Modern Rustic Cabin Interior Design

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed of leaving it all behind and heading to the woods to build a luxurious modern cabin. Cabin Porn, the wildly popular 2015 coffee table book, confirms that this is just a fantasy. But whether you have a cabin in the woods or not, if you know the simple keys to modern-rustic decor, you can create a similar look downtown.

Modern Rustic Cabin Interior Design

Modern Rustic Cabin Interior Design

Ready to give your space a cozy weekend getaway look? Check out more of these modern decorating ideas.

How To Add Rustic Touches To Your Living Room: Fall / Winter Design Guide

Draw inspiration from nature to create a rustic retreat. This wooden kitchen combines natural warm wood with a dark green color palette to great effect. Mid-century lighting and clean subway tile add a modern touch to balance the space.

Sometimes the best way to decorate a space is the simplest way. An example is the staircase in a mountain house. Floor-to-ceiling reclaimed wood lends an overall rustic charm, while black hardware and simple designs update and complete the space.

The warmth and atmosphere of a roaring fire is unmatched, so it’s no surprise that fireplaces are often at the center of rustic design. We love the dark and moody look of a rustic living room where a stunning fireplace is the focal point. The layered texture adds another element of comfort that invites you to dive in.

Reclaimed wood walls are a feature of the rustic decor, but this space’s sleek, black windows give the room a modern touch. If the architectural style of your apartment is very modern, include some luxury elements, but avoid overloading the room by keeping the furniture and accessories simple.

Rustic Chic Mountain Home In The Rocky Mountain Foothills

Take a note from this rustic dining area and install a wooden barn door in your living space for instant style—it doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact. This corner is decorated with all natural materials, but the extremely bright light gives it a modern touch.

If you are blessed with great architectural features, take advantage of these assets. In a historic Maine home, original beams line the dining room, while traditional decor such as black Windsor chairs, light wood tables, and glass chandeliers are complemented with modern touches.

Colonial New York living spaces have a traditional country feel thanks to all the rich woods and classic architecture. By bringing in a mid-century Eames chair and pairing it with rustic decor, this designer has created a wonderful style for the space.

Modern Rustic Cabin Interior Design

There’s a lot to love about this airy bedroom. A rope pendant hangs from a large tree that serves as a bedroom with greenery above, while a wool carpet and wooden bench add texture and make the space more cozy and layered. At the same time, light walls and linen open up the space and allow it to breathe.

Woodsy Mountain Cabin In Martis Camp Blends Modern With Rustic

The surest way to create a cozy cabin atmosphere is to bring the outdoors in. Earthy elements like stone, wood, natural fabrics and plants add that rustic vibe. Keep furniture clean and modern for balance.

Paint brick and wood accents white to give your space a modern infusion. Offering a modern twist on classic styles, this walk-in dining room has been updated with paint and new furniture, including Windsor chairs and a raw wood table.

Create an airy modern luxury feel by installing natural wood accent walls in your bedroom. Thin planks will give the space an unusual look. Keep the decor simple by finishing it off with a crisp linen bedspread in white or oat.

Paneled walls, antique wooden tables and Windsor chairs are rustic style staples, but the space feels fresh and modern thanks to a limited color palette with daisies, simple lighting and greenery. But the real star of this room is the view. make unconscious

A Cozy Modern Rustic Cabin In The Trees

From concrete, wood and beadboard to building textures such as marble, velvet and cotton, this sumptuous traditional dining room has many layers of luxury that create structural variation. It all comes together to create a cohesive space.

When flooring a room, consider the overall color palette to keep everything cohesive. However, avoid getting things too close.

This Malibu home has reclaimed wood ceilings that remain natural and fresh white paint on the walls. Blue accents appear on the wood and white color palette, making the space fresh, light and beachy.

Modern Rustic Cabin Interior Design

The large windows in this hall call for an all-white interior. Sand large plank flooring to a matte, light finish to give the space an airy feel. Matte black hardware anchors the space, and a single wooden chair stands out against the evergreens growing outside. This space is as casual (and dreamy) as it gets.

Keep It Cozy: Modern Rustic Home Décor Ideas

Sturdy antiques, especially those with weathered wood or chipped paint finishes, can help create a modern look. Vintage desks, filing cabinets and vintage decor create a luxurious feel in this charming office, while light wooden floors contrast with painted walls for a fresh, modern feel.

Leather is effortless, luxurious and sophisticated. Leather furniture or accent pieces can be incorporated into your space and mixed with new or old leather in any color you like, but we recommend browns.

If your space is too shabby, one simple way to give it a quick update is to update the lighting. Contrasting elegant and modern style elements – mid-century inspired fixtures work especially well.

If you’re looking for a rustic home, this Maine living room mixes and matches styles for an overall eclectic effect. The more you combine graphics and traditional prints and everything in between, the more fun you’ll have.

Rustic Cabin Interior

Even an old bathroom, like this historic home in Seattle, can be given a modern and luxurious feel. Traditional elements like subway tiles and shower counters are kept fresh and modern with a splash of white. A few rustic accents add warmth and depth to the space.

Brighten up an otherwise bland space with a fresh coat of paint, like an open and airy foyer. The rustic decor, set against a stark white backdrop, has a charming, welcoming yet modern feel, a perfect combination.

Have we noticed that all luxury homes and fancy cottages have one thing in common? Nice and careful mess. Take a look at this amazing country kitchen. Notice how the counters, shelves and pantry are overflowing with attractive kitchenware and storage containers.

Modern Rustic Cabin Interior Design

Adding an organic touch can instantly bring a touch of nature into your space through artwork or live plants. The bedroom in this cozy cabin is what you’d find deep in the woods – wood paneling, stone floors, vintage furniture and rustic, white linens and organic decor bring it to life.

Woodland Cabins That Showcase Modern Rustic Style Beautifully

If you want to add a touch of luxury, choose to hang wallpaper in a style that suits you. Vintage patterns, graphic plaids and organic prints can all translate well to a country setting, so be sure to consider your options.

For balance, try contrasting wallpaper and furniture styles. For example, combine modern graphic wallpaper with antique furniture or vintage printed wallpaper with clean, modern pieces.

Decorate your kitchen with paint. Create a vintage feel with this green kitchen enamel coat and accent dark green subway tile with wood grain that’s perfect for any rustic or modern hideaway.

There is nothing more natural than being outdoors. Create a private outdoor retreat for an easy escape. Start with a sitting area, add some plants, hang some string lights, and it’s an instant oasis. Few things come close to being magical in a cabin in the woods. But if your vacation is a little run down, consider revitalizing its charm and updating the style. With our top cabin interior design tips and ideas, you’ll be easing into your tired hideaway in no time. Read on to create your modern cabin interior!

Before & After: Log Cabin Modern Interior Refresh

Modern cabin interior design ideas have gone beyond the favorites and the results are extraordinary. Plush sofas, warm woods and low lighting have their place in every cozy retreat, but so do polished accessories and elegant furniture. What’s more, the most stunning homes have as much luxury appeal as sophistication.

What we love: The contemporary style’s simple lines and sleek silhouettes contrast beautifully with the luxurious cabin interior design. By modernizing the cabin, the interior will resemble a modern farmhouse style.

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Modern Rustic Cabin Interior Design

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