Modern Exterior House Design Ideas

Modern Exterior House Design Ideas – Designing your forever home is more than just interior design and floor plans. Designing the perfect contemporary exterior is also an important element and presents two challenges: a custom home must reflect your taste and the lifestyle you want to lead while living there, and every style, color and any feature you choose must have staying power. . To ensure that the house does not become outdated.

Fortunately, designers and home builders are working hard to create trends that are both fresh and classic. For example, natural materials like wood and stone are back, but used in modern styles to withstand the test of time.

Modern Exterior House Design Ideas

Modern Exterior House Design Ideas

Whether you’re doing some renovations and remodeling on your home, looking at real estate options for moving, or thinking about modern home design ideas for your new contemporary home, we’ve got all the trends you should keep an eye on.

Stunning Modern Exterior Design Ideas For A Small Bungalow House

Here are some hot outdoor trends to keep modern homes looking current in 2023 and beyond Read on to learn how to modernize your front facade, use glass doors and large windows, and combine colors and accents to enhance a building’s curb appeal and create a modern exterior that’s enviable.

Maybe it’s because we’re all spending so much time indoors, but this year it’s all about the windows. Additional windows create an airy feel inside and are also good for modernizing outdoor areas. Eye-catching windows with straight edges replace artistically curved panes to enhance the look. The clean lines and open feel that new windows create will brighten and open any room.

No boring, cookie-cutter look: Modern homes can now have it all, combining warm, natural wood-look elements with elegant finishes to achieve a unique aesthetic.

Not in the mood for a multi-finish look? Try varying the size of the panels to give each home a unique look. Use different colors and shapes to highlight unique design details or draw attention to your favorite elements of the structure. The fiber cement house pictured above combines contrasting colors and shapes to bring this vision to life.

Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas You’ll Love

The benefits of swapping exterior paint colors are often overlooked, even though a new color can make a big impact right away. White can create a classic look, and a clean, white exterior can add a modern touch to a home, especially when balanced with contrasting accents. When choosing a specific shade, pay attention to the solid elements outside the building. Pure snow whites are falling out of favor and are being replaced by slightly warmer whites like Benjamin Moore’s Sipearl.

White may never go out of style, but decorating a home in a bold color is becoming increasingly popular to stand out and add some drama. Homeowners are now opting for deep gray or black versions of the recently popular modern farmhouse look. Using black, whether for your metal roof or siding, is a quick and easy way to add an eye-catching touch to any home.

Textured panels of black wood can straddle the line between traditional and modern, or solid, dark black panels can break up large walls for a more varied look.

Modern Exterior House Design Ideas

The door is no longer just an entry point, but a great opportunity to express personal taste. Bright or attractive colors, geometric designs or custom glass designs can welcome visitors and add an attractive accent to the home’s exterior. Framing a door with different colors and textures can draw more attention.

Midcentury Modern Home Failures

From minimalist to colorful – our modern homes look book is the first stop on your journey. Let your creativity run wild with our breathtaking examples of modern implementations.

Another play on color occurs when modern homeowners contrast exterior wall colors with garage doors and other accents. Take pure white and combine it with black or wood-effect doors for a sleek, modern look. It works especially well for minimalist home exteriors where you want to add a little excitement and excitement.

Not interested in the look of a traditional porch? No problem! Add an inviting and shady overhang to a home’s exterior allowing for a bit of outdoor living. Here, homeowners can get all the benefits of a balcony without compromising on the modern aesthetics of the home.

Adding a pergola or canopy overhang to a home’s exterior can have a dual effect: providing shelter for enjoying the outdoors while adding interest and drawing attention to an eye-catching doorway. If it’s long enough, it can even help protect the facade from some environmental elements.

Modern Front Porch Ideas To Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Warm, natural colors are enjoying great popularity again, including subtle moss green and a resurgent beige. Case in point: Sherwin Williams’ color of the year for 2023 is urban bronze, and the company’s accessible beige is on trend.

These colors complement current wood trends, as wood slat or board-and-batten style paneling can accent entire areas of a home or around doors and windows.

Homeowners building their forever homes want beautiful products that can go the extra mile. This emphasis on form and function means that outdoor products must offer exceptional protection from the elements and provide easy-care beauty that won’t quickly go out of style.

Modern Exterior House Design Ideas

The great thing about current trends is that there is something for everyone. For committed traditionalists, a white, modern country house mix is ​​just the thing. An ultra-chic trendsetter might opt ​​for a black exterior with white and wood accents. In any case, both houses will be beautiful, durable and modern with fiber cement siding.

Overlapping Coloured Block Modern House Exterior Design Ideas

Although the look of wood is currently popular, wood facades can warp, crack, or be subject to pests such as termites. Fiber cement provides the beauty of wood or stucco without these drawbacks.

Check out our gallery to see how fiber cement can take your home’s exterior to the next level. Or check out our case studies on how other homeowners have used architectural wall panels to create stunning modern homes that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

This website uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and advertising. By continuing to browse this website, you agree to this use. Upgrading your home to a new, modern exterior design can add a wow factor to your home’s curb appeal. Modern design is often as functional as it is elegant. It involves the use of a limited neutral palette, unique but carefully selected materials and simple geometric lines. And the overall effect is breathtaking. Additionally, the latest designs carefully utilize interior and exterior surface area to enhance your home’s value and make it the prettiest home on the block.

If you’ve been dreaming of a trendy modern home exterior design but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Our team of designers specializes in making the best use of the latest trends while creating a timeless aesthetic. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

Modern Exterior House Design Ideas For 2021

Minimalism is trending both indoors and outdoors. According to The Spruce, modern minimalist design is “reduced to its core function and realized to achieve a pure form by using limited materials, neutral colors, simple shapes and avoiding excessive ornamentation.”

We love the fact that practicality is on trend in modern outdoor homes. Additionally, people are rethinking the use of their outdoor spaces to live and work outdoors more than ever before. Porches, patios and landscaping make for conversation and relaxation – or perhaps even a conference call if needed.

This bungalow home has received a fresh and inviting update with its verandah extension and comfortable outdoor living areas. Simple geometric lines adorn the roof, entrance, fence and corten steel planters.

Modern Exterior House Design Ideas

This contemporary design needs a modern twist with some contrasting colors to add drama. Stone and cobblestone walkways provide a warm invitation to the front door. Additionally, using a large planter as a privacy wall defines a new outdoor living space that significantly increases the home’s square footage.

Creating Curb Appeal

Our designers brightened up this modern farmhouse design with well-placed plants and replacing the siding with James Hardie Panel Vertical Siding in Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore. Switching to wood for the garage door and front door adds a touch of class, and the addition of patio furniture completes the picture.

Our designers retained the mission-style roof of this home but added natural stone exterior cladding to add visual interest to the building. They also simplified the lines of the side walls, windows, garage and front door. The contrasting pattern on the fountain, balcony extension and steps creates a unique effect.

Large windows and front doors along with a sleek new garage door bring natural light into the home and add a sense of openness to this home’s exterior design. Our designers used wood tones to create warmth, as well as a dark gray color (Benjamin Moore’s suite) to create eye-catching lighting and mood.

We love the large balconies and cozy outdoor spaces our designers have added to the facade of this colonial home. Simplified windows with dark trim and wood siding match new doors and porch overhangs. We recommend dark colors for trim

Stunning Modern Homes Exterior Design Ideas 2023

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