Making 3d Text In After Effects

Making 3d Text In After Effects – Learn how to create and animate 3D text in After Effects without any plugins! Follow along with this tutorial and download the free project files.

In this video, learn how to make 3D text that only looks good after effects. Make any After Effects text 3D with this easy introductory tutorial for After Effects built-in 3D Engine.

Making 3d Text In After Effects

Making 3d Text In After Effects

Follow along as we create this 3D text “After Effects” or follow along at your own pace using the steps below.

Animate A 3d Title Reveal

You can create text using the Type tool in the new component. In this example I will use the word 3D, but you can use whatever you want. Then go to the Fonts panel and adjust your font to your liking. Sans serif fonts look best in 3D.

Now this might sound crazy coming from us, but we use the Cinema 4D rendering to create 3D textures. If you use After Effects CC, Cinema 4D Lite is installed.

Then open the options and set the quality to 1 for now. This helps us work faster in AE, and then we can duplicate it before rendering the final 3D text.

You can now manipulate the text in 3D space (with the keyboard shortcut W and Rotate), but the text itself is still flat.

Animating And Creating 3d Objects In After Effects

To get that traditional 3D look, you need to add depth to your text. To do this, open the texture layer’s settings, open the geometry options and adjust the Extrusion depth.

From here it’s all about making your 3D scene look good, and lighting and composition are the keys to making it work. Let’s start by adding a point.

Go to Layer > New > Camera… Select the two-node camera, and we’ll set the focal length for its object to 30mm. Click OK.

Making 3d Text In After Effects

Use the C key on your keyboard to cycle through the camera options. You can pan, tilt and zoom the camera.

How Would I Create My Own 3d Text Like This? I’ve Been Searching And Searching For Similar Tutorials But With No Luck. Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Blender? Hellllpppppp

We rotate the camera and love our 3D text. We’re making progress, but it’s not great yet.

Select your 3D text layer and press the A key twice. You will now see all your 3D options in your layer menu.

Give the Bevel style a chance to Convex, then exaggerate the look by adding more Bevel depth. This allows your light to reflect your text, in addition to lighting it evenly.

Increase your focus with CMD + D on Mac (Ctrl + D on PC). Then press the P key to open the location settings. Adjust the position of your light to capture the edge of your text.

Parallax Illustration: Create Mesmerizing 3d Scenes In Adobe After Effects

Select the first point and press A twice on your keyboard to open Settings. Open the color palette and select a color of your choice. A little color goes a long way in 3D, so even a lighter shade can add some serious style.

Set the light type to ambient and choose a color. Click OK and OK. Don’t worry about these results, we’re not done yet.

Go to your ambient light layer and press A twice to lower the density. For this example I will use around 10%.

Making 3d Text In After Effects

Now let’s add a light bulb to our text. You can do this quickly by increasing our foreground brightness.

Working With Photoshop 3d Objects In After Effects

Press P on your duplicate point and fit it down and next to our text. I also change the color and adjust the intensity.

See the material options for your 3D text layer. Here we play with exceptional intensity and exceptional brilliance.

Go to Layer > New > Solid… and choose a color. I only use dark gray. Now drag this solid into the bottom layer of the layer.

Go to Window > Effects & Presets (or press CMD+5) and find Curves in the Effects & Presets panel.

Creation Effects Pixel Pusher

Let’s make a traditional S-curve in the Curves list for some contrast. You can also go in the blue and customize them a bit.

Now let’s add some simple animation to bring your 3D text to life. It is very easy to use the camera we have already built.

Go to your camera roll and click Location. Move the player to the last second you want to animate. If you want a 5 second animation go to 5, if you want 10 go to 10. I will only use 2 seconds for this example. Next, add a location button.

Making 3d Text In After Effects

Move the player to 0 seconds and now let’s add our first action. Press C on your keyboard until you get the rotation tool. Use the text as a starting point and move around until you find a position you’re happy with.

How To Create A Retro 3d Text Effect In Indesign C…

From here you can add various effects, easy lures and other actions, but here’s what you need to know to get started.

Check out the free AE project file to see how I animated the 3D text in the tutorial. Adobe After Effects can satisfy almost all post-production motion graphics needs in the motion picture industry. Today I’ll show you how to create 3D text in After Effects without the help of plugins like Element 3D from Video Copilot.

When Adobe After Effects CC 2017 was released, I heard about a new feature: 4D Cinema in AE! This feature replaces the old Ray traced 3D display. I wasn’t a big fan of the ray-traced 3D – it was way too slow and unpopular. Cinema 4D stepped in and sped things up.

Depending on how complex you or your client want the animation to be, there are different ways to approach this topic:

How To Make Text React To Music With After Effects Expressions

It is as simple as it sounds. First, you need to type the text with the text tool. You can write whatever you want, but I will use “3D” for this article.

Second, you need to go to the layer toggle of your text layer and click the check box below the small cube to enable the 3D layer option. This layer can be controlled in 3 dimensions.

Now you can animate text in 3D thanks to the new 3D transform properties that appear after checking the 3D layer box.

Making 3d Text In After Effects

The downside of this method is that it looks more like a 2D animation than a 3D animation because 3D text has no depth. But this method works well for simple 3D animations like this.

Create An Animated Path With A 3d Texture In After Effects Using Volna 2

I created this animation by playing around with rotations on all 3 axes: x, y and z. If you want to know how to do basic animation after effect or how to add keyframe after effect.

This is more of an option than the way to 3D text within the text animator tool. Enables to animate each letter of the text individually in 3D.

To activate it you need to type some text and then open the text layer properties. Just to the right, you will see “Animate” and next to it, you will see a triangular dot inside, click on it and choose to animate each character in 3D.

The way to create real 3D text in AE is more complicated than before, but you can create more complex 3D text animations with it. To learn it, follow these simple steps:

Create A Bendy Text Animation In After Effects With Element 3d — Motion Tutorials

Now, with the help of a little lighting, color correction and the camera, these properties help us create that realistic feel for our texts.

Before anything else, we need to check the 3D layer frame for the text layer. If you open the properties of the text layer, you will see 2 additional properties called Geometry Options and Material Options.

Open the Geometry options – the most important option is called Extrude Depth. This gives text the desired thickness or depth in 3D text. Go ahead and set any value you want, I’ll set it to 200. You can already see that it looks like 3D text, but we need to refine the properties in AE to get that realistic look.

Making 3d Text In After Effects

I will also change the Bevel Depth and Bevel Style values, but not now. I recommend doing this after setting up your camera and some lights. You can better understand what these properties do.

How To Make 3d Text Images Like This?

To create a camera after effect, right click anywhere on your timeline (not in layers), go to New and select Camera.

This will open a new window. I prefer the 35mm preset, but you can do any preset you like.

Go ahead and give the camera a name and click OK. A new layer with the camera will appear on your timeline. Pressing “C” with the camera will bring up the camera tool.

To use the camera tool, click on the text and drag the pointer in any direction and you will see the perspective change. Also, pressing “C” multiple times will change the camera tool and allow you to navigate in different styles.

Create 3d Text In After Effects Without Any Plugins

To create a new beam after the effect, right-click anywhere on your timeline (not on layers), go to New, and select Beam.

This will open a new window. You can change things if you want in the settings. I shall

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