You Are Looking Beautiful Today

You Are Looking Beautiful Today – Can’t find the product you want? Create your own personalized vinyl to suit your space, needs and taste. Personalize

You are looking at a beautiful text mirror sticker – it is a beautiful calligraphy font, thick and light caligraph font and the space of the words in the sentence, it contains a small heart shape. This motivational mirror message on your mirror will stimulate your mind and convince you that you really look beautiful every time you look in the mirror. It is self-adhesive, easy to use and has no bubble effect, it can also be removed easily without leaving a mark on the mirror. Available in customizable sizes and colors.

You Are Looking Beautiful Today

You Are Looking Beautiful Today

Durable and waterproof self-adhesive material Easy to clean, satin fabric has high color intensity without internal bleeding.

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If you have problems when using stickers and you are not sure 100% how Do it right, this easy tutorial will be a good help for you. It explains in detail and by following the instructions, this is the best way to know how to use the stickers.

There is no excuse not to change the decoration of your home because this tutorial is simple and clear, perfect to solve any doubts. And if you have doubts, or if you have unexpected problems when applying for stickers, you can always contact us by email.

You will receive a tube/bubble cardboard package that will protect the sticker and its accessories from any damage. If you buy a spatula, this will also come in a tube/bubble. Also, we have attached a copy of the design to use as a proportional template sticker so that you can test the adhesion and application before using the vinyl sticker you received.

If you are not going to use the sticker until a few weeks later, it is best to remove the sticker from the tube/bubble bag and store it outside.

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You must make sure that the surface you stick the sticker on is in good condition; Otherwise, the durability of the sticker is not guaranteed because the grip will not be correct. The surface must be dry, free of dirt and impurities such as dirt, water and stains…

We recommend that if your sticker is to be applied to a painted wall, it should be a plastic color as this is highly recommended.

We do not recommend using our stickers on freshly painted surfaces. If the surface of the sticker has been painted recently, we recommend waiting about 4 to 6 weeks before using the sticker.

You Are Looking Beautiful Today

Do not clean the surface with glass cleaner. This product leaves particles that are not compatible with glue. We recommend cleaning the surface with water or rubbing alcohol from the pharmacy.

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Stickers are sold for smooth, non-porous surfaces. If this is not the case, please contact to find a solution.

* If you purchase a vinyl sticker, you must place it on a flat surface. Small irregularities on the surface affect writing and erasing on the board.

**Folding vinyls into tubes may cause scratches on the carrier paper used to make application easier. When you get the package we recommend to expand the vinyls and emphasize the wrinkles, press again with a spatula or something similar before application. Vinyl is a flexible material so the wrinkle that affects paper will not affect vinyl when the application is done correctly.

01- You remove the seal from the cardboard tube; Remove the sticker and template. Have a table or floor ready, and make sure it’s the right sticker you ordered. Depending on the size of your sticker, your delivery may come in one or more pieces (in the same cardboard tube). If you order a painting, please make sure there are no missing pieces to complete the painting.

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02- Use a stiff spatula over the surface of the protective paper to make sure the sticker is attached. We especially ask for parts with very small details of the design.

05- You put the upper part of the sticker on the wall to attach the sticker to the wall before putting the white silicon paper on the back.

06- Then you put the white paper on the back of the sticker when you push the sticker down. Then you will use a spatula or something similar to apply the sticker to the wall. Always guide the spatula (or similar) from the center and work your way out to the sides.

You Are Looking Beautiful Today

07- You will then apply the sticker several times with a spatula on top of the clear protective paper to ensure that the sticker is securely attached to the wall.

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With multi-colored stickers, the first spread with a spatula must be very gentle because the stickers can change position and can be easily removed until it is properly attached to the wall. Once you attach it properly, you can’t undo it.

08-Now the sticker is attached to the wall. Now all you have to do is remove the clear protective paper. You will draw this picture at an angle of 180 degrees.

Some stickers do not need shipping paper because they are easy to use. Completing step 7 of the instructions will ensure that your sticker is applied correctly.

These shipping conditions are indicative and not binding. The final delivery time and cost will be displayed when you select the final delivery address and carrier.

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