Home Design 3d Kerala

Home Design 3d Kerala – A house is a dream and the biggest investment in life. And it’s never cake. When realizing such a desire, a holistic view of the property is necessary. We need to be able to keep track of the smaller details related to the house to keep costs down and make sure the house is built the way we want it to be. 2D floor plans reveal a lot about the house. With different line drawings, they show us the basic structure of the house. However, 3D plans offer us something different. 3-dimensional floor plans allow us to see exactly what your house will look like when it’s finished. In other words, it makes it easier for us to visualize our dream house even before it is built.

Because of the visualization capabilities, 3D designs communicate more effectively than two-dimensional designs. Communication is key to success. When working on such a fascinating and complex project, flawless communication is a must. Changes or recommendations made after or during construction can be difficult and expensive. 3D plans allow customers unfamiliar with 2D plans to reduce confusion and make desired changes by examining a realistically built house structure. It is more detailed and shows fully furnished pictures of your home, while 2D plans simply show a diagram or plan. 2D plans are skeletons, while 3D plans are solids. Looking at the whole body is more appropriate than looking at the skeleton.

Home Design 3d Kerala

Home Design 3d Kerala

3D plans are much more than just useful in building a structure. It is clear that they intend to support us until the last round. We arrange rooms and home furniture with one click. We can see what each plan would look like and change it according to our imagination. It saves us time and effort while allowing us to gain some perspective on the home from the construction phase to the furnishing phase. It creates a virtual reality that allows us to see the house before it is built, trying to make the construction process much more transparent. 3D designs reduce the probability of errors and help in early detection of errors, thereby facilitating the search for solutions. Evens Construction advises and supports you to build your home according to your wishes and interests. Your home can be affordable and stylish. We have plans. Build your dream home in Kerala with budget and complete plans. Headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala, Evens Construction has over ten years of experience in residential and commercial construction. We provide contract work and help you realize your ideal home. Sharpen your creativity. We design your dreams. Evens Construction is with you. This house is special because of its distinctive architecture. There are two floors of 2,172 square meters, but it is as if they are combined into one.

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This design alone makes the house look tall, plush and elegant. Even the lack of distinctive pillars further emphasizes its unique beauty.

The first floor plan of this house covers an area of ​​1098 square meters. The architect dedicated this space exclusively to 3 spacious bedrooms – each with an attached luxury bathroom.

One of these bedrooms has enough space for two separate beds. Therefore, it can be an ideal room for your children.

All these rooms are connected to a spacious living room. It overlooks the balcony and opens up to the stairs that will take you to the roof.

Designs By 3d & Cad Jithu R, Kollam

Unlike the first floor, the ground floor has everything you need to make your home complete. It starts with saving car space and has enough space to park one vehicle at a time.

Climbing the few steps to the right of the carport will bring you to the main entrance of this house. It then opens into the living room, which can accommodate many guests at the same time.

It is on this floor that the dining room is located, which overlooks the beautiful courtyard. Whoever dines here will not only enjoy the meals served, but also the view in front of you.

Home Design 3d Kerala

As expected, the kitchen is located in close proximity to the dining room. So, serving food from pan to plate would be child’s play.

Bedroom Modern House 3d Rendering

One of the 4 promised bedrooms is also located on this floor. Depending on its size and its attached bathroom, it can also be considered as a master bedroom.

Are you an architect or designer? Send us your work at [email protected] and we’ll publish it absolutely free! Architectural and interior design firms increasingly rely on 3D rendering approaches, from the project presentation stage to project execution. The method helps to simplify the presentation of the functionality and style of the room, which is the main reason for its popularity.

In the past, interior designers and architects relied on approaches such as modeling, illustration and sketching to present concepts and schemes to clients. Interior designers and architects now need advanced visualization technologies with augmented reality capabilities. These are the criteria followed by interior designers in Kerala.

One of the biggest obstacles in the decision of the client and the interior design companies was that the home, apartment or office did not look like they expected. A non-technical customer cannot be described with a 2D drawing of the work environment. With 3D visualization, we can offer the client an almost realistic representation with real images, which helps to make decisions faster.

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Using 3D visualization technologies, interior designers can effectively make essential adjustments in a short time, which would otherwise be difficult. Traditional sketching or design methods allow very little or no adjustments to the design after the execution is complete. Unlike other architectural design methodologies, this provides unrealistic alternatives to quickly change the tone and style of any model.

With the increase in traditional work methods and the practice of hiring interior design teams and architects from remote locations, 3D visualization with digital versions has made the planning and review process easier. This house stands out from the rest for several reasons, and its height can be taken as one. The cuboid columns stand as high as possible, raising the veranda and balcony.

The architect didn’t use any curves, but all the sharp edges and fine lines work as a great substitute. In fact, they emphasize the overall beauty of the house in a way that curved architecture cannot.

Home Design 3d Kerala

The roof has a slight slope, but covers only a small part of the first floor, as the rest is dedicated to a nice open balcony. The walls would be plain if it weren’t for the messy brick design that adorns the edges.

Awesome 3d Rendering Of Front And Side View Of Modern House

In the lower layer of the ground floor, you can see a granite layer that perfectly matches the gray design of the roof and walls. Balcony railings are simple and don’t try to steal attention from the rest of the house.

The total area of ​​the two floors is 1845 square meters. Within this space should be located 3 spacious bedrooms and 3 luxurious bathrooms, porch with parking space for one vehicle, sofa set, comfortable living rooms, spacious dining room, pantry kitchen with comfortable work space, simple balconies and a large open terrace .

Do you like the height and floor plan of this house? Then do not hesitate to contact an architect for more information about the plan and costs.

Are you an architect or designer? Send us your work at [email protected] and we’ll publish it absolutely free!

Designs By Contractor Ashutosh Nema, Bhopal

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