The Most Beautiful Swimming Pool

The Most Beautiful Swimming Pool – They are breathtaking. They open their eyes. They were gaping. We’re counting down our list of the 10 most amazing swimming pools in the world! Trust us… you’ll want to add them to your swimming pool list.

First we went to Helsinki, Finland. Located in Helsinki Harbor, you will find the Allas Sea Pool floating terrace. It has 3 swimming pools: a 25-meter warm water pool, a cold ocean pool and a children’s play pool.

The Most Beautiful Swimming Pool

The Most Beautiful Swimming Pool

The heated swimming pool, kept at a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius all year round, is the perfect place for outdoor exercise, even on frosty winter days! Watch the boats pass between the sights or watch the beautiful sunset while swimming.

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If you want to experience the health benefits of cold water swimming, swim in a seawater pool. This pool, with a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and filled with filtered sea water, will make you feel refreshed and full of energy.

Located off the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are famous for their sunny weather, wonderful beaches and delicious food. But they’re also home to one of the world’s most luxurious resorts for active travelers: Club La Santa! Situated on the island of Lanzarote, this resort is a swimmer’s paradise, boasting two swimming stadiums and three eight-lane, 50-meter pools. You’ll never have to worry about finding a lane here!

Perfect your technique with a private lesson or head to the club’s private lagoon and learn to swim in the open water!

This pool is at the top of many swimmers’ bucket lists, and for good reason! This 50m Sydney swimming pool is situated directly on the water and offers stunning views of Bondi Beach. It has been a regional landmark for over 100 years and is home to the Bondi Icebergs Club, founded in 1929 to help lifeguards stay fit during the winter months.

The Most Beautiful Outdoor Swimming Pools In Paris And Île De France

The club meets every Sunday from May to September for swimming. To maintain membership, Icebergs must swim at least 3 Sundays per month for 5 consecutive years. What a commitment!

The pool can accommodate a maximum of 24 swimmers at any one time, so it’s worth arriving early or booking online!

If you want to rest and relax faster, go to Budapest! Ever since the Romans built the first baths in the city, tourists have been flocking to Budapest to experience its famous healing pools.

The Most Beautiful Swimming Pool

Built in 1913, the Széchenyi Baths have 18 pools filled with water from two natural springs. Bathing in one of these baths is said to have a strong healing effect. The water is rich in minerals including calcium, sulfate, magnesium, bicarbonate, fluorine and metaboric acid. The water temperature ranges from 18 to 38 degrees Celsius, so everyone will find something for themselves.

Most Beautiful Pools In The World 2020

If you visit Széchenyi, look out for bathers playing chess while enjoying the warm water, surrounded by the beautiful baroque architecture of the baths. After a relaxing bath, visit one of the 10 saunas or enjoy a massage!

Since the 1950s, Cape Town residents have tried to maintain peace in this seaside location. With water sourced from the nearby ocean, the Olympic-size swimming pool and two smaller pools are the perfect stop for sunbathing and ocean views.

You may be thinking: with the ocean right next to you, why not go to the beach? The water here is cold all year round, and the Sea Point Pavillion pools are always 10 degrees Celsius warmer than the ocean.

Located in London’s Tooting Common, the swimming pool is the largest freshwater swimming pool in the UK. It is 91 meters long and 30 meters wide and holds 1 million gallons of water!

Amazing Pools: 8 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In The World 🏊

The pool opened in 1906 as a swimming pool and has since been modernized to accommodate professional swimmers, including the South London Swimming Club.

Swimming at Tooting Bec Lido is like a private pool experience. When the pool was built, officials required it to be covered by a natural ramp. Today, this section of road is covered with trees and wildlife.

Then we will go to one of the best resorts in Turkey. Titanic Golf Deluxe has 11 – yes, 11! – swimming pools to choose from, including an Olympic-size outdoor pool, heated all year round.

The Most Beautiful Swimming Pool

Get a workout and head to the ocean pool to relax. This is the largest swimming pool in the area, holding 13 million liters of water! Or discover the water slides, Turkish bath or jacuzzi!

Swimming Pool Tiles

If that’s not enough fun for you, take a short walk to the nearby private beach or relax by the river.

