Outdoor Home Design Front Porch

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From the amount of glass to the double decker, these front porches make us want to put our feet up and take in the view. But these beautiful patios are not always like that.

Outdoor Home Design Front Porch

Outdoor Home Design Front Porch

Adding a coat of paint can update almost any space, but you don’t always have to completely change the functionality of an area. Sometimes you need to bring a hammer and nails and turn your front or back yard into a construction site. Add some string lights or new wicker furniture, and you will be more than happy when you see the end result. Check out our best before and after porch designs that you have to see and believe. Find your next front porch makeover idea.

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Before the renovation, the entrance of the 600 square foot house was just a stop. The building, which has a crawl space and an unstable foundation, has hazardous materials that need to be replaced. There is no seating or reception area in front of this old building.

The homeowner outgrew and damaged the front porch, turning it into a 28 by 8 foot porch. Instead of closing the front door, the opposite porch allows guests to sit and chat. New roof lines, shutters, and columns completely change the exterior of the house.

An old car and a bathroom need a look to balance the value of this area. With plenty of room to extend this outdoor living space, the new space will extend the homeowners’ entertaining abilities. There is also an opportunity to improve the landscape to realize those ideas.

Outdoor clothing covers the siding and the renovated cabana allows the homeowners to enjoy this space come rain or shine. Artificial turf supports the space as an unexpected bed. Potted plants and box gardens enhance the space by turning it into a green space.

Front Porch Plant Ideas That Bring Instant Curb Appeal

The patio, which is obstructed by large air, is not attached to the house. The application contains real estate and is not for the benefit of the owners. The change in the layout of this area opens up opportunities for alternative living spaces.

An outdoor family room extends the living space. The bistro-style setting allows for plenty of seating with elegant European decor. Adding an outdoor pendant light fixture makes this ivy covered patio a place to enjoy day or night.

Without shade, the yard needs a covered gathering area. Unfurnished, the empty lot became a disorganized space for farm tools and outdoor items. Sconces provide lighting options, but the site does not achieve its full potential as soon as it is used.

Outdoor Home Design Front Porch

The owner of the house puts 10 wide holes from the 30 meter steel pergola and wisteria plants, which will become a beautiful cover. He made the overhead lights by turning pickle jars into pendants. An outdoor fireplace adds comfort to this relaxing dining area.

Exterior Light Fixtures: Choose Your Style & Finish

A large family gathers in this historic townhouse every year for Thanksgiving. Before they were converted, they kept the festival indoors. Although the stairs provided a good space in the yard, some improvements could make it more functional.

The new space includes an outdoor kitchen, dining area, and sitting room covered in beautiful brick. Moving the stairs to both sides allows for more guests and better water. Eating marshmallows is possible while sitting around the fire pit and enjoying the great porch renovation.

The homeowner wants the space to be a home gym. Chaos is as much an uninhabitable space as it is a permanent construction zone. A significant renovation transforms this outdoor patio into an open space full of endless possibilities.

Evergreen ground cover, bluestone tile, and gravel keep things simple. There are no lawns to mow here, but the lawns still support halls and private retreats. A neutral palette complements a Cape Cod style home.

Summer Front Porch Ideas

We spend a lot of time in front of our house, whether we are socializing, relaxing, unwinding, or eating. For this reason, our patios should receive the same attention as other parts of our home. We think these five porch items — including plenty of seating and a well-placed ceiling fan — are must-haves for every Southern home.

The community is small, there is no place to meditate, and it needs improvement. The horrendous design limited entertainment and activities to only one indoor location. The stairs have holes on their sides, which are a risk of falling and not good for stability.

The addition of French doors allows people to move easily between indoors and outdoors. Replacing the wooden deck with a paver gives the space a sense of permanence. The wide staircase also eliminates tripping hazards and creates a beautiful entrance.

Outdoor Home Design Front Porch

Homeowners use the opportunity to collect furniture that has no place in their home. Having a beautiful porch is the envy of every homeowner, so taking full advantage of this space is a no-brainer. The seating arrangement does not encourage conversation because the seats are far apart.

How To Make Your Front Porch Look Expensive: Experts Advise |

Outdoor curtains, a white wicker sofa, and a wicker chair create a comfortable place for conversation. Purple pillows and a variety of tropical garden bring lots of color. Pendants make the space shine.

A space of 130 square meters is too small for a dining table or sofa. Surrounded by windows, this space can be a great place to entertain. When looking around the garden, it is important to appreciate more than the view of this room.

Four chairs at the table look a bit cramped and give the space a good sense of purpose. Two 6-foot fig trees enliven the front door. An area rug defines the home, but the types of entertainment opportunities in this space are endless.

A leaky roof, structural issues, and joint damage caused this short porch to completely collapse. Sometimes you need to tear down a porch before it can be rebuilt. With most of the integrity of the door damaged, starting from the floor in this renovation is important.

House Front Designs You Can’t Stop Admiring

In addition to restoring records, fixing the foundation, and adding stone steps, the homeowners inspect it to make it easier to use every year. A good house is not damaged by raising the porch in time but without damage to the structure. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed forest views.

The double front porch brought a beautiful farmhouse look to the exterior, but the dilapidated and abandoned exterior made it tough love. Everything needs to be replaced in the current structure, from the roof to the screen door. The space is looking for a relaxing patio but needs to be remodeled first.

The 19th century house has a new porch that gives it a nice farmhouse look. Designed to inspire conversation, white chairs and area rugs define the space. A modern ceiling fan keeps this patio cool on hot summer days.

Outdoor Home Design Front Porch

Before the reconstruction, there was no outdoor living space. This project can be designed to suit the needs of the owners because there is no starting point. Blank paper is an opportunity but also a challenge.

Covered Porch Ideas

An L-shaped porch creates a space for relaxation and gathering. The space, which is heated, allows for entertaining throughout the year. Along with the double doors that expand the interior-exterior space.

A large cabinet serving as a focal point was boring, and the cold weather without a heat source prevented this porch from being used in the winter. From a side room, the patio expands to a sun-filled space through windows and doors. The change in the layout in the house solved the opportunities that the owners lost by limiting the time in this space.

Replacing this feature with a stone fireplace allows homeowners to use this feature year-round and create a desirable space. Contrasting armchairs and other ottomans offer more seating options. With two wooden sides, the fireplace is the perfect centerpiece for this room.

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