Indian Vastu Shastra For Home

Indian Vastu Shastra For Home – Vaastu Shastra is currently loved across the planet. The human need for harmony and peace that Vaastu Shastra uses to design homes and buildings should help ensure better health, prosperity and life satisfaction. Therefore, Vastu plays a very important role for a home as it determines the quality of life. Healthy frequencies can be channeled and unwanted frequencies can be avoided by using good Vastu in the home. The main reason for this is that it provides positive energy and removes all the negative aspects of human life. How a terrible Vastu house can cause health problems, family conflicts, money problems, career disappointment etc. Therefore, proper guidance and knowledge about Vastu at home is essential for every home owner. Before building a house, one should consult Vastu Shastra specialists and determine the direction of the house which has a very good effect on the individual and the family condition of the person and also improves the health and performance of the people. house

Vastu guidelines for a house is a formula for keeping certain things in the house. The guidelines of the house indicate the main door, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, living room, staircase and puja room etc. position Apart from the color of the walls, the height of the wall and the position of the furniture are the same. is important

Indian Vastu Shastra For Home

Indian Vastu Shastra For Home

This article explains all the points of Vastu instructions at home. Before discussing the Vastu directions of the house, you need to understand the correct Vastu direction of the house. First let us know about Vastu house covering and its importance.

Vaastu For Home

There are many myths about which direction a house should face according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. Many people believe that houses facing north or east give good results; According to Vastu Shastra, this is a completely wrong concept. All four directions are promising for covering the house, but in any direction the main door is the most important.

Which house direction gives good or bad results depends on many factors. These factors are based on the native’s profession, astrological chart and Ayurvedic nature (Prakriti).

A house facing east, VastuVitatha and Grihahat are two padas in south which are considered auspicious.

Let us know how you do home vastu check or how Applied Vastu Consultancy do home vastu check?

Vastu Shastra Tips To Design Your Office Cabin

Before checking any Vastu building we need two pieces of information. One is the floor plan of the building and the other is the correct orientation. If you look at the image below, you will see that a large circle is drawn on the scale map of the house. Direction 14 degrees east (90 – 76 = 14 degrees). 16 Vastu regions and 32 entrances are now clearly understood. The location of the main door of the house, as an example, falls in S1 (Anil pada). The kitchen is located in the east-southeast direction. The location of the kitchen is not suitable for the house according to Vastu principles. The stairs in the north-northwest turn counterclockwise. The bathroom is facing northeast. The toilet is in the eastern part.

There are three bedrooms in total, one North East and North North East, one West North West and West North West, one South West and South South West. The living/dining room and sitting room are located in the center of the building. The location of main doors, stairs and various rooms analyzed here covers 85 percent of the Vastu of the entire house. The remaining 25% of Vastu depends on the arrangement of household furniture, color of walls, height of building, slope of land, position of water tank, septic tank etc.

Residential Vastu should be assessed by astrological-numerological calculations with individual persons taking into account all the factors mentioned above. If a person wants to check his eighth house, he should learn the general principles.

Indian Vastu Shastra For Home

The main gate/entrance to the house is not only for security or beauty, according to Vastu Shastra the location of the main door is very important. According to Vastu Shastra, if there is a Vastu defect at the location of the main gate of a house, the residents of that house may face problems due to physical, mental and financial reasons. If you choose a house with an uneven main door, it can also be responsible for family diseases. Before building or buying a new home, you should think carefully about the location of the main door.

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Vastu purusha mandala has 45 energy fields (Devtas). Brahma sits in the middle, this is called brahma viti. Brahma viti is surrounded by deva viti. Deva viti surrounded by manushya viti. Manushya viti is surrounded by paishacha viti. On the outer edge is the Paishacha Viti which has 32 padas. 32 gods are seated in each pada. The main door is placed on the outside of the building. The main gate is located in any one of at least one pada among the 32 divisions. Among the 32 soles, 10 are pleasant. Bhallat, Soma / Soma facing north is suitable for Mukhya house. If Home Vitatha is south, Gruhakchat is benevolent. Jayant and Mahendra pada are suitable for houses facing east while Sugreev, Pushpadant, Varun are suitable for west facing houses.

In the image above, the locations of the good doors are marked with a straight sign and the locations of the bad doors are marked with a cross.

The kitchen is an important part of the house. Here food is cooked on fire. According to the Indian Vastu Shastra, fire is one of the five elements and the kitchen is part of the fire element. Fire elements symbolize financial prosperity and security. So the location and decoration of the kitchen should be as per Vastu shastra.

• Position of kitchen: According to the rules of Vastu shastra, the position of kitchen in South-East (Agni) and South-South-East is considered most auspicious. Also, a kitchen can be built in the north-west corner and on the west side.

Tips To Check Vastu For Your Home

• Arrangement of gas oven and cooking surface: A kitchen means there must be a fireplace. Now the question arises about the location and orientation of the gas stove or cooker. According to Vastu rules, a gas stove facing east is considered best for the house. on the other hand, stoves facing north are considered the worst.

• Kitchen color: According to our observations, the color of the kitchen depends on its location or position. Color selection is done to balance the five elements of Vastu Shastra and according to the 16 zone bar chart. The color of the kitchen should be chosen so that it looks fresh, spacious and clean. Warm colors are usually preferred in kitchens. Red, green, yellow are preferred by the owner of the house.

The bedroom is the place in your home where a third of the day is spent for rest, relaxation and refreshment. In Maimata, a freestanding bed is considered Vastu. In other words, Vastu Shastra gives more importance to the bedroom. So the bedroom should be furnished and designed according to Vastu shastra. These Vastu tips for sleep are definitely important.

Indian Vastu Shastra For Home

• Advice on sleeping position: There are special rules for determining the position of the bedroom in any home. Many people believe that the southwest bedroom is the most productive. However, according to the applied practice of Vastu, a southwest bedroom is not suitable for everyone. Southwest bedroom is not suitable for people with heart disease. The location of the bedroom depends on prakiti (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and its occupancy. For example, a bedroom in the east is suitable for a politician, while a bedroom in the south southwest is suitable for singers and famous people.

House Construction With Correct Vastu |timesproperty

• Bed placement tips: The bed should not be in front of any bedroom door. It is better to lean the head of the bed against the wall. The windows at the head of the bed are amazing. In a northern hemisphere home, the head of the bed should never face north. And in a southern hemisphere home, the head of the bed should never face south.

• Position of mirror in the bedroom: According to Vastu shastra, it is best to avoid mirrors in the bedroom as much as possible. If this is not possible, the mirror can be placed on the north or east wall of the bedroom. Position the mirror so that the bed is not directly reflected in the mirror.

• Sleeping direction: According to the rules of Vastu, the head should never lie towards the north while sleeping in the northern hemisphere.

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