Beautiful Houseplants For Your Home

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Experienced plant keepers and beginners alike know that there are a large number of plants that can be grown and grown indoors. And once you buy or gift a page to a friend, it starts a chain reaction. Before you know it, every windowsill, corner and cupboard surface in your apartment or house is filled with leaves, flowers, vines and leaves.

Beautiful Houseplants For Your Home

Beautiful Houseplants For Your Home

If you dream of living in a forest-like space, plants are a definite factor in getting you there. While most types do, there are some really great options to be aware of.

The 5 Best House Plants To Clean The Air

So, if you’re currently looking for another perfect plant to add another plant or two (or 10) to your ever-growing collection, check out this list of 40 plants that will keep your indoor forest alive and lush.

These fun, round-leafed plants can be found scattered around your home. Also known as the Chinese money plant or missionary plant, they do well in light and bright rooms, but it’s best to keep them away from sunny windowsills that your cat likes, as the leaves can burn.

Yes, the taste of the Mediterranean in your home is completely possible with olive trees that can grow indoors for a while. However, if you’re not ready for a six-foot tree, it’s best to look for a dwarf version. But like you, they love the Med, and its location should be chosen almost entirely where you get the brightest sunlight.

Clara Leung, feng shui plant expert, owner of Clara’s Green House, and seller of more than 3,000 houseplants on Facebook Marketplace, had some suggestions for houseplants, one of which was ivy, which not only looks attractive, but also helps with energy.

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“Ivy removes formaldehyde from the air, and its spiky leaves are known to protect against negativity,” she explains. This is another lovely hanging plant for creeping over windowsills or hanging in a basket.

Renowned houseplant stylist Reagan Kastner offers a range of suggestions, and the unique, wave-leafed bird’s nest ferns round out the list.

“Most ferns can be quite messy, but this fern has slightly thicker leaves, which makes it more resistant to new plant parents,” she says.

Beautiful Houseplants For Your Home

Bird nest ferns should not be placed near ventilation openings. “This plant can die due to lack of moisture or complete drying of the soil,” Kastner says.

Best Houseplants For Beginners 2023: Easy To Care For Plants You Can Buy Now

That being said, remember that the next time you water, the soil should not be completely dry. Kastner also adds that these plants appreciate soil watering.

If bright sunlight is limited for you, asparagus fern is a great choice. These plants prefer to stay out of direct sunlight and appreciate being moist. While they are popular as beautiful table decorations, they are also great for hanging baskets. Not to mention, they also have the ability to purify the air.

In a few different varieties, false seed is a plant that should not be overlooked. Houseplant expert Ren Lehnhoff, who runs the lifestyle blog House Fur, says her favorite color is deep purple.

“I love that the leaves themselves look like flowers, and then the little white flowers grow as a bonus!”

Most Beautiful Houseplants You Need To Know About

She adds that they do best in rooms with lots of bright sunlight, so an office window or sunroom might be the place.

Children and pets shouldn’t eat these plants, so if you have them, it’s best to avoid them or find a high, sunny shelf for them.

Philodendron hope should be on your plant list, says Savanna Toll, owner of Plant Savvy, a Nashville interior plant designer and consultant.

Beautiful Houseplants For Your Home

“These beautiful and succulent shrubs will brighten up any corner of your home that looks drab,” she says. “They offer the kind of jungle atmosphere everyone wants without breaking the bank or your time.” The wavy edges of their palms make them more special than ever.

Cool Indoor Plants To Add To Your Home Asap

If any type of flowering plant is right up your alley, Jason Kamimoto, senior vice president of Rocket Farms, says you should consider getting an orchid. He notes that they are called the “queen of flowers” and are “surprisingly affordable and easy to care for, based on the latest growing innovations.” Since they come from a rainy climate, the humidity really helps them thrive.

Justin Hancock, horticulturist at Costa Farms, says there’s a lot to this colorful plant. Apart from the different colors, the pattern of its leaves is doubly attractive.

“The top of the leaves have silver dots of different sizes,” he says. “With good care, this begonia can grow to more than five feet tall, becoming a showpiece for the home. It’s easy to trim and keep it short if you don’t want it to eventually grow tall.”

For a big pop of color, look no further than neon potho. Its heart-shaped leaves are bright green, and as a trailing plant, it will instantly decorate any empty corner or blank white wall. Neon pothos are a great choice for novice plant parents because they are hardy and can withstand a variety of conditions.

Easy Care Plants That Will Endure

The leaf clusters produced by Schefflera are quite unique and are a fun alternative if you’re not feeling the ever-popular fig leaf or gum tree. There are a few varieties, but the most popular is the dwarf version, which can sit comfortably on a table or grow large enough to occupy a corner. In addition to indirect light, these plants like moisture, so a bathroom location may be sufficient, or just keep a spray bottle handy.

Bonsai art can be applied to an endless variety of plants and trees. If you like the look of miniature plants and have the time and know-how, it’s worth exploring your options. But remember that as charming and beautiful as these little works of art are, they need a lot of love and attention. Care details will vary depending on the type of plant you choose.

In the right conditions, yew pines are another tree that can do well indoors. Their lush foliage adds visual interest to any room, and they are hardy plants even indoors. Just learn to trim it or make sure there are limits to its growth.

Beautiful Houseplants For Your Home

“Known as the money tree in feng shui because the round leaves symbolize good luck, jade can bring good luck in the form of money, health or fame,” she says.

Easy Beautiful Plants That Grow In Water: No Soil, No Mess

Although they are not particularly difficult to care for, they can choose to drink water. Be firm to strike the perfect balance between not letting it dry out completely and not overwatering.

Kastner suggests putting Monster to work somewhere in your home. These popular plants give any room an instant jungle-like boost.

“It’s a very profitable plant because it can grow as big as you want,” she says. “And they have unique pages that are ‘split’.

Kastner adds that these plants can get very large, so it’s a good idea to increase the size of the container each time to prepare for larger growth.

Easy Care Houseplants That Don’t Need Much More Than Water

“This plant comes from the same family as the fiddle fig, but it’s 10 times easier to care for and I think it looks more modern and trendy,” says Toll of Plant Savvy.

If you are interested in Ficus, this lesser known version is definitely worth checking out. They need a little light and do not appreciate a lot of watering, but they are still not messy like their relatives.

This super cool plant almost looks like seaweed out of the water. It can be in a basket or hanging structure. Staghorn ferns are often pinned to a wooden board or board with moss for a fresh display. They appreciate moisture, and while they like to drink water, it’s also important to let them dry out.

Beautiful Houseplants For Your Home

Another cool plant that should definitely be part of your growing greenhouse? Swiss cheese plant, often confused with a similar plant you may be familiar with.

The 10 Best House Plants For Absolute Beginners

Yes, but Swiss cheese plants have a different look and not everyone has them in their home,” says Toll. “Give them a place to climb and they’ll take over any room with a modern jungle vibe.”

Plants are popular for many reasons. Their jelly is ideal for keeping in the kitchen and their spiky leaves create a beautiful design look. Leung also says that they “are also known to clean the air and reduce toxic chemicals.” They are not particularly difficult to care for, but this succulent likes to have its soil dry out between waterings.

If you’re not yet a cactus person, Kamimoto says it’s time to get on board. With so many varieties on the market, it’s possible to find a cactus that suits almost everyone.

“Like fans, they are plants

How To Save Your Houseplants, A Book List

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