Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper – Paper crafts are tried-and-true projects for adults and kids of all ages. Halloween, on the other hand, is an extremely fun and versatile celebration.

Where’s the fun on Halloween without a few bats hanging around the house? Unless you’re nocturnal like bats, I probably don’t recommend inviting real bats into your home.

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

Instead, create paper bats with certain materials that will surely be available at home: scissors, black thread and black paper. Let these bats give visitors a funny scare by hanging them by the front door.

Halloween Background Of Paper Pumpkin And Toy Spider. Festive Card, Celebration Frame. Copy Space. Art Decor. Top View. Holiday Decoration Stock Photo

Give your door a little character: Jack Skellington style with these removable black self-adhesive sheets. Make one on your front door for a spooky welcome, or make a few and stick them on your garage door.

If you’ve seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, you know who I’m talking about. If you haven’t, this is a fun animated movie to watch with the family.

Adding dimension and life to plain cardboard is easily achieved by folding it into accordion-like patterns. Just look at how these Halloween characters pop out of the wall (picture them flat and you’ll see what I mean).

They are perfect for decorating nurseries, playrooms or classrooms if you are a carer or teacher. You can also stick them on your porch windows as cute decorations for your neighbors to admire.

Best Halloween Decorating Ideas 2023

Ugly sweaters are a popular Christmas outfit, but that doesn’t mean the principle can’t be applied to Halloween. But since we don’t make Halloween family pictures like we do Christmas, instead create ugly paper sweaters that can be used as wreaths or table decorations.

Use colored pens or crayons to decorate the sweaters. Make your sweaters appealing to the eyes and nose by using flavor markers like the ones here.

Jack-O-Lanterns are a staple of Halloween decor. The thing is, creating one out of real pumpkins can be time-consuming, not to mention messy.

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

If you don’t have time to carve a pumpkin or clean up after, you might like this paper Jack-O-Lantern.

Diy Halloween Decorations

These paper pumpkins are perfect for decorating walls or giving Halloween treats. If you plan to make a lot, you’ll probably want to buy pre-cut orange origami paper like this one.

An alternative to hanging paper bats is to use crumpled paper banners. The flowing nature of crinkle paper creates the perfect illusion of the bats “flying” wherever you place them.

These banners look great on a mantelpiece, as decorations for an outdoor Halloween party, or hanging along a fence. The trick is to get wide crinkle paper like the one found here. So you have enough space to create a bat shape.

If you or your child have never made paper pens before, these monster-inspired paper pens are a great beginner project. It’s super easy and all you need are the strips of paper pens available here.

Halloween Skeleton Paper Honeycomb Hanging Decorations X2

Also use these different size googly eyes to animate your paper monsters. Make large ones to use as table decorations or create small ones to give the kids tips.

The neighborhood kids will definitely remember your house when your treats are sealed in these monster paper bags! Plus, your kids are sure to have fun making them with you, and they can even use them as lunch bags for Halloween week.

There are two ways to make these bags. Start from scratch and use colored paper to create the bags, or buy pre-made colored paper bags like these. Then add monster details like eyes and fangs.

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

Here’s another trick or treat that’s sure to be a hit with the neighborhood kids (and your own)! It’s fun and super easy to make.

Diy Halloween Decor Using Upcycled Items

You will need chocolate or candy bars, white card stock, permanent marker, googly eyes and tape. I prefer to use double sided tape like this.

Mix up your own homemade candy wrappers and add ghost-covered candy to your mummified chocolate bars. You’re using the same material anyway, so you might as well do it!

If you’re like me and prefer your ghost eyes to be perfect circles. Check out these lap dances in a pack of four different sizes.

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, these Frankenstein Wrapped Candy Boxes are perfect as table centerpieces or party favors (or both!). Of course, you can also add it to the treats for the neighborhood children.

Halloween Decorating And Craft Templates

All you need is a mix of colored cards like this, a permanent marker, glue and scissors – that’s it!