If you want to swim in the largest swimming pool in the world, go to Chile! The swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort is over 1 km long and contains 250 million liters of filtered seawater. It covers an area of ​​20 acres – the equivalent of 15 football fields – and reaches a depth of 35 meters. You have to see it to believe it!

Try an underwater swimming simulation in an artificial lagoon, try water skiing or sailing! The Pacific Ocean is right next door, offering a second beach option for water lovers.

Singapore is renowned for its luxurious, unique amenities and this pool is no exception. At 57 stories high, the pool at Skypark Marina Bay Sands is the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool. A feat of architecture and engineering, at 150 meters long, it spans the width of all three of the hotel’s iconic towers.

Swimming Pool In Thailand Stock Photo By ©pakhnyushchyy 74222699

Imagine lying underwater and watching the sunset from a height of over 200 meters! Nothing similar.

However, Skypark is not only the home of this famous swimming pool. You will also find the best restaurants and bars there

We will return to the Canary Islands for more water adventures… this time in natural pools drawing water from the ocean! These pristine lakes are scattered across most of the islands, but Gran Canaria, the largest island, has four must-see spots!

The Most Beautiful Swimming Pool

Some of these pools are man-made, others are completely natural, apart from the addition of steps and diving areas that make it easier to enjoy the water. At Las Salinas de Agaete on Gran Canaria’s north-eastern coast, you can relax in three natural swimming pools, whose fortress-like walls provide additional protection from waves and currents.

Most Amazing Swimming Pools Ever Craziest Pool Designs

These lakes are connected by underwater volcanic tunnels. If you’re lucky, you might spot fish and other sea creatures swimming into the lake during high tide!

Situated on the cliffs of Sicily’s northwest coast, the Città del Mare Hotel Village swimming pool is a paradise for thrill seekers. After all, the swimming pool’s toboggan run is the tallest in Europe.

A series of 11 slides will take you through 3 pools and end with a splash in the Mediterranean Sea! Stop at each pool to admire the views of Castellammare Bay.

After a swim, head to the hotel’s Olympic-sized swimming pool for a workout or take a shuttle to the private beach for a swim.

Swim Laps In Santorini’s Largest Infinity Pool That Overlooks A Volcano

And finally, we head to the West Indies. This beautiful resort on Lake Pichola has one of the most beautiful infinity pools. From the authentic tiles to the breathtaking architecture, you can practically feel the history emanating from this place. From your seat at the pool, you can enjoy panoramic views of the property. If you’re lucky, your hotel room may also have its own swimming pool!

Situated in the 200-year-old Maharana hunting grounds of Mewar, this resort has a 20-acre wildlife sanctuary. Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, Villa Honegg’s heated swimming pool offers a luxurious experience that will warm you from the inside. We can only imagine how stunning this place will be at sunset.

The Red Pool at the Samui Library, one of the most beautiful pools in the world, stands out and is bright with its fiery mosaics. And if you’re looking for a book to read while relaxing by the pool, just step inside and choose from over 1,400 titles.

The Most Beautiful Swimming Pool

Just take the elevator up to the 51st floor of a Kuala Lumpur hotel and you’ll find not just any rooftop, but one with an impressive infinity pool overlooking the entire city skyline. Don’t forget about SPF!

Of The World’s Most Beautiful And Unique Pools

Like a small riad-style jewelry box, this boutique hotel in Marrakech is bursting with life, colors, patterns and textures. And at the heart of it all is a lovely courtyard swimming pool with a relaxing atmosphere.

The 25 villas at this Fiji resort overlook coconut trees, pristine white-sand beaches, the Nawi Mountains or emerald lagoons. Each villa has its own plunge pool and garden, so simply choose the view you like best when doing the backstroke.

Immerse yourself in a huge thermal pool and watch the Northern Lights on this Iceland getaway. This amazing pool deck overlooks the most majestic alpine lava fields.

Italy’s famous Dolomites are the backdrop to stunning views from the six enormous heated swimming pools at Alpin Panorama at the Hubertus Hotel. Possibly the most impressive swimming pool in the world, the sky pool rises 20 meters above the ground.

Viet Nam National Authority Of Tourism

These Thai-style villas are available, situated above the treetops

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