Vastu Shastra For House Entrance

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According to Vastu shastra, the ‘view of the house’ refers to the direction where the main door of the house is located. The direction in which the main door of the house is located plays an important role in the lives of the people living in the house. This is the main door through which the energy of heaven enters your home.

Vastu Shastra For House Entrance

Vastu Shastra For House Entrance

A north facing house is generally considered as an auspicious house. However, that is a half-truth. A house facing north can be good or bad, depending on the general direction of the house. Although a north facing house has its benefits, neither side is good or bad.

Tips To Check Vastu For Your Home

Checking the outside of your house is very important, because even a 3-4 degree difference will not accurately measure the entire 16 vastu zones, making it difficult to find the cause of problems . (Here’s the link. to the full article – @FindingTheDirectionofYourHouse)

Inspecting the exterior of a building is not rocket science. All you have to do is follow these steps:

The main door of the house has a very important place in the opposition. It connects the house to the cosmic light. Being the main part of the entry of cosmic energy into any house, it has an important role in the lives of the people who occupy the house.

According to Vastu shastra there are 32 doors of which 9 doors are considered auspicious and 3 of these 9 doors are in the north.

Vastu Tips For 3bhk House Plan

As you can see in the picture, we have highlighted the best doors of the house facing north in blue. (Information about Main Gate Vastu – @MainGateVastu)

1- According to the principles laid down in Vastu shastra, leaving an open space in the north of the house will greatly increase wealth and prosperity. (Here is the link to the full story about money -@MoneyVastu)

2- The slope of the land must always be in the north or east. It provides health benefits for women and creates positive energy flow in the home.

Vastu Shastra For House Entrance

3- Make sure that the boundary walls in the north and east are shorter and thinner than those in the south and west.

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4- The kitchen should be built first in the southeast (SE). The second best option is the northwest (NW) corner of the house.

5- In terms of responsibility, the northeast (NE) is a sacred zone. Therefore, a pooja (prayer) or meditation room should be built in this direction for spiritual upliftment.

8- Southwest (SW) is the most suitable direction for the bedroom. The zone of relationships and skills. Placing the master bedroom in the SW zone ensures stability in your life.

11- An underground water tank, pit or pool should be placed on the north and east side of the house. However, no water should be placed directly in the northeast corner.

East Facing Plot Vastu Tips For Peace And Prosperity

1- Do not build the main building in north, east or northeast (NE). The north and east side of the house should not be heavier than the south and west side. Otherwise, the positive energy of the northeast will be stopped. (Read full story on married life – @HappyMarriedLife)

2- Do not stop the slope of the land towards southwest (SW). It leads to serious health problems and economic losses.

3- Avoid cutting in the North East (NE) corner of the house as it causes disease, grief and loss of money.

Vastu Shastra For House Entrance

4- Keeping your head in the north while sleeping is not good because it disturbs your sleep.

Best Vastu Tips For East Facing Plot

5 – Best bedroom in Northeast is a compliment no. It is very harmful for the master of the house. His decision is lost and it can lead to a miserable life. There will also be a lack of stability in his life.

7- Do not use red color for the north walls of the house. Dark colors of red and black should also be avoided in their zone.

Well, all about North Facing House Vastu. Make sure you follow these proven and most accurate tips to get wealth and success in your life.

There are some very important principles that you should keep in mind when searching…

Interior Designing And Vastu: Why Is Considered Important In India?

There are many unlucky people who are more talented than their accomplished peers…

Sanjay Kudi is one of India’s leading vastu consultants and the founder of SECRET VASTU. His work with local and international businessmen from all walks of life has yielded positive results. He has developed a more effective and comprehensive approach to the role based on the most important aspects of traditional vastu combined with modern vastu therapy and environmental psychology. Sanjay Kudi offers a unique expert analysis report that opens the door for you to the uniqueness that the ancient science of Vastu can bring to your life. So, when you are ready to take your career growth, business and happiness to the next level, contact us. Feel free to contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email. The location of the main entrance / main entrance to a house, office, factory and land plays an important role in finding a generally satisfactory land. It is also the place where energy (positive and negative energy) enters the house/apartment/land.

This determines the optimum position of the main gate in terms of resistance for critical components. According to the main door vastu principle, the entry of the wrong power land can cause major problems vastu in any property. Although on the other hand it offers you a lot of wealth, success and power according to the main door of Duty if it is in the right energy. That is why this article is important to you if you are planning to build or buy a new house or an apartment or a property, because it contains all the necessary information about the main resistance door.

Vastu Shastra For House Entrance

In order to correctly determine the location of the door according to Vastu shastra, two things must be ensured that are very important: always take an accurate measurement, and the second is to work on the planning of the map right. Notice in the picture above the 32 gods are placed in the correct degree on the scale.

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Vastu of the main door itself is a big topic. If you look at the Paramashayika Mandala system, you will see 32 different deities or powerful forces on the outside of the Vastu Purusha Mandala. It is a portal into a powerful force that creates positive or negative effects depending on the nature of that deity. So you have to be very careful when choosing the location of the door in the 32 areas! In order to correctly determine the location of the door according to the ‘Vastu shastra’, we need to ensure two important things: always take the right picture, and the second is to work on the determining the correct map. Notice in the picture above the 32 gods are placed in the correct degree on the scale. North, East, South and West are eight energy fields (eight main gates in the north N1-N8, eight main gates in the east – E1-E8, eight main gates in the south S1-S8, eight main gates to the west – W1 – W8) is opposite the position of the first gate. Let us discuss in detail the 32 possible centers and their effects on travelers according to vastu shastra:

In a house or apartment facing north, the main door should be located on the outer wall on the north side. According to Vastu, most people find a house facing north to be the best with Kubera ruling the north. But the fact is that a house or apartment facing north gives good results if the location of the main door occurs with God Vastu welcome for the main door in the north facing house / apartment / land. Now there are eight gates on the north side. But there are only three good fruits.

If you look at the picture above, you will understand that if the house is facing north, the door should be in position according to Vastu Shastra.

Mukhya: (N3): The very strong land is considered best in the North facing apartments or houses. According to Vishwakarma Prakash, this door is best for money and male, according to vastu for the main door of the north facing houses / apartments.

Effective Vastu Tips For Main Door Or Entrance

Bhallat: (N4): Bhallat is the god of wealth. According to the ancient vastu text, entering this Pada brings a lot of luck and prosperity according to Vastu in the position of the main door.

Som / Soma: (N5): This is another good energy for north facing lands. Soma is the power of the moon. Also known as Lord

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