If you’re looking for Halloween paper for decorative purposes, this is probably one of the best on this list. You can use them not only as Halloween decorations, but throughout the fall season.

It’s also very easy to do, especially if you have a paper cutter like this, which will cut your card cutting time by more than half.

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

I love the personal touch of this Halloween paper craft. I’m pretty sure your kids will love making it too.

Halloween Table Decorations

After all, who wouldn’t be excited by the thought of a bat in the shape of their own little hands?

You will need cardboard, some googly eyes, a glue stick and scissors. If you have younger kids, this makes a great pre-Halloween tradition.

Keep all the bats you’ve made over the years and watch your little ones’ hands grow year after year.

These Halloween inspired paper lanterns are so adorable. They look great on your living room coffee table or next to your hallway door.

How To Make A Paper Wreath

To recreate this elegant Halloween decor, you’ll need this wrapping paper, floral wire and black spray paint. For detailed instructions, including the lantern pattern, read this page.

This is another Halloween lantern that you can make with paper, scissors and glue. Use flameless tea candles like these to accentuate the beauty of your silhouette pattern.

These lanterns are perfect for a dining table centerpiece or display on your front porch. You can even swap them out for kids’ regular night lights this Halloween season.

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

If baking is your forte, this paper work is for you. Bring the Halloween spirit to the workplace, your children’s school or your lovely neighbors by baking delicious cupcakes with origami paper bats.

Tissue Paper Ghosts

It’s very easy to make, you can make it while you wait for the oven timer to beep. You need black cardboard, a toothpick and some glue or black washi tape.

If you prefer to celebrate Halloween in a less spooky way, these super cute pumpkin bags are your best trick or treat. They are so easy to make and very kid friendly.

All you need is your standard cutting and gluing material and some cardboard that matches the color and stem of the pumpkin. Another way to use these bags are lunch boxes, especially for younger children.

You really don’t want them going to kindergarten with bloody vampire-inspired lunch bags, do you? This is a cute project for teenagers.

Paper Halloween Garland Make This & 100’s More Halloween Decorations!

Scary creatures can traumatize younger children. But that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in the Halloween festivities.

Create these adorable googly-eyed paper pumpkins with them so they can still play with Halloween-inspired creatures without the scary and sickly skeletons, witches, and bloody limbs.

If your bare walls could use some Halloween decor, these wall decals will be the perfect touch! Simply use black cardboard cut into the desired silhouette shape.

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

If you plan to do a lot of similar artwork and have the money to spare, it might be worth investing in this cutting machine.

Paper Spider Web

It’s perfect for cutting intricate paper patterns and would also be a great tool for DIY greeting cards and paper decor.

Pumpkins are the stars of Halloween, so why not round out this list with these super cute and colorful pumpkin wreaths. Hang it on the wall, on the children’s doors or on the porch.

You can use any design or color of card stock, but if you want to stick with the Halloween theme. Check out the unique and beautiful patterns on these themed scrapbook cards. Our simple paper strip pumpkin is so easy to make! You probably already have construction paper at home by now, so let’s get crafting!

If you don’t want Jack O’Lantern faces, just leave them! Then you can make simple and easy decorations for autumn.

Halloween Centerpieces & Table Decorations

Choose different colors or patterns of paper to customize these 3D paper pumpkins for your home or party.

Start with a sheet of orange construction paper. Fold the paper accordion style so that the folds are on the long side of the paper. I started with a 1/2 inch fold at the bottom, then continued to that size as I folded the rest of the paper.

If you want, you can use a ruler to make long strips of paper and mark even lines on the paper.

Halloween Decoration Ideas With Paper

Start using strips of paper to make a circle. First, lay one strip of paper over the other to form a cross. Glue the pieces of paper together in the middle.

Big Paper Spider Diy — Trend Enterprises, Inc

Then add more strips of paper, making a slight angle with each strip to form a circle. Every time you lie down

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