Flower Decoration Ideas For Ganpati

Flower Decoration Ideas For Ganpati – Lord Ganpati’s birthday is around the corner. Every year we celebrate the 10-day festival with love, joy and enthusiasm. We invite and hold the Lord of Prosperity and Wealth in our home for this season. He is the one we worship before starting any auspicious beginning or activity. Of course we’ll have the festival lights, displays and other decorations, but what about the flowers? In our culture, flowers are considered auspicious. Beautiful floral decorations are not only pleasing to the eyes but also refreshing. The flowers will light up the house and prayer room. Guests and relatives who visit you at this time will also appreciate and be impressed by the flower decoration that you make at home. Let’s see some ganpati decoration ideas with flowers for this festival.

First, we go with traditional motifs. The marigold plant is tied with a rope around the entrance of the house and in the mandir house. Why not add some other flowers? Add daffodils, carnations and orange roses with marigolds. Hang them all over your home. Also get some yellow tulips and place them along with marigolds at the feet of the Lord. This Ganpati floral decoration is a perfect blend of modern and traditional sensibilities.

Flower Decoration Ideas For Ganpati

Flower Decoration Ideas For Ganpati

Take a copper bowl and fill it with water. Get some stemless flowers to float on the water. It can be lotus flowers, daisies, orchids and others. Next, place a light and wide diya in the bowl. Pour some floral perfume into the jar as well. You can place these arrangements in your pooja room and in your living room. Visiting guests will be amazed by this exquisite floral decoration of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Best Ganpati Decoration Ideas At Home 2022

Get some small wicker baskets and fill them with different flowers. Make a bed of small flowers such as marigolds at the bottom and then plant some long-stemmed flowers at the top. Among these flowers include the red hibiscus, which is said to be one of God’s favorite flowers. This multi-floral and colorful fragrant decoration will be very pleasing to the eyes. Now hang these baskets in your pooja room and decorate any other rooms you want.

Combine different flowers and connect them into a round ball. Hang these balls in your home, pooja room and also place some at the feet of Lord Ganpati statue. This simple flower decoration for Ganpati is easy to do and will brighten up your pooja room and home.

Hanging chandeliers give the place a real atmosphere. Decorate your home with a flower candle to celebrate the Lord’s birthday. You can make your own by tying strings of flowers into a chandelier shape or by ordering them from your local florist. Chandeliers can be made from a single type or a group of several flowers. String them in every room paying special attention to the pooja room. This decor will give your home an elegant and welcoming feel for Ganpati celebrations.

You can decorate the entire wall behind the Lord’s idol with flowers. This can be from flowers of different shades of the same color or a mixture of multi-coloured flowers. You can do it yourself or get a florist. This Ganpati flower decoration will look unique and will keep you talking for a long time.

Ganpati Decoration For Home

The idea of ​​decorating Ganpati with flowers is a kind of continuation from above. Why not decorate the ceiling with flowers instead of the walls! With flowers, use decorative lights, hang flower baskets and chandeliers, decorate the pooja room with flower bouquets and let your imagination run wild.

Place flower pots on each step of the stairs. Light candles next to these vases. You can also decorate the stair railing with wreaths. Place ceramic pots or vases filled with flowers on either side of the entrance. Decorate the top and sides with a series of flowers and draw religious motifs on the walls. As soon as a guest enters your living room, they should be greeted with the sight of a festive lamp. All these floral decorations for Ganesh Chaturthi make a gorgeous entrance and a beautiful backdrop to your Ganpati celebration.

The floral motifs are natural and organic. These are just a few of the Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers. You can use your imagination or consult a florist for other beautiful decorations. These decorations will fill your home with fragrance, color and joy on this festival and will also show your faith and devotion in the Lord. . You can also choose to use two or three colors as the theme for your Ganpati flower decoration at home.

Flower Decoration Ideas For Ganpati

After all, Lord Ganesh is an important Hindu deity who is admired and worshiped by many. Hence, people celebrate festivals like Diwali and Ganesha Chaturthi with fun and entertainment and install idols in homes with lots of Ganpati flower decorations. For Diwali celebrations this year, we have listed some of the best flower decoration ideas for Lakshmi and Ganesha idols at home. Of course, you can also use these flower decorations for any other puja at home. When you choose to decorate your Ganpati statue with flowers, find inspiration from some flower decorating ideas and images.

Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas For Home, School And Office

We will share with you some of the simplest and most complex flower decoration ideas for Lakshmi Ganesh Puja. Read on to learn more about Ganpati flower decorating ideas and see these photos for inspiration.

If, like us, you love simple and simple marigold flowers, then this Ganpati flower arrangement is for you. These flowers are closely associated with Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. Beautify your Lakshmi Ganesha idols in the background with velvet threads. Also decorate the idols with beautiful Lakshmi Ganesha Diwali Puja garlands.

Marigold garlands are very common in Hindu rituals, and for good reason. It is a symbol of the sun and is known to bring positivity and brightness to the environment.

Be different – go for floral prints. Add to the beauty of your Laxmi and Ganpati decor this Diwali with a beautiful floral print background like the image above. You can create a backdrop using a red/maroon/orange or yellow printed floral curtain or a scarf. This gives another charm to your mandir. Add pendant lights to the curtain/dash and you will have a beautiful Lakshmi Ganesh Mandir ready.

Ganpati Makhar Ideas To Welcome Lord Ganesha

Use different flowers to create concentric circles of flowers around Ganesha Lakshmi idols. In the photo above, white daisy petals form the outer circle, followed by orange marigold flowers in a circular pattern. Then the yellow marigold flower petals fill the inner circle. You can use 3 to 5 flower petals of different colors and according to your taste, create 3 to 5 concentric circles around the idols. This simple and easy style looks beautiful too.

White roses have a special meaning: they symbolize purity, innocence and loyalty. Hence, they make great choices as Ganpati flower decorations.

Once you have selected the right background (which can be a feature wall in your home), create a square frame and line it with white flowers as in the photo above. Don’t forget to add a touch of green. It beautifully highlights the whiteness of the roses. You can also turn on some lights to add to the overall ambiance.

Flower Decoration Ideas For Ganpati

If you want to choose something elegant, choose a simple yet elegant design like the image above. You can use diya and ganpati flower decorations at home and work with different flowers in different colors like marigold, jasmine, orchids, rose etc. Use flowers to create concentric circles in a rangoli-like design. Add some flower threads to the back of the Ganpati Mandapa as well by placing a vase on both sides.

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Place different types of diyas aesthetically – some inside a flower rangoli, some as lamps next to the idol and perhaps hanging diyas from the sides.

Take inspiration from the above image and create a Ganpati flower decoration in the form of Shesha – Lord Vishnu is the king of all snakes found in many places. According to mythology, Shesha carries all the planets in her various headdresses and is known to sing the praises of Vishnu from her mouth. The entire frame can be made using marigolds – they are not only symbolic, but also beautiful, to say the least.

Create an eye-catching shrine with this Ganpati floral ornament design that uses roses, orchids, and carnations. Each flower has a specific symbol that adds to the beauty of this idea. Orchids represent beauty, magic and love. Roses symbolize courage and purity, while carnations symbolize sweetness and good luck. Throw in some leaves and snake plants and you can create a design like the image above. Just use it

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