Home Decor Ideas For Men

Home Decor Ideas For Men – Contrary to popular belief, masculine interior design is not limited to cool interiors defined by hard lines and minimalism. In fact, by playing with textures, materials and colors, the clever designer effortlessly conveys a stylish and comfortable ambiance in any modern men’s apartment design. And with a recent client looking for a similar look for their new apartment, the design team was exactly what they needed. Keep reading to see this transformation come to life!

The client moved into a new, bright and airy apartment, much more spacious than the previous one. Plenty of space provided excellent comfort, while generous glass areas provided impressive views. Still, it was clear that the place would need a professional hand to make the most of it. The old furniture was clearly out of place, out of proportion to the size of the open-plan living space. While the client had a basic idea of ​​the style and furniture they wanted, the designer had to come up with:

Home Decor Ideas For Men

Home Decor Ideas For Men

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The client has prepared a series of inspiring images showing various masculine ideas for decorating an apartment full of style. As he needed a complete design for the home, the solution needed to flow from room to room, conveying visual dynamism, while remaining cohesive. Most of the furniture in the photos was modern, both modern and comfortable. Equipped with a completed questionnaire and an inspiring gallery, the client was ready to choose two candidates for his masculine interior design.

The client’s overall ideas for a men’s apartment living room were rooted in a stylish yet trendy concept with a strong social element. The distinctive atmosphere was intended to be impressive and fun, while providing a comfortable environment to relax alone. He also wanted to make sure nothing distracted from the view. Since none of the rooms were equipped with wall or ceiling lights, the designers had to resort to floor lamps to provide sufficient lighting.

Both candidates enjoyed bringing together design elements to create a mood board that would best represent their vision. However, Drew F. managed to create a modern and sophisticated space exactly to the client’s tastes. The layout focused on maximizing the functionality of the area whilst enhancing the views. As a result, the open-plan living and dining room became both elegant and welcoming.

Drew used a slim, low sectional sofa and paired it with a pair of dark charcoal swivel chairs. The practical solution aims for greater flexibility of use, allowing the customer to effortlessly turn the chairs towards the window and facing the view. Paired with a sleek, modern coffee table and a low media unit, they kept the overall taste sober and non-competitive. The large abstract wall decoration matched the client’s desire to avoid generic solutions while still adding a pop of color to liven up the room.

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A pair of blue ottomans have also been included in the living room to provide additional seating during large gatherings. Meanwhile, in the dining room, Drew initially used a marble table with a modern black base and paired it with contemporary chairs with black leather seats and chrome legs. After consulting with the client, they agreed to use a lightweight, clear glass table top instead of a heavier marble piece. Meanwhile, upholstered dining chairs add substance to the space while pairing it well with masculine living room furniture.

As a law student simultaneously working remotely, the client needed a true home office where he could spend a large portion of the day productively. The small side room was the ideal place for this purpose. It was also an opportunity to make the best use of the existing furniture: a desk, an office chair and a sofa found their new home there.

Since the office was to serve as a guest bedroom, the design solution had to be motivating and discreet, but also comfortable. The space required book storage in a form that would allow some older editions to be stylishly displayed. At the client’s request, Drew also added a plant and decor to virtually separate the sofa from the desk space. The reason was to help the client maintain attention during late working hours.

Home Decor Ideas For Men

The room was spacious and comfortable, with plenty of morning light. The client wanted to keep the new bed frame, bedside tables and chest of drawers and combine them with a large soft rug. Drew completed the decor with a pair of table lamps, a blackout curtain, and some appropriate and serene wall art. Finally, an efficient bench was placed in front of the bay windows to take advantage of the view.

Design Ideas For The Man In Your Home [home Decor For Men]

Before enriching the apartment with professionally assembled masculine decoration, the living space seemed quite empty and lacked distinctive style. Although there were basic pieces of furniture, they were too small to fill the proportions properly. The overall atmosphere was vague, with insufficient lighting and no details to define the character of the room. However, Drew’s creativity quickly transformed the space into a stylish abode!

Creating your own masculine apartment decoration is not only possible, but also from the comfort of your home! Each customer receives an online shopping list with everything they need for their dream space. Additionally, exclusive trade discounts often exceed the value of the online interior design service itself. Best of all, ordering and delivery are handled by a white-gloved doorman, so you end up doing the next best thing: setting up the room.

Even if you’re not ready to commit to a complete transformation, it’s still possible to freshen up a room with masculine decor. Here are our current favorites:

Your dream home can also come true and we are here to help! Schedule a free interior design consultation to get started on concepts from two interior designers today!

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10 Best Masculine Interior Design Ideas for a Beautiful Home Before and After: Contemporary Masculine Bedroom Makeover 22 Stunning Home Office Inspirations for a Stylishly Productive Space Since I work every day as an interior designer around the world real, I want to assure you that these tips on how to furnish a man’s bedroom have proven themselves.

Below I’ll not only show you lots of great ideas for a boy’s bedroom, but you’ll also get practical tips from our design toolbox for getting it right. I’ll also share some great vendors that stock pieces for men’s spaces, so you can shop the look if you need it and style it like a pro.

And of course, the article is full of images of amazing masculine design, so you can easily revive men’s bedroom ideas.

Home Decor Ideas For Men

Disclaimer: I now know that terms like “men’s room” are a bit dated. But to be honest, a lot of these ideas come from spaces we created for real guys. So while we understand that they don’t apply to all men (and some women may like this look), we’re going to make some assumptions about men’s style based on our experience.

Sophisticated Boys’ Room Ideas

You don’t have to use dark shades to create a masculine vibe, but it’s an easy way to achieve a moody appearance. Start with a basic palette of grays, whites, browns and blacks in the space in varying amounts, then you can layer in accent colors in brighter hues.

White decorations are certainly great, but don’t be afraid of a dark black wall, a gray wall or a dark blue wall. Sometimes a plain white wall doesn’t give you the depth you want.

You’ve used neutral colors as a base, but now you need to add some accents to your bedroom decor, like a duvet cover or a piece of art. Cooler tones like navy blue or forest green are beautiful dark shades and will add interest.

Don’t you love a cooler color palette when it comes to accents in your bedroom? Don’t worry! Warm tones like walnut and mustard also work wonders. Walnut can be highlighted in wooden furniture such as nightstands, while mustard can appear in a set of sheets or blankets or in artwork.

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If you’re worried about going dark with a fresh coat of paint on all the walls, then accent walls are your friend. A single wall in a darker shade than the walls in the rest of the room will add interest to the space.

Painting a wall like this takes little effort and is ideal if you need some impact on your budget. It also costs very little.

As you can see above, wainscoting can also add extra texture and interest, but it is more expensive.

Home Decor Ideas For Men

A main wall for a boy’s bedroom is one thing, but the color effect can take it to the next level. There are a number of paint finishes you can use

Before & After: Trendy Masculine Apartment Decor

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