot of fun! It’s an easy way to switch up and change your makeup as your taste and style change!

Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas

Check out our blog post for our favorite floating resources. Our article on how to properly install floating shelves. Our shop guide to all your home shopping for home decor inspo! We get a lot of compliments on our installations, but we get even more questions about the method we use to decorate the shelves. The truth is, we never stopped to define the “formula” used to design these shelves.

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But in the end, we both use the same strategies when we do it, and we quickly realized that there are important tips and tricks that we try to follow when we rework these drawers until they are “perfect.”

So today, it’s time to explore these tips and tricks for the dos and don’ts of decorating old shelves (or shelves for that matter).

The first step is to remove everything from the shelves. We both begin to completely clean and decorate the installation … even! Starting from nothing may seem difficult, but it helps us to get everything out and do it slowly (even if we are working back in the new season).

Getting rid of everything allows you to focus on one shelf without getting distracted by everything else. Gathering all the items on the shelf in one pile helps us keep track of what we have.

Beautiful Living Rooms With Built In Shelving

Also, it’s good to get those things off the shelves because we tend to get tunnel vision when we put things on the shelves in the first place. We automatically think that we need to put this tool and that tool, often we leave out other combinations that work well together.

Oh, and this is the perfect time to dust everything off. This is my favorite wood cleaner (smells great!).

It takes a little time to decorate the building, so I recommend doing this project when you’re not in a rush (or busy!). We really enjoy the process of tinkering and reworking our materials until we find the ‘winning combo’, but we find that we don’t have to worry about running out of time or the mess involved in getting everything off the shelf. the task quickly becomes stressful. Be sure to block out enough time, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a bottle of wine!), turn on the music, and embrace the process… rough floors and such!

Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas

We constantly “shop” for products that look good on the equipment we own. You’d be surprised how often we steal these items from other rooms in our house and love them even after seeing them inside. This process usually occurs at the end of the makeup process. We’ll find our shelves 90%, and then we’ll do a search for things like “short items” or “gold.” We shop around the house and find the magic fit!

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New parts, especially ones that you really like, but don’t feel like you need to buy anything new for your installation. For us, half the fun is finding home accessories and breathing new life into them by adding other items. This is the challenge we face every time we change our style

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