Turn Your Photos Into 3d

Turn Your Photos Into 3d – The Looking Glass is a digital photo viewer that can display 3D holograms that can be custom made using any camera or generated from a single view photo on your iPhone.

Looking Glass has successfully launched a holographic display designed for 3D creators. Ht was able to project objects in three dimensions created using 3D modeling software.

Turn Your Photos Into 3d

Turn Your Photos Into 3d

Building on that product, Looking Glass created Image, a consumer-friendly iteration of the company’s technology. The company says it’s easy to use and supports many ways to create images that will appear on the device with visual depth.

Jom Malam Ini “turn Your Idea Into 3d Model”

Portrait uses advanced stereoscopic technology, making it a state-of-the-art multi-display holographic display that creates 45 to 100 three-dimensional views of a scene. The result is an image that looks 3D and you don’t need glasses to create the effect.

Using the depth information embedded in a view mode photo, which is often used to create a fake bokeh effect, Image uses the same depth map to create a three-dimensional hologram with a single click.

Looking Glass says the new iPhone 12 Pro uses a combination of advanced machine learning and LiDAR capabilities to capture the deepest photos yet, but Image is compatible with iPhones up to the iPhone 7 Plus. Some Android phones also support portrait mode photos, and the Image app can use the same depth map to achieve the same effect.

In addition to iPhone images, Portrait can display specially designed images using light field sensing techniques. The term “light field” refers to a series of images taken from different perspectives. Now you can capture these advanced 3D photos using standard photography techniques with the camera you already own and view them in Glass Portrait View.

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Simple panning of 4K video can be used to create a 3D hologram. Any camera that shoots 4K video will work, and this technique requires a rail or stabilized camera.

The 3D scanner based on photogrammetry and the new LiDAR scanning technology, which is part of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro, can also be played in Jong Glass Portrait mode. Looking Glass says this method is the easiest way to capture and display 360° images of people, places and objects.

This unique method works with 3D point cloud and mesh output from popular photogrammetry software packages including Metashape, Zephyr, itSeez3D and Reality Capture. It is also compatible with LiDAR export packages for canvas scanning with Occipital, SiteScape, Polycam and 3D Scanner App.

Turn Your Photos Into 3d

Looking Glass has also created an app called Depth Recorder that works with the Microsoft Azure Kinect, the Intel RealSense depth camera, or select iPhones to record, send, and play back 10-second holographic messages in Portrait mode.

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While this works well with Kinect and RealSense, the most affordable way to create these types of videos is definitely with almost anything iPhone. The new iPhones (X, 11, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max) can record deep videos with the front-facing TrueDepth camera and, in the case of the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, also with the rear. – facing LiDAR-enhanced cameras.

There are many applications for Portrait, but most ordinary consumers would enjoy a 3D desktop holographic device that can be used to send messages to friends or share pictures with each other. Since digital photo frames are already popular, it is not too much to believe that many will find much value in the additional 3D effect.

The base Looking Glass Portrait costs $199, which should be $150 in final retail price. The company also offers packages for those who want to create image content but don’t have the tools. Looking Glass expects to ship the finished product to customers in March 2021.

As always, remember that Kickstarter is not a pre-order platform. While Looking Glass has a history of successfully delivering products, approach crowdfunding projects with caution. Do your research and return at your own risk. Do you want to add a new dimension to your photos? Then lithophanes could come in handy. This is how you can bring 18th century art to life with a 3D printer.

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Lithofanes is a unique art gallery where you can exhibit your photos in a unique way. You are basically turning your photos into a 3D printed object.

Lithophan is usually a flexible material in which the image is projected by changing the thickness of the material and has been used for several hundred years, but recently it has become easier to manufacture thanks to 3D printing. When you shine a light on the back of the lithophane, the image will appear in a different light. Thicker areas of the object have lower light poles, making the object darker and vice versa for thinner areas.

Thanks to the power of 3D printing, lithofan can be produced with extreme precision and consistency. And with the help of lithophane maker, you can easily create your own lithophane 3D model for all your digital images! Lithophanes are not limited to flat objects, and the use cases for lithophanes are growing rapidly for all kinds of designs and purposes.

Turn Your Photos Into 3d

We’ll highlight some of the amazing designs people have come up with and give you an idea of ​​how to make them yourself using your digital photos.

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The most effective way to display a lithophane is to make a lamp. This can be easily done by replacing your current lamp and printing a beautiful new one! Well, it’s almost that simple. To give you an idea of ​​how this can be done, I will walk you through the process of making this lamp.

First we need a light bulb, which you can buy at your local home improvement store or a place like Ikea. Measure the length and width of the light of the first lamp to make sure the measurement compared to the lamp holder will be the same, or choose other measurements: it’s up to you.

I used ItsLitho to design the litho shade. After uploading the photos, I selected a cylinder shape from the shape dropdown menu. It must be remembered that the top diameter is smaller than the bottom diameter to create the appearance of a light bulb.

In the shape of a lithophane lamp, we want to activate the lamp symbol. You need to measure the lamp holder and place the number on the diameter of the bulb. Be sure to add some tolerance so it fits easily.

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I entered the important numbers and connected the bulb connectors to my options. At this point I thought the model looked good so I downloaded it. Click the download button in litofane + the symbol button to get the 3D model file.

We now have a 3D model of the lithophan shade, so we can start printing it. Before that, we need to cut the model, which is necessary for the 3D printer to understand how to print it. I used Cura for this.

Patience is key, especially when printing lithophanes. This is why I print all lithophanes at 30mm/s. For the filling I used 99% combined with 99 walls to make the lithofan completely solid. Finally, the layer height was set to 0.12 mm to achieve the highest print quality. This was a very long post (4 days) due to the size, but it was definitely worth it!

Turn Your Photos Into 3d

After printing, glue the print to the base of the lamp and you’re done! In addition to the classic look of the lamp, there is also a new variant that comes in curved shapes as a night light holder.

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Now that you know how to make and print a lithofan, it’s time to show you some awesome printables to use as inspiration! There are many different designs that people are coming up with this season. One of my favorites would be the multitude of Christmas bells. They are easy to put on, easy to light and I think they really add to the Christmas spirit.

You can add color with lithophane. It’s a bit of a “cheat” but the results are amazing! This can be done by painting the back of the lithophane or using a semi-transparent version of the image that can be placed behind the lithophane to reflect color and light.

Transforming a piece of white plastic into a colorful image with a little light impresses many people the first time they see it. I recommend you try it!

About the Author: Jordin Andriessen is the founder of ItsLitho. Together with a good friend, they built ItsLitho as a hobby project. They strive to help people find amazing opportunities

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