Wall Painting Design Ideas For Living Room

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No one wants to stare at a blank wall all day, which is why wall art is such a vital part of the decorating process. Once you start brainstorming, the rest is easy (if there aren’t too many great wall decor ideas to choose from). From gallery walls to DIY pieces like framing your accessories and large pictures, we have plenty of wall art ideas to inspire your creativity. And where better to look for inspiration than the walls decorated by an interior designer? Read on to see which wall decor ideas and galleries you’d like to recreate in your home.

Wall Painting Design Ideas For Living Room

Wall Painting Design Ideas For Living Room

A series of framed nude figures are so appropriate for a bathroom gallery wall. In this small bathroom designed by Andrew Brown Interiors, the warm background of the wallpaper makes the artwork pop even more.

Creative Ways To Add Color Block Walls To Your Interior Design

Books run the show in this stylish media room designed by Brigette Romanek, but there’s still room for some black-and-white prints to break up the stacks. She glued them to the shelf dividers and adjusted the directions so there was a size measurement.

In this Emil Dervish entry, this gorgeous cobalt blue door steals the show. To bring even more drama, he enlarged the painting. to the door frame and up the wall, ending in an arch. The curves, together with a spherical applique, soften the edges. Next, vintage poster frames and maps of beloved locations will set the stage.

A minimalist, modern interior can still boast a gallery wall. In this coastal dream bedroom designed by Studio DIAA, framed prints add a touch of art without compromising the neutral, understated vibe.

Jenny Dina Kirschner filled this lounge with good treasures that came from the chair. The picture gallery enlivens the whole room and plays up the high ceilings (which means more vertical space!) instead of cluttering the small room with too much furniture.

Living Room Wall Decor Design Ideas For Your Home Interiors

Wall-to-wall wallpaper creates a sense of intimacy, as if you were looking at a painting alone in a museum, in this living room by Raji RM. The scale alone will leave you in awe, while the accessible materials throughout the space bring it down for a bit of approach.

The miniatures are too cute to be thrown into a dollhouse. Display small framed photos for a subtle but beautiful gallery wall in the bedroom. Traditional gold frames are an unexpected twist in this space designed by Jae Joo.

Equal parts grand and relaxing, this Anthony Baratta-designed hallway is the perfect blueprint to follow if you’re decorating a formal entryway that still feels casual and inviting. Patterned fabrics take center stage (see the rugs and the sofa), but they also help bring high ceilings down to human scale when hung with wallpaper.

Wall Painting Design Ideas For Living Room

Back to the usual gallery wall? A wall gallery of antique hand mirrors. Grouped together, these simple, eclectic mirrors work like art (and reflect light beautifully).

Paint Colour Ideas For Your Living Room

In this sleek, minimalist bedroom designed by Crosby Studios, a large abstract figure is painted directly on the walls. It stretches from the wall to the ceiling, making the room feel more polished and whole but still organic.

Stacks of books give character and depth to this simple wooden bench in an uncluttered entryway designed by Jeffrey Dungan. Plus, because it’s lower than a console table, there’s extra wall space for this gorgeous gallery wall, which is a wonderful mix of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Two large canvases fill the large wall of this contemporary living room by AP Design House. Rough coats of bright white paint pop against cream-painted walls while staying neutral so peach and navy accents can keep the color focus.

Other frames, sizes and shapes make this experimental gallery wall of mirrors in a dining room by Cecilia Casagrande fun and practical.

Creative Diy Accent Wall Ideas To Try At Home

Or, install two mirrors directly across from each other for the effect of an endless gallery of mirrors. The infinity effect works well in a modern, minimalist setting, like this bathroom designed by Kristin Fine.

You can hang your art on the wall and call it a day, or you can pay special attention to choosing the right background for an even bigger effect. Here, the amazing Miles Redd put a piece of modern art on a classic mural that covers contrast and just a little fun.

Think outside the box with accessories that bounce light and create fun illusions. The most obvious example is the disco ball, which Leanne Ford makes a strong case for in this contrasting living room.

Wall Painting Design Ideas For Living Room

When you’re running out of wall space or just need to hide a less-than-perfect look, hang your artwork in a window. Interior designer Krystal Mathews found the perfect sized artwork and frame to liven up the window seat while letting in plenty of light.

Cool And Creative Ways To Paint Your Walls (and Add Some Pizzazz)

A gallery wall doesn’t have to take up the entire room. In fact, sometimes a little one can make a bigger style statement. In this living room, Hiedi Caillier chose micro-detailed frames and a random composition.

Designer Juan Carretero chose a deep green paint color to contrast with the light wood finishes. And while hanging a decorative accent on the back wall, she introduced art by securing a small frame to a baluster.

Highlight your artwork by installing a sconce on top. Interior designer Jean Liu let this beautiful painting dictate the color scheme throughout the room, tempering its pops of blue with neutral tones and plenty of rough texture.

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Your living room is one of the most visible and frequently used spaces in your home. This is where you entertain guests and where you can convey your personality and tastes to friends and family. Whether you’re drawn to a bold and vibrant design sense or something more relaxed and understated, your living room paint ideas should be unique to you.

Wall Painting Design Ideas For Living Room

The great thing about painting is that it’s affordable and something you can easily do yourself, making it a cost-effective option if you’re on a budget. You can choose something bold and bright, something quiet and rounded or something unexpected. Whatever you have in mind, check out these 9 amazing ideas for a DIY living room paint makeover.

Best Living Room Wall Painting Trends

Get inspired by these living room paint ideas that will help you easily transform one of the most important rooms in your home.

Painting a mural on the wall is a great way to update your living room paint job with something a little different. If you already have your own design, reproduce it on your wall or ask an artist to create something. If there is a particular piece of art you like, you can base your mural around that, or even a photo you’ve taken could be reproduced in a painting.

The possibilities are endless. Let the wallpaper show your personality, so if you love comics, why not have a comic strip painted on your wall? Or a giant unicorn? Whatever you choose, make sure the wallpaper matches the rest of the room and doesn’t look out of place; you don’t want it to be the focal point of the room for the wrong reasons.

Geometric living room painting is all the rage right now. From a feature wall with bold geometric blocks of color to a gray and white Tetris vibe; Geometric living room paint ideas are exploding on the scene. Popular living room colors for design are gray and white geometric paint, pastels, and contrasting lights.

Simple Wall Paint Ideas That Will Transform Your Interior On A Budget

Your design doesn’t have to be loud; it can be light gray chevrons on a white wall or a few complementary colors painted in large blocks. If you want your design to make noise, try bold colors broken up with white lines. Take the time to plan your design on paper before you even think about pulling out your brush.

Color blocking is a great way to introduce modern color schemes into a living room design. You can introduce some bright colors like this,

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